The Proposal


It had been a long season, and it was over. It didn’t help that there were injuries to my boyfriends team. Halfway through the season, he asked me to move in with him. I packed up, and moved to Pittsburgh from Texas. The Dallas Stars will always be my first love.


“What is a guy like you doing out tonight?” I asked him, as I was at Zouk celebrating the Stars’ win with Jamie Benn.

Jamie and I are longtime friends, but that is a different story.

“Can’t I let off some steam with my buddies?” He challenged.

“Point taken. But I know your kind; you’re a one and done type of guy. I’m not going to be another notch in the bedpost.” I gave him a pointed look.

“We aren’t all like that. Let me prove it to you.” Needless to say he won that battle. He led me outside, where it was quieter, so we could get to know each other.

“I have a confession to make. I saw you at the game, and afterwards with Jamie. I texted him to find out if you were going out tonight. It was a set up.” At least this man was honest with me.

“I don’t know if I should thank Jamie, or kill him!” I was seething.

“Don’t Madisyn. I’ll need him for the next Olympics.” That night was the night I became Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend.

*End of Flashback*

That night was two years ago. I knew better than to push the subject of the off season so soon, but with the recent scare, we needed to pick an offseason home. I missed Texas, but I knew a majority of the time, as always would be spent in Halifax.

“Can we talk about this later?” Sid was more angry than usual after the season ended. He was distracted.

“No Sidney we can’t! I’m talking to my boyfriend, not the face of the NHL right now! I had a scare last well and it made we realize we don’t have a permanent off season home! Not like The Fleury’s or the Dupuis’ or even the LeTang’s.”

“So?! we don’t have to decide today!”

“Sid, what is going on? Besides the end of the season?” I asked softly.
“Nothing. Just go get ready for dinner. We are meeting the team.” I rolled my eyes. There was no point in arguing and it was a regular thing before locker clean out day.

Usually, we go to Primanti’s so we can get out Pittsburgh sandwiches before we head out to wherever we are in the offseason. Most of us to Canada, others to other parts of the world. I knew something was up, when Marc-Andre, Kris, and Pascal all excused themselves and left early with their wives. Now, they all had kids, but that never stopped them before. Sidney kept looking at his phone, and he kept fidgeting.

“We should head home. It’s getting late, and I’ve got alot of media to do tomorrow.” I knew it was an excuse, but didn’t press him on it. It was only 8:00pm.

Sidney and I headed home in silence. Something, we never do, even after a bad loss to the Flyers. It just wasn’t who we were as people or a couple.

We walked in the house, and it was lit with candles, with chocolate dessert waiting for us.

“Sid, what is all of this?” I was certainly surprised.

“It’s my way of saying sorry. I’ve been a jerk and it had nothing to do with you. Do you forgive me?” He had a half smile.

“Of course I do. I know how it is, we’ve been together for two years.” Our lips crashed. We hadn’t kissed in a while.

“Good, because I have anything question for you.” I met his eyes, letting him know I was listening.

“Mads, we have been through hell and back. And yes, I was nervous for tonight, regardless of the outcome of the game. I love you, and have since we met that night in the club. You know me better than anyone and treat me like I’m normal. I know I take hockey too seriously but you always bring me back down to earth. You’re the woman I want by my side through everything, and the one I want to have kids with. So what I’m asking is, Madisyn Elizabeth will you do me the honour of marrying me?” He got down on one knee.

I was doing all I could to hold back tears. This proposal was everything I’ve wanted. I didn’t want or need an extravagant and fancy proposal.

“Yes Sidney, I’ll marry you.”