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16: Paint Samples & Maternity Clothes

Pinning the sonogram picture to the inside of his locker, Sergio smiled, not missing the small alterations that Emilie had made to it. They were only slight, in the border of the frame, two little arrows had been drawn, one in pink and one in blue, and Sergio couldn’t help but smile at the sight of them. They were a lovely reminder of the news that they were expecting both a boy and a girl, something Sergio hadn’t stopped grinning about in days.

He knew that Emilie still wasn’t comfortable, since they’d been to see Sofia, she had been quieter than usual, but Sergio knew she just needed a little time. Things were changing quickly, her bump was growing more with each day, and he knew that that scared her. Emilie had never been one for change and he knew that pushing her would only serve to make things worse. Intentionally or not, Emilie had a habit of lashing out at him when it was herself that she was really irked with and he didn’t want to cause an issue. Things were good between them for the first time in a while and he wasn’t prepared to wreck it.

“You’ve been staring at that thing for a good five minutes” Cristiano teased as he nudged the defender’s shoulder, causing him to jump.

Sergio shook his head. “Sorry” he noted.

“Isla said the scan was good” the forward mused, moving to pull his shirt on “How’s Emmy coping?” he added.

“Coping is a strong word” Sergio replied, pushing his locker closed.

“She ok?” Pepe posed from across the room.

Sergio shrugged. “You know how she can be” he noted gently “One minute, she wants me around, the next, she’s pushing back. It’s a part of her charm, I guess” he added.

“You don’t sound too convinced” Cristiano commented.

Sergio shrugged, moving to pull on his shoes. “It’s how Emmy is” he noted gently “She’s a pain in the backside, but she’s my pain in the backside” he added.

Cristiano smiled. “You know she does care about you, right?” he posed. He didn’t want to interfere, if he had learned anything from Isla, it was to let Emilie do things in her own way and at her own pace, but he could see that Sergio needed it. He was good at pretending things were great, but Cristiano could see that Emilie’s hesitance was getting at him. All he wanted was for his girlfriend to put her faith in him when it came to her and their children and it hurt him that Emilie still seemed to hesitant.

Sergio nodded his head. “Of course I do” he noted “I just wish I could make her see that she’s not some phase for me. I know we’re together now, but she still looks at me with this sort of mistrust and I hate that. I want her, I want the twins, and I wish there was a way for me to make her see that” he explained carefully.

“You have to wait it out” Cristiano shrugged “Isla told me that it took her over 2 years to have Emilie fully trust her, and she was only trying to be her friend. You’re the man she wants to be with, the man who’s fathered her twins, and you’ve just got to be patient with her. I don’t know much about her, but pressuring her and coddling her just seems to make her act up all the more” he noted thoughtfully.

Sergio sighed, but nodded his head. “You’re right” he noted.

“She really does love you” Cristiano smiled as he got up, patting the defender on the shoulder.

Sergio nodded his head, a slight smile pulling at the corner of his mouth at the thought of Emilie loving him.

“I didn’t know you were coming by today” Emilie noted as she carefully pulled the door to her apartment, her blue eyes peeking at Sergio who stood ahead of her, a set of bags held in his hands. She hadn’t been expecting him, with their relationship still in the fledgling stage, they’d taken to spending days apart and enjoying the occasional date during the week, but she wasn’t overly surprised to see him. Out of the two of them, he’d become the more clingy and Emilie kind of like the way he insisted on being around her. A large part of her found his presence comforting.

“I know” Sergio noted “But I have been doing some thinking” he noted.

“About?” Emilie posed, stepping out of the doorway to allow him inside.

“About the midwife appointment the other day” Sergio clarified, following her through to the living room.

“What about it?” Emilie posed, resettling on the couch where she had been sat, reading.

Sergio smiled and pulled the book out of her hands, settling it on the table ahead of them. “I thought about that morning and how hard it was for you to find something to put on, so with Isla, I bought you a few things” he noted, gently gesturing towards the bags which he had set at his feet.

Emilie tilted her head, her forehead furrowed a little.

“I know you didn’t ask” Sergio added “And I know you’re going to say that I didn’t have to, but Emmy, I wanted to. You deserve to feel comfortable” he added.

“Sergio” she murmured.

“Sese” he corrected gently “And I am not going to take them away. There’s only a few things and I figured we could go out and look for some others sometime. I also have a few paint samples” he noted, pulling a catalogue out of one of the bags “I was thinking we could talk about the nursery” he added, his dark eyes mirroring Emilie’s blues. He could see she was itching to reject it, to tell him that she wasn’t sure, but he wasn’t going to afford her the chance. He wanted to be patient with her, he didn’t want to get frustrated, but mostly, he wanted to help. Whether she loved it or not, they were in it together and he wanted to make it more than clear to her that he was going to do everything he could for her whilst she was pregnant and everything he could once the twins were born.

Emilie studied his expression for a second before she bit down on her lip. “You really got paint samples?” she posed.

Sergio nodded. “I was thinking that, for the time being at least, we’re going to have to paint two nurseries, one here and one at mine. You’ve only got a few months left and I thought we could get a jump” he enthused.

“And you took Isla shopping?” she posed.

“I had to bribe her with lunch, but yeah. She knows your style more than me” he explained.

Emilie nodded her head slowly before she leant over, pressing a warm kiss against his cheek, wordlessly offering him a thank you.

Sergio grinned at the contact and pulled her a little closer, kissing her lips sweetly. He knew that he had to be patient, but he was going to prove the point to Emilie that she could trust him, and that she needed to trust him if things were ever going to be good between them.
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