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You Took My Heart by Surprise

01: I Know He Does

“You’re sure?” Isla Torres posed as she sat on the bed of her best friend, her blue eyes fixed on the ginger girl who sat on the ground ahead of her, her knees held against her chest. It had been sudden, the last thing that Isla had been expecting in the middle of the night was a call from her friend, but as soon as she had heard her voice on the other end of the line, she had had little choice. The tone of Emilie’s voice had made her stomach drop and had caused her to rush straight over.

Emilie, who sat with her back against the wall, nodded. “I’ve had an inkling for a while” she murmured.

“But you’re sure now?” Isla pushed.

Emilie nodded, her hand fishing in the pocket of her jacket before she offered it out to Isla who shook her head. “Em” she cooed sympathetically.

“Don’t” Emilie murmured, shifting a little in her spot.

“Does anyone else know?” Isla posed, her blue eyes wandering over the two sticks which sat in her hand, their positive results catching her stare.

“No” Emilie murmured “I did those and called you. I figured you’d be the best person to tell” she noted.

Isla spared her sympathetic look before she turned her attention back to the two tests which sat in her hands. She could understand why Emilie was hesitant, after ‘that’ night in France, she’d not heard hide or hair of her former boyfriend, but Isla knew why Emilie had called her. She needed someone to give her the push she would need to go and see Sergio, something which was going to sting.

It had been sudden, when Isla had woken up to the sight of a tearful Emilie, she had been more than surprised to find out that her friend and her fiancé had called it quits, but when Emilie had explained it, she had found it hard not to feel bad for the defender. He’d put everything he had into them, he’d spent months trying to make Emilie see that they were good together, and it must have felt like a slap in the face when Emilie had suggested that even despite his efforts, she simply wasn’t in the same place he was in their relationship.

“You know who you really need to see, don’t you?” Isla posed, her eyes fixing themselves on Emilie once more.

Emilie nodded.

“Have you heard anything from him since you two ended things?” the blonde posed, moving to sit beside her friend.

“I saw him briefly when I went to get my stuff from the house” Emilie commented “He wasn’t exactly talkative” she added.

Isla shook her head. “You need to tell him” she noted softly “Sergio’s going to want to know that he’s only a few months away from being a papa” she added, her eyes glancing down at Emilie’s flat stomach.

“I know” Emilie murmured “I just…I heard about him and Pilar” she added, her blue eyes flashing up to Isla’s. If she was honest, she wasn’t entirely surprised to hear that Sergio had pieced things back together with his ex-girlfriend, but that didn’t mean that the idea didn’t sting Emilie. She knew that she was at fault, she had wrecked what had been the best relationship she’d ever had, but she had thought it would take Sergio a little more than 6 weeks to get over it. Emilie hadn’t even thought about starting another relationship whilst Sergio was all loved up with another woman.

Isla let out a breath. “Cristiano did mention that” she murmured “I didn’t know you knew” she added.

“I didn’t want people thinking that I was keeping tabs on him” Emilie replied “He’s a grown man and more than capable of deciding when he’s ready to move on, but this isn’t something I want to drop on him with her around. I’m not exactly her favourite person, Lala, and I was hoping I could count on your moral support” she noted gently.

“I can’t tell him for you” Isla noted.

“I wasn’t asking you to” Emilie replied, stretching her legs out a little “I was just hoping you could be there when I did. Seeing him is going to be shitty, Lala, and seeing him with her is going to be even worse” she noted.

Isla shook her head. “You were so good together, Emmy” she noted gently.

Emilie nodded her head. She knew that they were.

“When are you going to see him?” Isla posed.

“I’ve called my doctor. I’m due to get it confirmed tomorrow, but I don’t want to wait around. I’d like him to tell me he wants nothing to do with it sooner rather than later” she muttered.


“I wouldn’t blame him” Emilie noted, shaking her head a little “After the way things ended, I wouldn’t blame him for never wanting to see my face again” she added.

“Emmy, you know that that isn’t Sergio” Isla countered softly “He might be upset with you, hurt too, but he’s not heartless and you can’t expect that he wouldn’t want to be involved in this. He didn’t hide the fact that he wanted to be a papa when you two were together” she added.

Emilie sighed gently, her hand gently brushing over the front of her shirt. “It was the thing that scared me the most, Lala” she murmured “That night, he talked about a baby, it scared the daylights out of me and now…”

“You have to tell him” Isla noted, nudging her friend “He deserves to know” she added.

Emilie nodded. “I know he does” she noted “And I have every intention of telling him. I don’t want to be one of those women who hides their baby for their papa, but I am scared, Lala. I can’t forget the look on his face that night and I would hate to see it again” she noted.

Isla sighed and placed an arm around the ginger girl’s waist, hugging her close. She knew that it wasn’t going to be pleasant, from what Cristiano had told her, Sergio and Pilar tended to be inseparable when the defender wasn’t training with Madrid, but she also knew that Emilie couldn’t shy away from it just because it was scary. The defender needed to know that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and Isla was going to ensure that Emilie told him. Being scared has cost her the man she loved and Isla wasn’t about to let it cost the baby her friend was carrying their father.
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