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15: Let Me Help You

“You’re glowing, Emmy” Sofia smiled as she welcomed the ginger girl into her cubicle, helping her up onto the bed. It had been a few weeks, Emilie and Sergio had been casually dating for almost a month, and Emile had to admit that things seemed good between them, even if they could be a little awkward at times, they’d settled back into something close to a comfortable rhythm.

“You’re sweet to say it, but I am dubious” Emilie replied “I had to put on three different outfits before I left the house” she added, her hand gently brushing over the bump which was ever-more noticeable beneath her shirt. She was moving along quickly, too quickly for her taste, and it worried her. She was over half way through the pregnancy and she felt underprepared for the birth, let alone for taking care of the two babies she would have when it was over with.

“It was more than three” Sergio commented from beside her “You went through at least 5 five shirts, and that’s all without mentioning the skirt/jeans fiasco” he grumbled.

“I did tell you it took a while” Emilie commented, allowing Sofia to pull up her shirt so that she could start the scan “You’re the one who insisted on bringing breakfast” she added.

“Excuse me for trying to be the thoughtful boyfriend” Sergio replied, his voice teasing.

Emilie rolled her eyes, something which made Sofia giggle. “Are you two like this the whole time?” she posed.

“Not the whole time” Sergio noted “But she’s not in the best mood this morning and I am trying to cheer her up” he added.

“I wish my boyfriend was as sweet as you” Sofia grinned before she turned back to the ultrasound, carefully running the wand over the bump of Emilie’s stomach. It was noticeable, even when he wasn’t looking for it, Sergio could see it, and he knew that that was something which was playing on Emilie’s mind. She didn’t like the way her body was changing, the way she could go from giggling to crying in seconds, but Sergio knew he had to let her come to him. In the 2 months that had passed since he had found about the pregnancy, she had only mentioned it fleetingly, but he knew that pushing her would only make her clam up, it was something Emilie specialized in.

“Have you two given any thought to whether or not you want to know the sex of the babies?” Sofia posed as the soft thump of the two heartbeats filled the air.

Sergio shrugged and peeked down at Emilie who chewed on the side of her lip nervously. “You know?” she posed, her eyes on Sofia.

“I can tell, yes” Sofia smiled “You don’t have to find out, Emmy” she assured her softly.

“Sergio?” Emilie posed.

“I’d love to know” Sergio mused “But if you don’t want to, Em…”

“I’d like to” Emilie interjected, offering him a shy smile.

Sergio grinned back at her and moved to find her hand, squeezing it gently as he offered Sofia a little nod.

The midwife smiled at the affection between the pair before she turned back to the screen, running the wand over Emilie’s stomach once more. “You see this?” she posed, drawing a line with her finger along the screen “This is the first baby, a boy” she mused gently.

“A boy?” Sergio squeaked.

Sofia nodded her head. “And this” she mused, drawing a second line “This is your little girl” she added.

Emilie, who was staring at the screen, made a small sound, calling Sergio’s full attention to her. “Emmy?” he murmured “Querida, what is the matter?” he posed, not missing the small trail of tears which slipped away from her eyes.

“Nothing’s the matter” Emilie spluttered “I…I…A boy and a girl” she sniffled.

“I’ll give you a minute” Sofia smiled “Congrats, the pair of you” she added as she patted Sergio on the back.

The defender flashed the midwife a small smile before he shifted Emilie’s legs a little, allowing him to sit up on the bed with her. “Are you happy?” he posed, helping her to sit up beside him, her back against the wall.

“Happy” Emilie replied “More terrified, but happy” she added, her hands wiping her eyes.

“Why are you so scared?” he posed softly “You know that this isn’t on just you, Emmy, you know I am here too” he added.

“I know” Emilie replied “I just…I got used to the idea of doing it mostly by myself. I figured that you’d stick with Pilar and be around when you could, but I figured the bulk of it would be on me, something I haven’t quite stopped thinking yet. I know you’re here, I know that my parents and Isla are all itching to be involved too, but this whole thing still scares me shitless, Sergio. In a little over 4 months, I am going to have two children” she stressed gently.

Sergio, who had started to play with her hand, sighed. “We’re going to have 2 children” he murmured “I am not just going to be around, Em, I am going to be there every single step of the way and you need to know that. I will do anything for them, anything, and all you have to do is ask me. You need new maternity clothes? I’m your guy. You need someone to paint a nursery? I am a brilliant decorator. Emmy, let me help you out” he mused.

Emilie leant her head on his shoulder, prompting him to rest his head against hers. “We’re in this together, Em” he murmured “You, me, our son and our daughter, and regardless of me and you, that’s not going to change” he assured her gently.

“I don’t want to appear needy” Emilie murmured.

“You’re not” Sergio replied “And these are things I want to do” he noted.

“You’re sure?” Emilie posed, looking up at him timidly.

“Certain” he replied “Now, dry those tears” he noted, his thumb gently running under her eyes “And smile. We’ve got a boy and a girl” he grinned as he ducked down, pressing a kiss against her bump. Emilie watched the small action and held him close for a moment, knowing that she needed to put a little more faith in him. He wanted to help and she knew she needed to get back to a place where she could let him
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