Chasing Stars

Chapter 46

Without fail about half way through the movie Bandit appeared next to the couch. “Whatcha doing?” she asked loudly.

“Watching a movie. Go away,” I said not turning my attention from the TV.

“No I want to watch,” she said sitting on the couch next to me.

“You aren’t allowed to. Go away,” I said again emphasizing the last part.

“No I want to watch,” she said again this time grabbing the popcorn that was sitting on the table.

“You are going to get in trouble,” I added looking at the small child briefly.

“Come on, don’t be a mean old sister,” Derek whispered in my ear. I turned and looked at him, giving him a small smile. He rubbed my arm encouragingly.

“Fine,” I grumbled to him resting my head on his shoulder. He always had a way to convince me against my better judgement.

“Is he your boyfriend?” Bandit asked paying more attention to us than to the movie.

“No he’s my best friend. This is Derek,” I said not moving from where I was sitting.

“He’s your boyfriend. You like him,” she said as if she knows the facts.

“Are you sure I have to be nice?” I whispered back to Derek. I felt him laugh in response before saying yes.

“B if you want to be down here you need to be quiet, we are watching a movie,” I said turning to her briefly before laying my head back on Derek’s shoulder.

“Ok,” she said joining us on the couch. As the movie continued, Bandit scooted closer and closer to me. At the end of the movie without any type of warning, the light flicked on causing both Bandit and I to shriek and jump. Derek began to laugh as I clenched his arm. Gerard appeared around the couch looking from Bandit to myself.

“The pizza is here,” he stated outstretching his arms for Bandit to accept. “Why are you down here?” he asked the young girl now comforted in his arms.

“I wanted to see Rylynn and her boyfriend,” she answered innocently. Gerard raised his eyebrows at Derek and I.

“I already told you he’s not my boyfriend,” I muttered to Bandit.

“And you let her watch that movie?” Gerard asked in an irritated voice.

“It’s not like I had a choice,” I defended myself finally letting go of Derek’s arm. Gerard turned to walk away with Bandit.

“She’s seven Rylynn,” he said disappearing up the stairs. I groaned standing up.

“I told you she shouldn’t be down here,” I told Derek. He shrugged in response following my actions. I rolled my eyes at his response and continued to walk upstairs.

“You would have wanted someone to let you watch that movie at her age and you know it,” Derek said. I laughed in response as we turned the corner into the kitchen.

“Yeah you’re right,” I admitted. Lindsey handed Derek a plate followed by myself.

“We should talk tonight, the two of us, ok?” she whispered in my ear as she stepped past me. I nodded stealing a glance. She didn’t seem upset or irritated but I’m sure it had to deal with Bandit and the movie. I grabbed my pizza and led Derek back down to the basement to find something else to watch.