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You Took My Heart by Surprise

02: Spit It Out

“Are you sure that you’re going to be Ok with this?” Isla posed as she looked at her friend, her blue eyes narrowed on the small picture that Emilie held in her hands. It had been a strange morning, hearing the small thump of her baby’s heart had left Emilie quiet and unsure, and Isla wanted to make sure that she was alright. Seeing Sergio was going to sting, Emilie had been sure to avoid as much mention of him as she could, and Isla didn’t want to see her fall to bits, even if she did need to see him, it didn’t have to be right after the hospital appointment which had confirmed that she was 10 weeks into her pregnancy.

Emilie, who’d been staring down at the scan photo, nodded. “I have to do it, Lala, and I’d like to do it before I am too far gone. I don’t think I will get the nerve to do it otherwise” she noted.

“I understand, but we could wait a day, just until you’re over the shock” Isla noted thoughtfully.

Emilie shook her head. “I just want to get it done” she murmured.

Isla offered her a slightly dubious before she nodded, her stare diverting towards the house which sat a little away from them. “You want me to come with you?” she posed.

“If you don’t mind” Emilie murmured. She knew that it wasn’t going to be pleasant, from the appearance of the second car on the driveway, she knew that Sergio wasn’t alone, and the last thing she wanted to do was walk into a house with him and Pilar by herself. Seeing him was one thing, seeing him with the girl that he had gotten with so soon after her was another.

Isla shook her head. “Of course not” she noted gently as reached out, squeezing Emilie’s hands a little.

Emilie flashed her a thankful smile before she carefully pushed the car door open, taking a deep breath into her lungs. “Here goes nothing” she muttered.

“Are you listening to me, Sese?”

Sergio jumped at the sound of the question, his attention snapping back to his girlfriend who sat on the couch beside him. She’d been talking for a while, Sergio hadn’t heard half of what she had said, but he was a little surprised she had noticed. She could talk for days without so much as batting an eyelid. “Sorry” he murmured “I was distracted. What were you saying?” he posed politely.

Pilar shook her head. “Are you alright?” she posed softly “You’ve been quiet lately and that’s not very you” she added.

Sergio shrugged. If he was honest, he wasn’t alright. He knew that it had been the best decision, with Emilie still insistent on doubting them, he’d been left with little choice but to end things with her, but that didn’t mean he didn’t regret it. Emilie was the best person for him, he’d known it for months, and the idea that she was no longer around stung him. He missed her and hated that something which had once been so good had fallen into such a state of disrepair.

“Tired, I guess” he noted “I’m sorry for not paying attention” he added.

Pilar offered him a slightly dubious look before her phone buzzed, causing her to step out of the room.

Sergio watched her go for a second before he leant back, resting against the couch cushions heavily. He didn’t want to mope, the decision to call quits on what he had had with Emilie had been his own, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of regret from his stomach. It had been heat of the moment, Emilie’s bout of doubt had struck on the same day that he had lost the European Championship final and he’d said things that, on any other day, he wouldn’t have said. He’d been frustrated and Emilie’s doubts had provided him with the perfect shot to let off some steam. Closing his eyes, he tilted his head back, relishing the moment’s peace before the sound of the doorbell echoed, causing him to let out a small frustrated groan.

Pushing himself to his feet, he padded through the hall towards the door, pulling it open before his eyes widened, scanning over the frame of the last person he had anticipated seeing. “Emilie” he murmured.

Emilie, who stood on the step ahead of him, shifted a little, her blue eyes fixed on her feet.

“Emilie, what are you doing here?” he posed, his eyes wandering over her frame. She looked good, better than he had been expecting, and it made his stomach drop. He wondered if she had moved on.

Emilie shifted her feet a little more before she looked up, her expression soft and fearful. “I…I need….”

“You need what?” Sergio posed.


“Spit it out, Emilie” Sergio interrupted.

Emilie swallowed and drew her tongue across her lips. “I need to tell you something” she murmured.

“What?” Sergio noted shortly. He wasn’t angry with her, after their breakup, he’d been more angry with himself for letting her go, but he wanted her to spit it out. Seeing her hurt more than he was hoping it would and he just wanted to get away.

Emilie looked up at him, her expression slightly panicked, before she jutted a hand out, offering him a piece of paper.


“Look at it” Emilie murmured, taking a couple of steps back.

Sergio lifted an eyebrow, offering her a slightly perturbed look, before he turned his attention down to the piece of paper which she had placed into his hand, his breath catching slightly as he recognized it. “Wh…Where did you get this?” he spluttered.

“My doctor” Emilie murmured “I went to see him this morning” she added.

“This is yours?” Sergio poked, his eyes glancing over at her.

Emilie nodded her head. “It is” she confirmed.

Sergio stared at her for a second before he turned his eyes back down to the sonogram which sat in his hand, Emilie’s name etched into the corner of it. “You…We…You” he stammered.

Emilie swallowed a little and nodded. “Sergio, we’re having a baby” she admitted with a shaky look towards him.

Sergio blinked a couple of times before he looked back at her. “We are?” he squeaked.

Emilie nodded her head. “We are” she confirmed.

Sergio swallowed, his eyes dropping back towards the picture which he held in his hand briefly before he peeked up at Emilie. “You want to come in?” he posed.

Emilie shifted on the spot, her blue eyes peeking past him at Pilar who was still chatting on the phone.

Sergio looked over his shoulder and sighed. He had hoped that Emilie wouldn’t see the other woman. “I’ll come to you” he murmured “Do you have an address?” he posed.

Emilie nodded her head and moved to collect a pen from inside of her bag, writing her address on the back of the sonogram before she handed it back to him, offering him the slightest of smiles before she stepped away.

Sergio watched her go and dropped his stare back to the photo which he held in his hands, a small smile forming on his face.
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