Good Intentions


Tucker woke up once more in the middle of the night, but this time was different. He knew that it was time for him to go. Shaking Colby awake, Tucker knew this was going to be depressing. Of course, he had to wake up Colby, since he wanted him to be the only one to shoot him.

"Colby, baby, wake up." Tucker said quietly, and Colby slowly wiped his eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked with tired eyes fixated on Tucker.

"I need...I need you to do something for me." he said, and Colby became worried.

"What is it?" he asked, scratching his head.

"I..I need you to shoot me." Tucker said in a very blunt tone of voice.

"What?!" he yelled loudly, which woke everyone up.

"I need you to shoot me before I turn, please." Tucker pleaded, and he turned to look at everyone else.

Having everyone's attention on him, Tucker began to cough, weakly climbing over Ama. Getting out of the truck, Tucker fell to the ground. He was weak, and as he felt his forehead, he gasped.

"Pl...please, Colby." Tucker pleaded weakly in between coughs.

"Come on, Colby. He's practically dying. He's gonna turn soon," Aidan informed Colby, who's eyes were locked on Tucker.

"I...I can't, I just can't, dammit!" Colby yelled, and Tucker turned to face him

"Please, I'm in much pain!" Tucker yelled, and Colby grabbed his handgun.

"I'm sorry Tucker," Colby whispered before raising his gun. Tears forming in his eyes, he pulled the trigger.

There he was.

Laying on the ground, lifeless.

Out of pain, but dead.

Falling to his knees, Colby started to cry. He couldn't believe the person he was slowly falling for was dead. Colby knew he couldn't have stopped it, but he wished there was something he could have done.

As he collected himself, Colby walked back to the truck with his head down. Saying nothing, he got into the truck. Turning it on, he was quick to turn the truck around. Going back was his only option he wanted now.

Driving off, leaving Tucker's dead body where he fell. Of course, Colby hated himself for it, but he didn't want Tucker to suffer any longer.

"Let's all agree to never speak his name again. Okay?" Colby asked.

"Okay." everyone said in unison.


That was the last time they talked about Tucker. In a way, Colby was glad he met him. It made him think there was still good in the world.