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12: It Did Before

Staring at the door ahead of him, Sergio spared a little sigh, more than a little unsure about knocking. It was soon, after their conversation at the café, he had wanted to give Emilie a little space to figure out what she had agreed to, but he hadn’t been able to resist. It had been progress, for the first time she had wandered back into his life, they seemed to actually be talking as opposed to pushing back at one another, and it was something Sergio had been waiting for.

He wasn’t stupid when it came to Emilie, one of the biggest flaws she had was that she tended to fret and worry when there was really nothing to fret or worry about, but he knew her and knew that despite her concerns, her feelings for him were still the same, something he’d known from the second she appeared on his doorstep. She was stubborn, and naïve, but he could still read her like one of the books she was so fond of and he’d not missed the way she shied away from him, something he knew was more for her than it was for him.

Pushing a hand back through his hair, he spared another little sigh before he tapped on the apartment door, waiting patiently for her to answer.

“Sergio?” Emilie squeaked as she pulled the door back “What…why are you here?” she added, her cheeks red.

Sergio, who was leaning against the wall, didn’t make a sound, his dark eyes wandering over her frame which was covered simply by the Real Madrid shirt he’d given her a few months previous. It looked good on her, it always had, but Sergio couldn’t help but stare. He’d assumed that the shirt, along with the Spain one she’d bought, had been discarded after the conclusion of their relationship. “You still wear that?” he mumbled.

Emilie nodded shyly. “It…it’s a bit big on me” she spluttered “With my bump getting bigger, it’s one of the only things that fits and I don’t exactly have the excess income to get maternity clothes right now. It’s going to have to wait until the end of the month” she rambled.

Sergio smiled. “For what is it worth, you look amazing” he noted kindly.

Emilie bit down on her lip, something which made his smile grow slightly.

“What are you doing here, Sergio?” she murmured softly.

“I ended things with Pilar” he admitted softly. It hadn’t been pleasant, Pilar had yelled at him for leading her on, but by the end of it, she appeared to understand where he was coming from. He needed to take whatever chances he could get with Emilie and he hoped that Pilar understood. He couldn’t just pretend that things with Emilie were completely finished with.

Emilie tilted her head. “You did?” she posed.

Sergio nodded his head. “You seemed to suggest that there was a chance earlier, a small one, but I would like to see where it takes us, Em, something I couldn’t do if I was still with her. Have you changed your mind again?” he posed.

Emilie shook her head. “No” she noted “I…I just didn’t think you’d end it there and then. We’re hardly a sure thing” she noted, shifting a little in the door way.

“No” Sergio agreed “But I’d like to talk some more” he added with a hopeful look.

“Aren’t you all talked out?” Emilie posed.

Sergio shook his head. “Not with you, besides, I bought you this” he added, his hand reaching down to collect the pot of cookie dough ice cream he’d bought for her “Your madre once told me that it was your favourite thing to eat when you were upset” he added.

Emilie’s cheeks warmed a little, something which made him grin. “Do you think I could come inside for a bowl?” he teased.

Emilie offered him a slightly hesitant look before she stepped out of the doorway, allowing him to step past her. “I should go and get changed” she noted as she stepped into the room after him.

“You don’t have to” Sergio retorted quickly, a little too quickly.

Emilie shook her head. “I really ought to” she protested.

“It’s only me, Em” Sergio noted “I’ve seen you in less” he added.

Emilie offered him a look, something which made him lift his hand in apology. He should have known that him teasing her wasn’t something she was immediately going to be comfortable with.

“You really don’t have to change, Emmy” he noted “It’s your home and I am not seeing anything I shouldn’t be” he added.

Emilie nodded her head hesitantly before she gestured towards the kitchen counter, offering him a seat. “You do know that this isn’t something we can just slip back into without any work, don’t you?” she commented as she moved towards the cabinet, stretching up to collect two bowls.

Sergio watched her keenly, not missing the slight slither of her underwear which became visible when she moved, and nodded. “Of course I do” he noted gently.

Emilie turned and placed the bowls on the counter. “What do you propose we do then?” she posed.

“Start again” Sergio noted simply.

“How far back are we talking?” Emilie posed, taking the seat at his side.

“We start small. We spend nights together like we used to. I want you to see that you can trust me with you, Emmy” he noted gently. He wasn’t naïve, it was going to take them a lot of work to get back to where they’d been, but he wanted to make the effort. They had had something good and he was sure that they could get back to it if they tried.

Emilie sighed. “You really think that this could work?” she posed, stirring the bowl of ice cream shyly.

“You didn’t believe it could before, and it did” Sergio reasoned “You just need to trust me, Emmy, can you do that?” he posed, his dark eyes mirroring her blues.

Emilie looked ahead of herself hesitantly, something which prompted him to place his hand over hers.

“I need you to work with me here, Em” he murmured, brushing his thumb over her skin.

“Alright” she murmured softly before she turned back to look at him “I’ll trust you” she agreed gently.
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