Good Intentions

Colby Neill

Growing up I was always the first one to do something. I was the first one to learn how to shoot, I was the first one able to carry a pocket knife. I wasn't surprised when people kept asking me to help them when the disease started changing everyone.

I took them all in, figuring that the more there were, the easier it would be.

There were 25 of us, including me.

"Alright guys! Let's gether around!" I yelled, my voice echoing through the house.

Everyone joined me in the living room, sitting on the couches, the chairs and some dinning room chairs. Some people even sat on the floor.

"I decided on the scavenger groups. There will be 3, and the schedule to go out is on the kitchen calender." I paused "The first group consists of Aidan, Amaryllis, Rupert, and I. The second is Borka, Svetlana, Bartholomew and Zoe. The third and final is Uga, Bracken, Oda and Natsumi"

I skimmed the room so I could see the look on everyone's faces.

"When do we start going out sir?" Amaryllis asked

"Group A goes out tomorrow, because it's too dark to go out now. Make sure you're nice and warm because it's getting cold." I said. "Meeting dismissed."

I went in the kitchen, it was coming around dinner time. I helped the cooks finish preparing the meal. One of the cooks rang the dinner bell and I heard it echo through the house.

We portioned everything out on the plates. Half a biscuit, a piece of steak, and 2 spoonfuls of mashed potatoes.

I grabbed my plate and sat down in the living room and sighed as I started eating.

"Sir," Someone said from behind me "may I eat with you?"

The figure came into view, it was Amaryllis.

"Sure, hun" I said.

She was the youngest here. She was still in Elementary school, but she was one of the best fighters there was. I honestly saw myself in her.

"Remember to make sure you're nice and warm for tomorrow" I said softly "I don't want you getting frostbite"

"I will sir"

We talked about some of our favorite things while we ate. When we were done we took our plates out to the kitchen and put them in the sink.

We walked upstairs and I tucked her into bed. I realized that we slept in the same room so I moved her bed over next to mine and I got in.

"Goodnight Ama" I said softly

"Goodnight sir" She said back.

Everyone started filing into their rooms after that, going to bed.


We were up early the next morning. I made sure that Amaryllis had her layers on. I helped her put her quiver on, since it was a bit heavier than normal because I had everyone put a shotgun in their quiver.

When I finished helping her I put my quiver on my back and put my pistol in the holster on my hip. I made sure everyone else was ready and we headed out.

We decided to go back through the woods. We figured that They were too stupid to go through the woods. I made the path for everyone, making sure it was big enough. There were fallen trees everywehre, it looked like people have already thought to come through here.

We walked for about a mile, when we came across a cabin. We decided to go in, and see what was inside. It seemed as if there were signs of life, and that's when we heard the scream.

We all rushed out of the cabin, our weapons ready and we ran towards the scream. A little less than a mile away from the cabin we came across a field. I was looking around the feild when I saw where the scream came from.

It was a pack of the monsters attacking what seemed to be a boy. We all stood frozen in horror.
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Sorry for those of you who have read the third person version. I suck at third so Rachel and I decided to do it in first.

I hope y'all like it.