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Tiny Dancer

Piano Man

"You should teach me how to do that," Jack smiled, humour evident in his voice. As he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, Alex giggled into his chest, ideas already whirling around in his mind.

"Thank you for coming," Alex grinned as he pulled back from their hug. He had just finished performing in a holiday show, with his dance being the last of the night. He was grateful of its placement, as Jack would have probably wanted to leave after seeing him if it were in the middle of the show, which is considered quite rude. The older boy may have still fallen asleep for the first few performances, but that was besides the fact. He tried his hardest to pay attention, and that was all Alex really cared about.

"Of course, my tiny dancer. Should we go back to your place now?" Jack suggestion, keeping in mind that Alex probably wanted to change out of his costume and wash his face. Alex nodded in response, and they left the theatre hand in hand, Jack driving the pair home with his newly acquired licence.

"Jack," Alex asked later on that night, "I was wondering if-"

"Wait!" Jack interrupted, sliding onto the couch next to the blond, almost spilling the bowl of popcorn he was holding in the process. He wrapped his closest arm around Alex's shoulders, pulling the slighter boy into him, before continuing, "Okay, talk."

"Okay," Alex chuckled, as he looked up at Jack. "Alright. So, my dance team is having a dinner, which kind of goes in part with the holiday show we just participated in. We do it every year, and I wanted to know if you want to go with me this year."

"Sounds fun," Jack nodded, "Sure, baby."

"But," Alex went on, "Since we're a dance team, there's going to be dancing. Lots of it."



"Do I have to?" Jack asked, hoping Alex wasn't actually as serious as he sounded about the prospect of dancing with his friends for an entire night.

"Everybody does," Alex explained, "That's sort of the point."

"Oh," Jack repeated.

"Come on, Jay. Please?" Alex tried, taking Jack by the hand that was resting on his shoulder and looking him in the eyes.

"How bad do you want me to come?" Jack raised an eyebrow, causing Alex to let out a small huff.

"I've brought someone every year," Alex explained, "And there's no one other than you I can bring this year."

"So, I'm your final resort?" Jack joked, but Alex shook his head, completely missing the intended message.

"No, but there isn't a final resort after you. I really want you to come, it's always been so fun." Alex pouted, which finally made Jack cave in.

"Alright, fine. Only if you tell me about these other people you've brought, though." Jack reasoned, making Jack scoff at his possessiveness.

"We can talk about that after the party."

        After a couple more minutes of light arguing, most of the resistance on Jack's part, Alex was finally able to get Jack up to practice. One of Jack's main reasons against attending the dinner with Alex was that he could not dance, but Alex insisted he could teach him by the date. So, he stood up promptly, and pushed the table to the edge of the living room.

"We can just do really basic stuff today, okay? Slow dancing, mostly, since that's a huge part of it." Alex began, taking Jack's hands. "Do you want to lead? You'll have to listen to what I say, and I won't be able to show you."

"Isn't that usually what the person teaching does, though?" Jack asked, to which Alex shrugged in response.

"Most of the time, yes. I can do either, it really doesn't matter, but I think it'll be a lot easier if I just teach you to lead. I'm too short." Alex said, as he positioned Jack's hands on his waist, before clasping his own behind his boyfriend's neck.

"Okay, now first of all..."

       Alex was able to get through quite a few key points with Jack, with only a little bit of stumbling on the older boy's part. About thirty minutes through their session, though, Jack misstepped a fairly large amount, causing him to let go of Alex and stumble into the coffee table.

"Shit!" Alex panicked, kneeling down next to Jack. "I should have moved that over more. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, babe." Jack chuckled, soon taking note of the shocked expression that had taken over Alex's features. "What?"

"Nothing," Alex shook his head, "Your arm's bleeding just a little."

"Oh," Jack hummed, lifting his arm to take a look, "So it is. I guess I scraped it on the edge of the table."

"Come with me," Alex sighed, taking Jack by the hand and pulling him into the kitchen. "Let's get you a bandaid."

"Thanks," Jack hummed, as Alex first went into a drawer, pulling out a bandaid, and got to work on covering his wound.

"You're welcome." Alex nodded, throwing away the trash from the bandaid. "I think that's enough of that for tonight."

"I think so, too." Jack chuckled, setting his hands on Alex's hips. "When will your parents be home?"

"In about an hour, I thi-" Alex started, quickly checking the clock on the oven, before quieting down and raising an eyebrow at Jack.

"C'mon," Jack kissed Alex on the cheek softly. Alex sighed exasperatedly, before following Jack upstairs with a small smile gracing his lips.

       That year's Christmas dinner was the best one Alex had ever experienced. He absolutely loved being around both his dance friends and his boyfriend, and he was even happier when everyone seemed to get along quite well. As for Jack's dancing, it wasn't anything special, but Alex was certainly both proud and impressed.

"Hopefully you can come next year, too," Alex voiced, as he and Jack were making their way to Jack's car at the end of the night.

"It's comforting to know you want to keep me around that long," Jack laughed, as Alex cuddled into him to avoid the cold.

"Of course I do."
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