Good Intentions

The Meeting

I heard a shot ring out, realizing Rupert had shot into the hoard.

"Dumbass! You could've hit him!" I yelled

I grabbed an arrow from my quiver and Amaryllis did the same. We both shot into the hoard, being careful enough not to hit the kid. When the hoard realized what was going on they turned around and started coming towardw us. The sounds of gunshots mixed with the arrows flying through the air seemed like the typical Native American vs. European fight.

When all of them were down, I put my bow on my quiver and drew my pistol, incase some of them decided they weren't dead. I collected my arrows and put the pistol back in the holster as I walked up to the kid, holding out my hand to help him up. He took it and I pulled him up, he was limping.

"You the one that lives in the cabin back there? By the way, I reccomend you come with us to get that ankle of yours fixed" I told him.

"No, I didn't even know there was a cabin, and I guess I'll go with you guys, I can't walk though." He said.

"Aidan!" I yelled.

"Yes sir?" He said as he ran up next to me.

"Carry this back to the house." I told him as I handed him my quiver. I looked back at the boy. "By the way, my name is Colby, I hope your ready to be carried, piggy back style"

"I'm Tucker. And sure, I guess" He mumbled.

I bent down and let him get on my back before standing up. We started back towards the house. I had so many things racing through my head. I was thinking about how cute Tucker was. What room he would sleep in. What job he would have.

"Hey Ama" I said

"Yes sir?" She said, looking up at me.

"One, stop calling me sir. You can call me brother, or bro or something. I don't want you calling me sir. Second, when we get back to the house can you get Celeste. She'll probably know what's wrong with his ankle" I told her.

"Alright" she said smiling.

We got back to the house and went inside, locking the doors behind us. I took Tucker up to my bed and laid him down. Celeste came up and started checking out his ankle.

"So what's with everyone calling you sir?" Tucker asked.

"It just happened among the little kids and then everyone started calling me sir. I'm sorta in charge here I guess." I told him.

"Hot" Tucker mumbled

I realized how late it was and told everyone it was time to go to bed, and that everyone that usually slept in the room with me had to sleep downstairs because we would be up late.


The sun was rising when Celeste finally figued out what was wrong, and Tucker was asleep. She took advantage of this and poped his ankle back in place. She told me to get the bandages from the closet. I brought the bandages over and helped her wrap his ankle.

I then realized that Tucker was up and he looked at me.

"You should stay off your ankle" Celeste told him.

"Alright" He mumbled.

Celeste left and I looked at him. I took the bell off the dresser and handed it to him.

"I'm gonna be downstairs, ring that if you need me" I told him.

I walked out, closing the door behind me.

"Meeting!" I yelled walking downstairs to the living room. Everyone gathered around on the couches and floor. "Alright, so I know my group, y'all wont have a room to sleep in for a couple days. Y'all okay with sleeping down here?"

"Yes sir" Chorused through the room.

"Alright, second, since the scavenging party found Tucker yesterday, we didn't get to get much food or anything. Party B is gonna go out today. Y'all go suit up now." I said and the four of them got up and went to go get ready. "The rest of you will do what you normally do, but no bothering Tucker alright? There will be plenty of time for that when he gets better. Meeting dismissed"

Everyone got up and went there seprate ways when I heard Tucker ring the bell. I walked upstairs and opened the door.
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