Sequel: BlackOut.
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"You must get close to him."

"You'll never be strong! You're just like your father, useless."

"You're weak!"

"Amy wake up, Amy..."

My lids struggled but soon enough pried themselves apart allowing me to see the ceiling above, my vision slightly blurry and my body sore from what I had went through. The words floated around my head as I stared at the painted ceiling, beige with bumps. My breathing was slow and relaxed. Was I truly weak? Was I really useless just like my father? Was my mother right before she got rid of me, that I would never be truly strong? That I would never find love and would be alone forever.

I heard the room door click shut but I didn't move, it could be Joker here to kill me and I wouldn't fight back. I was to...weak. My mind was lost, I was lost.

"Good morning kitten." Wades voice traveled through the silence, my heart tugged in my chest. I was so weak that he had to fucking save me, I was the damsel in distress that had to be helped.

My eyes shut tight and I slowly rolled my body to where my back was facing him, I was stronger then this, wasn't I?

Six hours, Wade and I had been soaring against each other. He was strong, alot stronger then I was, but he was holding back on purpose.

"Stop it." I spoke as I stood straight. My hair sticking to my forhead from all of the sweat, my hands resting on my sword that was stick in the ground to keep my balance.

"Stop what butter cup.?" He stretched his legs out, then his arms as if he was getting ready for a work out. My eyes narrowed as I watched him closly.

"Stop holding back." This made him stop moving, his arms at his sides allowing the tip of his blade to just barely touch the dirt beneath our feed.

His eyes narrowed.

"I have to, you're a female."

The words stung, be had to because I was a female. He had to? Was I that weak? Was I that see through? No, I was strong. So I charged not holding back."
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I had to place this chapter in, sort of like character development. She's been so strong in some aspects but Joker got what he wanted, he broke her with out even really touching her. I apologize for the short chapter.