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Harry Styles

The Curly Fry

Hm, what's he doing?

The boy archs his head and shows off a slightly crooked smile. He sways his body to his left (damn, look at those hips), while tilting his head to the side. What the hell Is he doing?! I hate that he’s focusing his full attention on me but I kinda of liked it. But I don't know why he's looking at...

I look down at my phone because his stupid gem colored eyes are too much, and I can’t handle any more of this unwanted attention.


Are you lost or something?

His husky voice makes me look up from my iPhone 7g Lite Ultra Thin S (S for speed).

Gee, me? Oh no. I’m completely fine with this new school. I’m not new here or anything. Strange boy with nice eyes, of course I'm lost!! But the way he first looked at me a couple minutes ago made me quite skeptical of him. I don't answer him. I look back at my phone.

He didn't leave.

Oh God, a gruesome minute passes.

The fact that he didn’t leave yet...ugh. I thought my silence would have made him go away. Maybe I can pretend I don’t speak English. Or that I don’t really go to school here.

I squint at the boy. God, why did he have to look so cute. 10/10 would glare at him again. Wait, what am I doing?!

“Are you lost?” he repeats, slower this time.

I push my glasses from the bridge of my nose before I bite the inside of my mouth. Never talk to strangers. Never talk to strangers. But my mind is elsewhere so I decide to give him a cheeky response, “No.”

“Then why are you spinning in circles?” The boy begins tapping his shoes, slowly adjusting his shoulder bag. “Are your classes near the Campus Center and not in some of the other actual learning buildings?”

He didn’t get my drift, man.

Am I too sarcastic?

Nah, I'm great.

I push my bottom lip forward, squinting at what looks like the busiest building on campus (which I now know wasn't my next class’s building). As I slowly look away from the campus map on my phone, I stares into his eyes with a blank expression on my face.

The boy sniffs. Then he lets out a magical laugh. “You are lost.”

He's enjoying this. What a immature cute curly fry.

HAHA. CURLY FRY. Because his hair is sooo a curly fry. HAAHA. I'm funny.

I push my bangs out of my eyes and raise an eyebrow. “Are you a third or fourth-year or something, trying to make fun of the freshmen?”

I watch the boy throw his head back, showing off another gruff laugh. His eyes trail across my face as he composes himself.

He's kinda weird.

But I liked it.

“I am a first-year student too.” He pulls up a hand. “My name is Harry.”

HA LIES. Harry looks too old to be a first-year student like myself. His eyes are too narrow and his lips are more full than any other boy I have seen. Harry is dressed in khaki pants and a long sleeved button down shirt. His attire is a little too formal for school, but hey who is paying attention? Hehe me.

I play with the thought of telling Harry my actual name...but he's kinda weird so maybe not. And doing this would make me seem hard to get ayyye.

After a short pause, I stick out my hand and shake his hand. “Nice.”

I notice Harry raising his thick eyebrows as he places his hand in my palm. He splits his lips apart and says, “Nice to meet you Nice.”

Was that suppose to be funny?

As he lets go of my hand, Harry begins to walk pass Campus Center. He pushes his hands in his jacket pockets while looking back at me with a smile. I retrace his steps quickly, listening to his mouth go wild. Harry says, “So Nice, where is your first class?”

HAHA okay. So, he really can't catch my drift.

I roll my eyes.

Harry continues to lead the way out of the main campus, pushing his attention closer and closer to me. He presses, “Washington Hall? Kather Hall?”

“Russ Administration Building,” I say, while scanning the campus map on my tiny phone screen. “Russ, er, D402.”

“Yeah, Russ is that one over there,” Harry says, pointing at the building across the massive yard on my left. All the buildings look similar, so I didn't quite know which one he is pointing at. I frown at the identical halls. Now Harry starts to point at the other buildings, giving me a quick run down of the neighborhood building. “So, that is the other dining hall. Over there is the Physical Science Building. And next to Russ Ad is the Art Hall.”

“Are you,” I ask curiously, as I slowly scans my eyes over Harry’s rather flawless face, “heading to Russ too?”

He lets out another magical laugh but his face and chuckle is nowhere near similar.

On the corner of my eyes, I see Harry rolling his eyes. He plainly says, “This is not some fictional story. So no, I do not plan on going to the same building as you.”

I sniff, while pursing my lips together. I watch him quickly smile to himself, as I fold my arms across my chest. I ask, “What is your deal?” Because clearly I am missing something.

“What is your deal?” Harry counters, having the same ridiculous grin across his lips.

You came up to me, curly fry.” HAHA it sounds even funnier out loud.

Harry lets out a low laugh, while putting his body direction in my way. He stops walking near the front steps of Russ Administration. He steps around me. I am still confused as ever.

“You are welcome,” Harry says suddenly.

Oh God, what's he talking about?

I furrow my eyebrows together. “For what?”

“You are welcome,” Harry repeats, pulling out his phone. “Look, just say thanks for helping you out and I will be out of your way.” Smiling like the weirdo he is, he's starts looking at me, as if he is seriously waiting for a thank you.

Thank you for creeping me out, Harry.

It is bad I still think he's cute?

“What are you smoking? Honestly Harry, what is your deal?”

Harry smiles again. “I am the One. And the One chose you.”

He is a hot guy, talking under mushrooms, like he is the chosen one to save everyone or something. WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT?

Sigh. Still. Cute. Sigh.

“Are you some kind of student help?” I ask harshly, trying to string together my thoughts around Harry and his weird style.

Harry shrugs. “You could say.”

I pout. “Say what? You barely said a thing about yourself!”

Harry nods, while looking at me closely. “I am Harry Styles.”

Styles? He announces him name slowly. Weird.

Styles?” I squint at Harry, staring at him closely. I place a hand near my chin as I connect the dots. Wait yo. I gasp, “As in Dean Styles? You are supposingly the dean’s hot son?!”

“The dean’s what son?”

What did I just do?!




I try to speak clearly but my face is getting warm. I AM NOW A TOMATO. “You are, uh, the son of the, er, dean, right?”

Well, that didn't help.

"Wait," Harry huffs. "The supposingly hot son? What do you mean by that?"


I stay quiet.

Ugh. What is happening???

“Riggght. As long as we are on the page of chapter obvious, I am going to clarify and say you are the nervous, nerdy but cute girl new to Levine University,” Harry jokingly says. He grins. “Lighten up, buttercup. Hey, you still did not tell me your name.”

Still as red as a clown’s nose, I push away my awkwardness and give him another cheeky response, “Nice.”

“Stop playing that card and tell me your name, buttercup,” Harry says, smiling crookedly at me. UGH. SO CUTE. “I mean, after all I did help you find your class’s building and stuff.”

He did help me but he's weird.

But hot damn, I can't take my eyes off him.

He's weird.


He's eccentric and talks funny.

Harry is definitely eye candy.

So, after a couple of minutes of arguing with myself, I start, “My name is…”


Before I can finish, I feel an annoying pain forming near my thighs. Everything is fuzzy. What?

Did another bicyclist hit me? Damn bicyclist; it kills the vibe.

Harry will never know my name.

He now has to wait.


What a shame.

LOL, I shouldn't be laughing right now but what a big fail for this hot guy.
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