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18: Nothing On You

Stirring a little beneath her comforter, Emilie wrinkled her nose, her nostrils plied with a scent that made her blink her blue eyes open. It was early, after spending most of the night awake and talking to Sergio who had been more than a little reluctant to fall asleep, but Emilie knew what the scent meant. It was a habit of his, whenever they’d spent the night together before they’d moved in together, he’d made a point of making breakfast for her, something which had always made Emilie smile. They weren’t without their faults, she knew it, but she did like the way they were together. Sergio was easily the most considerate and sweet boyfriend she’d had and she knew she wouldn’t get many more chances to make it work with him. They were pretty much on their final try and, even despite her hesitation, Emilie wanted to make it work.

“You’re awake”

Emilie startled a little at the sound of Sergio’s voice and rolled over, offering him a little smile. “I am” she confirmed “Have you finished trying to destroy my kitchen?” she teased.

“You know that I am a fantastic cook” Sergio replied, moving to place a plate of food down on the end table.

“You burnt an egg the first morning you tried to cook for me” Emilie pointed out, sitting up slightly.

Sergio rolled his eyes. “Did it occur to you that I was nervous?” he posed, stealing a piece of the bacon he’d cooked for her.

Emilie snorted. “You’ve never been nervous around me” she refuted with a small smile.

“Not that you know of” Sergio replied, his weight depressing the space on the mattress beside her.

Emilie tilted her head. “I made you nervous?” she posed, a little intrigued by the idea. It had never been apparent, from the second that they’d met, he’d always appeared to be the more confident of the two of them, but it was somewhat comforting to Emilie. The idea that she’d made him nervous made her feel a little better, a little more confident.

Sergio nodded his head. “Of course you did” he noted gently “We didn’t exactly know one another and so when I woke up that morning, I was terrified that you’d just throw me out. We weren’t exactly best friends, Em” he explained.

“And so you made breakfast?” Emilie posed.

“I was trying to be nice” Sergio shrugged “It worked out” he added.

Emilie rolled her eyes gently and leant over, collecting the plate of food he’d prepared for her. “You really didn’t have to cook” she noted as she nibbled on a piece of toast “You’re my guest” she added.

“And you’re my pregnant girlfriend. I want to take care of you” Sergio refuted with a little shrug.

Emilie’s cheeks warmed a little, something which made him lean over, kissing her cheek softly. He knew that it still wasn’t entirely fixed, Emilie still didn’t seem quite like her usual self, but having spent the night in her home filled him with a little more hope. It had been comfortable, relaxed, and he couldn’t help but be a little hopeful that things were starting to get better. He wanted to be there for her and he wanted her to let him be.

“Are you working later?” Sergio commented as he pulled his jacket on, his dark eyes peeking over at Emilie who had settled on her couch, her blue eyes fixed on the television screen. It was still a little early, they’d only been up for an hour, but thanks to him having left his training bag at home, he had to leave, something which disappointed him slightly. He had been hoping for a little more time with her.

“I am” Emilie confirmed “And I am going to dinner with my parents tonight. I am sure you’d be more than welcome” she added.

“You don’t think they’d mind?” he posed.

“I think my papa loves you more than he loves me at times” Emilie commented with a small smile.

Sergio smiled. “I’d love to” he noted gently before a tap at the door echoed, something which made him lift his eyebrow. “You expecting anyone?” he posed.

“No” Emilie replied “The only visitors I get are you and Isla” she added.

Sergio offered her another little look before he padded towards the door, pulling it open to a handsome blonde man. “Can I help you?” he posed.

“Oh, I was expecting Emmy” the man noted.

“And you are?” Sergio posed, his expression firm. He didn’t like the idea of guys showing up at Emilie’s apartment, especially ones that he didn’t know.

“I’m Javier” the blonde man noted “I’m Emmy’s neighbour. I bought her mail up for her” he noted, gesturing with his head towards the envelopes which sat in his hand.

Sergio frowned. “You do that a lot?” he posed.

“Most mornings” Javier replied “She forgets, and with the bump, she doesn’t like walking up and down too much. You must be the babies’ dad” he added.

“I’m Emmy’s boyfriend” Sergio replied firmly, putting emphasis on the word ‘boyfriend’.

“Sergio” Emilie mused as she stepped up towards him “Javi” she added, her blue eyes peeking at the blonde man.

“Buenos dias, Em” Javier grinned “I bought you this” he added, handing the envelopes over to her.

“Thanks” Emilie grinned.

Javier flashed her another grin before he walked away, affording Sergio the chance to close the door, his dark eyes peeking at Emilie. “You’ve never mentioned him” he noted. He knew it was irrational, Emilie didn’t have even a mildly malicious bone in her body, but he didn’t like the idea of Javier visiting her. Sergio didn’t like the idea of anyone other than his friends or her brother and father visiting her whilst he wasn’t around.

“He’s my neighbour, Sergio” Emilie commented.

“I bet he is” Sergio replied “He’s a good looking guy” he added.

“I suppose he is” Emilie replied, setting her post down onto the end table “But I can’t say I’ve noticed” she added as she padded back towards the living room, Sergio in hot pursuit.

Sergio shook his head. “How come you’ve never mentioned him before?” he posed.

“I have to mention everyone I’ve met?” Emilie returned, her eyebrow lifted.

“No...I mean, of course not, I just…”

“Sese” Emilie interrupted, stopping him from babbling “He’s my neighbour, nothing else. I am sure he is a nice looking guy, but I can’t say that I have noticed. He’s got nothing on you” she smiled gently before she pushed herself up on her toes, kissing him lightly. “You have to go” she added.

Sergio stared at her for a moment before he nodded. “I will see you later?” he posed.

Emilie, who’d moved to sit down, nodded, offering him a little smile. “You will” she confirmed.
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