Sequel: BlackOut.
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Stab him.

"I could grab Harley at the nearest club, it shouldn't be to hard." My body leaned against the door frame with my arms folded across my chest.

Wade however was having a minor heart attack at the thought of me going somewhere alone, he paced back and forth talking to him. Something nice seen him do a few times, muttering curse words and how he doesn't want to go through that again. But I held my ground, I could get in and out easily.

"No..." He stopped, turned in my direction and pointed a finger at me.

I stared into his white eyes with a slight glare, "And why not?" I pushed off the doorframe and walked towards him, he didn't move but kept staring and pointing at me, as if trying to find the right words.

Lowering his hand he crossed his arms and glowered under his mask, eyes narrowed and fingers tapping against his arm. My hands now rested on my hips, a smirk held on my lips.

"Rock, paper, scissors."

The music was blasting when I got into the club, people dancing and rubbing their sweaty bodies against each other. Once I won the game with Wade leaving him speechless and slightly crippled from stabbing him in the stomach, I found my way to Harkrys known spot. Pokers club, I don't know why they called it pokers club because no card games were held here.

Not a single person glanced my way, not a single sight of a clown mask and few guards littered the dance floor. Nibbling on my bottom lip I pushed through the crowd towards the V.I.P section of the club. It was the one place where she could be.

My body came to a quick stop as I stared at the far end of the club, my blood starting to book as I watched Wade casually walk up the guards and easily get past them.


Scowling I had managed to push past the crowd of people and slip past the gaurds with the small group going into the VIP section. When I spotted Wade I wanted to take the blade from my boot and stab him to death, he was sitting on the couch all close and cuddles with Harley, whispering in her ear causing her to laugh and letting his hand travel up her thigh.

I don't know what it was that snapped inside of me, I've seen him with other woman and he's even stayed out with other woman. But something about the way he touched her, the way he whispered in her ear made me want to stab him, or shoot him multiple times in the face.
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