Sequel: BlackOut.
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The cuffs dug deep into my already raw skin, the blood dripped slowly from the previous wound that had been inflicted. I tried my best not to show any pain, but being jerked and tugged down a hallway that was cold and damp, didn't make things better or easier. So a gasp here and a yelp there kept a smile on the clown goons faces, and a snarl on mine.

"I don't see why he keeps her, she's ugly." One spoke up causing me to frown slightly, I wasn't mad that they called me ugly. I was mad that I hadn't slit their throats yet and waltz right out of this hell hole.

My pace slowed as I thought of ways to kill both of them, the large one would have to go first; he could take me out with one swipe of a fist. But the sudden jerk caused me to scream in pain, I wouldn't be able to take anyone out while still bound by these cuffs.

Huffing, I allowed them to yank me down the steps, my bare feet hitting the cold hard wood sending shivers up my legs. "I'm going to kill both of you, slowly." I muttered as I was yanked from the last step and shoved to the floor, it was cold and wet.

"Now, now. Don't need to be so hostile." The sound of his voice sickened me, his black shoes were right at my nose as I said on the ground. With one swift moment, he could have knocked me out cold and smashed my nose in half.

"Well, I think being hostile sounds like a fantastic idea." I felt my heart race slightly and I slowly turned to see him, but before I could move to much a boot was pushing my head into the hard floor beneath me.

His laugh echoed in the room, menacing, annoying and loud. A glint of silver caught my eye and then two bodies hit the floor, he killed the two men that I wanted to kill.

"I think it's time to let her go, you've had her long enough." I could see Wades reflection in the muddy water I was Inches from, a sword in each hand, his legs slightly spred apart ready to move with one swift motion if he had to. His head was tilted back slightly and I could have sworn he swayed back and forth for a second.

It could have been my mind playing tricks on me.

The boot was removed from my head and was now pressing firmly into my back, a whimper escaped my lips as I could feel the bones getting ready to snap in half.

"Don't worry Amy, your safe." Wade spoke with a hint of something on his tone, something I couldn't quite pick up. Sarcasm? Seriousness? Protectiveness? Jokes? At this moment, death sounded alot better then him informing me of my safety.

I was not safe, I was far from fucking safe.

"" Were the only words I could muster up with out exhaling to much, because I feared if I let to much air out my lungs, my ribs would snap and probably end up puncturing a kung causing me to bleed to death.

Nope, I was far from safe.

Joker moved around his foot some more, adding some pressure, removing some. He was playing a game, I saw Wade start bouncing on his toes. He was getting antsy and bored.

"You know, those two men were two of my finest." Joker spoke, I could imagine he was staring at the dead bodies on the floor.

"Yeah, they look pretty dead to me." Wade moved his swords around, he wanted to make a move. But he was hesitating. And I was starting to feel the effects of not breathing properly, I could feel my vision fading,the pain subsiding and my body becoming weaker. I had no idea what was happening.

The cool air stung as it hit my semi bare skin, my eyes opened and closed only allowing me blurred passig figments. Some of it was Wades mask, his eyes set ahead of him as my head lulled against his chest. Other times I saw the city lights wizzing by.

"Stop being so dramatic Kitten, I'll make you all better."
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