Sequel: BlackOut.
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My hand rested on the table of the motel room we were sitting in, when I had gotten back Wade was no where to be seen but the shower was running. That was a half hour ago, the shower was still running. My eyes were trained on a file in front of me, it was sitting on the mat in front of the room when I had returned and had Important on the front.

It was a list of names on a sheet of paper, there was no other information. It didn't say what they were apart of or why they were on this list, but it was was only their names.

Floyd Lawton.
Slade Wilson.
Harleen Quinzel.
Duela Dent.
George Harkness.
Daniel West.
Joshua Michael Allen.

One list, eight names. I lifted my right leg and rested it over my left as I leaned back, these names felt so familiar but I couldn't oin point where it how I knew them. My eyes scanned the whole paper and then soon narrowed into slits, flipping the paper over there was a large 'J' on the back. With an extra large happy face under it, my eyes soon widened.

"Oh, look who's back!" Wades voice caused my body to react before my mind could process and the gun was pointed right at his temple. Both his hands were raised in defense as he took a step back, the water still dripped from his skin and the towel cling to his waist. I could see scaring allong his torso and chest. Like burn marks, some were on his face but not as bad. His brown eyes staring at me waiting for me to make my next move.

"Sorry..." Was the only thing I could mumbled as I placed the gun on the table, closing the file and handing it to him.

The Joker wasn't someone to associate with, or even be in the same room with for the that matter. He was a sociopath, killer and deadlier then I was. My hands rubbed at my face as I leaned back and watched Wade, it gave me a chance to actually get a good look at him. Seeing as I never saw him without a suit.

He wasn't ugly that was for sure, his body was well built and not a single hair on his chest. His face nor his head held much hair either, his brown eyes held a look of seriousness as he stared at the file. His fingers would twitch every few seconds, his eyelids would blink at least once every thirty seconds.

"So, who's your contact." My voice came out soft, as I tried to distract myself from look below the belt. A man in a towel just out of the shower was always my weak spot, his hands shutting the file swiftly pulled me from my thoughts and watched him walk back into the bathroom. My eyes narrowed as I followed, I didn't like being ignored.

But the moment I stepped in, my jaw dropped.

Wade stood staring at me, his hands on his hips and a smile plastered on his face. I could see the wheels turning as he was ready to come out with some witty remark, he took a step forward and I took a step back.

"Come any closer, I'll stab the eye ball." My hand quickly reached for the door knob as he took another steo and I slammed the door shut.

"Oh come on! Just once, please. I haven't been laid in years!" His hands tapped on the other side of the door as I rubbed my eyes, once his tapping stopped I moved away back to the main room. Grabbing my weapons and holstering them, placing my brown hair in a high pony tail and trying my best not to look at Wade as he stepped out of the bathroom.

"So did you like it?"

"Like what?" I checked my pistol before putting it away.

"My penis." The way he said it was like a child talking about something he wasn't supposed to, but it was the best thing in the world to do.

"I'm going to kill you, smother you in your sleep." Was my last response as I folded the list and stuffed it into my pocket.

'I made myself at home
In the cobwebs and the lies'
♠ ♠ ♠
So she has a connection the the Joker some how, maybe from a past mission?