Sequel: BlackOut.
Status: Editing.



My legs swayed over the ledge, my perched seat allowed me to look over the oncoming traffic. My gun was rested in my lap as I paid no mind to wade singing his music and drawing, dancing in his spot. It made no difference for me to ignore him, he ignored me alot and made me nothing but a shadow. Where he went I followed and where he fought, I was forced to stay behind.

"Black van, to your left." I muttered softly.

I didn't get a response, I just watched his figure fall to the ground beneath us and smash through the roof too window of the van. Some times I wondered why I was forced to deal with him, to follow him. I understood that he was their experiment and they wanted to make sure everything went okay, but how could I protect someone who didn't need me.

So instead, I just kept quiet and didn't say a thing.

"Wait!" My body jolted slightly as I reached out to my ear, rubbing it softly as it starting ringing. He always had to be so loud and obnoxious.

Groaning my eyes drifted to the road below, his hands were out as if telling them to stop. The six or so men stood confused, waiting for him to make a move.

"Do you know why my suit is red?" I rolled my eyes as his voice came through the speaker in my ear. "So bad guys can't see me bleed." Sometimes I wondered if his age got reverted when he went through the experiments. Standing I walked slowly over to where the damage was done and knelt down to get a closer look.

He pointed to one man "This guy has the right idea." My eyes narrowed as I looked at the man wearing brown pants, how was that the right idea? Before I could figure it out, he was out if the car, in the air and sending two bullets through four guys heads.

"Smooth" was all I could mutter as he started to fight, I stayed on my perch just watching as he sent his swords through multiple chest cavities and skulls.

The way he moved was like watching a ballet dancer, so vivid, quick and stealthy. They never stopped moving for an instant, it was pretty weird that they were the only thing I could compare him to. Slowly I allowed my body to sit and let my legs hang over the edge.

"Mother fucker!" His voice boomed in my ear once again and I rubbed my temple, some how I had to fix this because I couldn't stand hearing his voice this much.

"You really need to stop yelling in my ear." I spoke as I fiddle with my gun. Checking if I needed to fix anything, shin it or just simply use it. There were a few more gun Shots before I heard him inhale.

"I'm touching myself tonight, because daddy has some anger to let out."

A groan escaped my lips as I stood from my spot and jumped from the ledge, landing smoothly a few feet away from him, a disgust look held on my facial features as I stared him down.

"Would you like to join me?" I could hear the sarcasm in his voice along with the pure seriousness behind it.

"Come over here so I could punch you in the jaw." Cracking my knuckles, I took a few steps closer and watched as he tilted his head to one side.

"Daddy likes it rough."

My feet stopped in their tracks, my jaw slacked slightly and I could feel the anger piling in my stomach. I really wondered what this man was like before he went through all the torture and horrible experiments, was he this much of a pig and douchebag. Taking a deep breathe, I turned my back to him and started searching the men for what ever I could find.
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