The 5 Stages of Mitosis


The most important characteristic of telophase is that the nuclear envelope, reforms as two new nuclear envelopes around the separated sister chromatids. The complete division of the cell, however, is not complete until cytokinesis takes place. Cytokinesis is the process by which the elongated cell is finally pinched into two brand new cells. At this point each daughter cell is identical, containing it's own nucleus and a complete copy of the organism's DNA.

He doesn't visit you at the hospital and when you come back home you don't look out of the window anymore. Instead you take long baths and clean your house with vinegar, because bleach is something you are learning to live without. You go to church and therapy, talk to doctors and God and bare your scars to strangers with your heart on your sleeves and spill your secrets to the windows, walls and floorboards, to the wet pillowcases and crumpled bed sheets. Yes, the world does't stop spinning but this time your feet are not slipping from the ground. This time, you are healing and life is not only black and white.


There comes a time when you stop asking why, when or how. Stop searching and blaming and calm. You accept the loss, make peace with it and only then you get your freedom, your final goodbye. It's accidental, sudden, unexpected and comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Just one glance, after months of solitude, on your front porch. A couple of seconds but in those seconds you live, for hours, days, weeks, years. You share burdens and happiness, lose and find your way back, grow old and die together. You live a lifetime of love and happiness that takes only from 100 to 400 milliseconds until his mother calls him home and you are left again in the dark all alone; with a yard of fear and blame and wall of prejudice in between. But it's okay because finally you get to turn your back and go; knowing that he will go with you as a memory,as an experience, as a peace inside of your heart, he is going to go with you. So you are going to live and you are going to heal and reform, to begin again for him and yourself, you are going to live.

You are going to go knowing that;

love is birth of a better tomorrow a new beginning a new path a new story a new you.

Love is healing, because no pain can harm the way you are feeling. It is a force that turns hate to affection. It is endless, boundless, a windmill of power that no sorrow or regret can break.

And it is forgiveness and salvation, a sharing of burden and carrying each other through.

Love is loyal, it does not give you a chance to forget or be forgotten.

Love is breathtaking, magic, once of a kind a miracle, it comes unexpectedly like a rabbit out of the hat and leaves you amazed, captivated, from the very beginning up to the very end.

Love is a curiosity, a novelty because no love is alike.

And love is happiness: it is your growth, hope, light and life.

Love is your 5 stages of mythosis, which proves that you cannot be divided completely, because even after the separation you still share an identical set of DNA and carry a peace of each other in this and your every other life; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

Love is life.