Would You Fall Too?

As far as Sergio Ramos is concerned, the girl next door does not exist.

Emilie Smith has been his neighbour for years, more than she likes to recall, and she finds herself perfectly alright with him not knowing her name.

She knows who he is, living next door has offered her an insight, and she is more than happy to stay out of his way just as he is more than happy to stay out of hers.

One night, however, Emilie is forced to make herself known to the neighbour she works so hard to avoid. When she finds him outside of his door, slumped and tearful, she knows she can't just leave him there and so invites him back to hers, trying to be helpful.

It was only supposed to be coffee, a one time thing, but when Sergio finds himself growing attached to his girl next door, Emilie is faced with a question: If she fell for him, was it possible that he could fall for her too?

A/n: Obviously, I don't own Sergio Ramos or anyone else you recognise, but the OCs and plot are mine.