Sequel: BlackOut.
Status: Editing.



The clouds over head were black, the wind was starting to pick up and I could feel a slight chill crawling on my skin through my clothing. I could see the city from where I stood and knew that Wade was out cold from all the drinking he had done, which gave me a chance to disappear for a short amount of time.

"What information have you gathered?" The male voice spoke from behind me, but I didn't turn around. I stood with my hands stuffed in my jacket pockets, my fingers gentle touching the blade hidden within.

"Nothing yet," The thunder rolled through the sky "Only a name, Suicide Squad ."

The lightning dance across the sky and my heart rate rose ever so slightly, if there was one thing I feared it was the light dancing in the skies above. Both deadly and beautiful at the same time.

I watched his figure stand next to me from my peripheral vision, how worse a large hat and trench coat. Never have I seen his face, not even when he saved my life. I watched as his hand rose and a cigar touched his hidden lips, once he pulled it away the smoke hit the air making a small cloud.

"Keep doing your job, stay in the shadows but get as close as you can to loud mouth fool. Keep him as your ally, but don't let him find out." He took another puff of his cigar. "Get into his heart if you can."

My jaw clentched, my eyes narrowed and the thunder rolled through the sky again. Get into his heart, the thought pained me. I caught his movement and turned my head to actually look at him.

"Don't doubt yourself, you can do it. You have to, don't fuck up." His body turned and started to walk in the opposite direction, just as the rain started to hit the ground. Soft and slow at first then like buckets being pushed over from the skies. Slowly I pulled the blade from my pocket and twiddled it in my hand, my lips in a straight line as I thought about it.

I had to get closer to Wade, gain more of his trust and keep him on my side. Yet stick to the shadows and make myself less of a target for what's about to come.

But I crept into your heart
You can’t make me disappear
Til I make you
♠ ♠ ♠
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