Sequel: BlackOut.
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"Are you ready?"

I let my eyes linger on the person standing a few feet away.

"For what, exactly?" My voice was monotone as I watched his knees bend and his other leg stretch out, then slowly my eyes made contact with his. The white eye in his outfit, while everything else was red and black. He pulled the swords from his back holster, swung them around a bit while doing this weird dance.

We were in an old broken down factory, for a reason, I couldn't tell you. We had been here for three days and two nights, I had been forces to suffer through his dumb jokes and sarcastic remarks. From time to time a few curse words as well, which I didn't mind at all.

But not once did he shut that trao on his face.

"To go kill some bad guys!" He bounced around, from left to right foot. His voice sounding like a child and I couldn't hold back the eye roll, followed by the face rub and then an annoyed exaggerated groan. This didn't stop him, he was still happy and bouncy, still swinging around those god forsaken swords.

Slowly I stood from my spot, the heels of my boots scrapping into the woods beneath. I patted off my shirt and pants before checking my gun for bullets, which I already knew was full but it gave me something to do.

Looking back at him I frowned, he was sitting and watching t.v; Wade Wilson was a character in itself. One minute he was bouncy, the next relaxing and the next he could be an angry son of a bitch, he was also know as deadpool and I was stuck with Him.

"God I hate you." I muttered softly as I took a seat.

"Don't bring god Into this," His head turned in my direction. "But you can call me Wade."

At that moment, I really wanted to punch him in the fucking jaw.
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