Belonging to Lust

Chapter 98: A Total Dream Boat

Considering that Zaiyia had just gotten into a fight yesterday, Heath allowed her to remain home for the day on Tuesday. Zaiyia was once again astonished by him, not just because he insisted on her staying home away from her bullies, but also because he showed no sign of loathing her or being dissatisfied with her. She had gotten in a fight with two other kids on the bus and his retribution for her was to be grounded for the night and have the following off from school.

Zaiyia shrugged to herself from where she sat on the couch in the main house's living room alone. She wasn't going to complain about injustice in this case since she wasn't the one that started the fight on the bus to begin with. Those racist kids was gonna get what was coming to them eventually, and that eventually became today when they thought it would be cute to mention Heath's name to antagonize her. Those idiots could go on saying what they wanted about her and her black features, but she'll be damned if they brought her man into this! Not that he was actually her man...

But that was another problem for another day. Right now, she was gonna enjoy her immunity by relaxing while she expected her friends to arrive. She had called them as soon as school was over and was currently waiting in the main house for them to show up. That was another shocker though...her friends being allowed to come over. She hadn't even considered inviting them over today, but Heath did and had inspired her to text them an invitation.

What the hell had gotten into Heath anyway? Since when did he care to not yell at her for getting into fights and invite her friends over around the same time?

The doorbell ringing interrupted her thoughts and propelled her off the couch to run to the front door. She unlocked it before swinging it open to see the three McCoy sisters and Chasity standing on her front porch. Instantly she felt better since that the brawl she got into yesterday. “Ayy, y'all made it!”

“Fuck yeah, girl!” Aishah responded first with excitement. “After what we heard going around school we had to get up out of there as soon as we could to check you out.”

“And your beefcake!” Monique seconded before standing up on her tiptoes to peek over Zaiyia's shoulder in hopes of stealing a glance of Heath in the background. Upon not seeing, she asked with a pout. “Where is he by the way?”

“Oh damn, good reminder, little sis!” Assata supported as she too glanced over Zaiyia's shoulder to spot the very man they finally spied emerging from within the kitchen.

“Zaiyia.” Heath called as he leaned against the wall, shirtless. He decided to take the day off himself - mainly because he was paranoid Zaiyia might sneak out of the house again if he left her alone - and get some chores around the property finished. His neighbor spotted him and immediately pleaded for his assistance to fix his fence since a small tree fell over it during a recent storm. Thus, he found himself putting in more work on his day off than he originally planned. “I pulled out some extra chairs for the patio out back so you and your friends could spend some time outside instead of holed up in the house if you want.”

All of Zaiyia's friend's jaws dropped at the sight of Heath which she should have took as a sign to not glanced over her shoulder to glance at him herself when he said her name...but like an idiot she did. She only got .5 second glimpse before she snapped her head forward to face her friends again, but it was already too late. She saw what she shouldn't have seen in all it's bare muscular glory. Her mouth was dry as the Saharan Dessert as she swallowed hard. “Um, okay. T-Thank you, Heath.”

“No problem. I'll be at the neighbors if you need me.” Heath's eyes trailed Zaiyia's friends as he gave them a handsome smile and a short wave. “Nice to see you ladies again.”

“I'll say.” Chasity blurted out absentmindedly, earning an elbow in the arm from Monique that jolted her out of her reverie. “N-Nice to see you too, Mr. Sullivan!”

The others gave their greetings, before Heath turned to leave out the back door. Zaiyia only knew he was gone because the sexually charged air passed like a storm across the sea, assuring her that she could finally breath safely. Almost forgetting her friends were still there in front of her, Zaiyia could now detect that they too had felt the same thing. “So, come on in, ladies. Toss your bags and coats on the couch if you want to, no one's gonna care.”

Her friends, still recovering at the god-like image of Heath, mutely dropped their belonging aside as Zaiyia guided them through the kitchen and out the backdoor where the patio furniture sat. Everyone took a seat, but did nothing else after that. Across the fence was Heath in the neighbors yard working...bare chested and all.

“Good lord, look at him.” Assata whispered in awe. “He's a walking masterpiece!”

“I won't argue with that.” Chasity agreed, her elbows on the table with her face cupped by her hands. “He's a total dream boat. Truly a fine specimen of a man, isn't he?”

“Alright, cool it, Chasity.” Monique ordered her in a teasing voice, her eyes too locked on the man too. “This ain't science class.”

“Oh no, honey.” Aishah agreed with a mischievous grin. “We left that class and moved on to another more...x-rated lesson.”

“Sex-Ed, baby!” Assata cheered, throwing her hands up as she began a slow sexy dance in her seat.

Zaiyia couldn't argue with them, but neither should she agree with them. Heath was off limits to her not only because she was 16, but also because she already tapped those forbidden grounds when she shouldn't have. God, what she would give to have her hands gripping onto those muscular shoulders again while he droves himself into her body over and over again. A delicious shiver ran through Zaiyia as she lowered her eyes down to the tabletop. “Yeah, well...he's alright.”

“HE'S ALRIGHT!?” Both Aishah and Assata exclaimed in disbelief as they stared at her through incredulous eyes.

“Bitch, who the fuck are YOU looking at?” Monique demanded to know, her face twisted in disgust. “Cause I know it ain't your mama's boyfriend you're talking about! You must be looking at that Mr. Roger-looking motherfucker he's helping over there.”

“I gotta agree with them, Zaiyia.” Chasity shared with a bit of guilt because she believed it downright sinful for her to see Zaiyia's guardian in such an improper way. “That man is a walking Hercules! I know he's your mom's boyfriend and all but...well, I'm sure you've probably even thought he was attractive once upon a time ago.”

“Attractive is the understatement of the year!” Aishah dismissed with a wave of her hand before pointing towards Heath who was carrying the bulked that was the new fencing on one shoulder. “That piece of beefcake over there is one fine piece of ass!”

“Oh my god!” Zaiyia covered her face, not wanting to hear anymore facts about Heath because...they were too painful to hear right now when her own ovaries have been wanting to burst in want for this man! “Can we please change the subject?”

“To what?” Monique shrugged. “I'd rather enjoy the show until it's time for us to head back home.”

“To, I don't know, the whole fucking reason I invited you guys over in the first place!” Zaiyia suggested irritably, throwing her hands up impatiently.

“Oh...” Assata nodded before he eyes drifted off to Heath's amazing abs. Instantly, her mind was wiped clean of any conversation they had previously. “What was that reason again?”

Chasity frowned to herself in thought too. “Yeah, I don't have the faintest idea as to why we're here either.”