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20: If That’s What It Takes

“I’ll call you when I arrive” Sergio mused as he held onto Emilie, hugging her tightly. It had been a few weeks, and with the brief winter break having arrived in La Liga, Sergio had made the decision to head out to Seville, wanting to spend at least a little time with his family during the interlude. It’d been a while, since he’d told them about Emilie’s pregnancy, he’d not had much contact with them, only the odd phone call here and there, but he wanted to take the time to talk them, or more specifically, to his mother. He wanted them to be involved, with December in its latter stages, Emilie only had about 3 months before she gave birth, and he wanted things to be good. His parents were going to be grandparents again and he wanted them to be as excited as he was about the idea.

“I don’t doubt that” Emilie replied, hugging him gently “You tend to go over board when you go away” she added.

“You’re very pregnant” Sergio commented, his hand carefully brushing her bump “I worry” he added.

“That explains it now, but what about before?” Emilie teased, unwinding herself from his arms.

Sergio rolled his eyes, making her laugh.

“You’re going to be Ok here?” he posed, carefully padding through her apartment towards the door.

“I managed before you came back into my life” she mused “And I will be fine now. Go home, Sese, enjoy your time with your family” she encouraged, pulling the door open.

Sergio peeked out into the hallway, not missing Javier who was quietly padding up the corridor, before he leant towards Emilie, capturing her in a warm kiss that made her squeak a little in surprise. He knew that he didn’t have anything to worry about really, Emilie had little intention of trading him in for the blonde man, but that didn’t stop the defender from putting on a show. He wanted there to be no doubt over the fact that Emilie was taken. “I’ll call you” he insisted as he stepped away, brushing past Javier who offered Emilie a smile.

“Someone wants everyone in the building to know that you’re taken” he teased, offering out her mail which, like every day, he’d collected for her.

“He’s protective” Emilie noted, taking the envelopes “And he tends to get a little jealous” she added.

Javier nodded. “He can’t be blamed. His girlfriend’s very beautiful” he smiled.

Emilie’s cheeks warmed, something which made Javier smile. “He’s a lucky man” he enthused with a cheeky wink before he stepped away, unlocking his apartment.

Emilie, who’s cheeks were still red, watched him go inside before she bit down on her lip, slightly flattered by his attention.

“I’ve just got in” Sergio noted as he held his phone to his ear, setting his bag down beside the door of his small home in Seville. It had been a long trip, perhaps longer due to the nerves which lingered in his stomach, but he hadn’t been able to resist the chance to call Emilie. He knew that it was silly, she was still about 3 months away from giving birth and she had been fine when he’d left, but he still wanted to check in. He worried about her at the best times, but even more now that she was entering the last trimester of her pregnancy.

“Was the trip Ok?” Emilie posed, her words punctuated by a small yawn.

“It felt long” Sergio admitted “But I am here now and I am due to see my parents in a little while. How are you doing?” he posed.

“I was just about to take a nap. Isla and Cristiano are insistent about coming over tonight and I need to rest before I watch that show” she muttered, earning a small laugh from Sergio.

“You sleep, nena. I will speak to you later” Sergio enthused before he hung up the phone, stowing it into his pocket as the doorbell rang, something which made him sigh nervously. Taking a little breath, he pushed his hand back through his hair and moved towards the door, pulling it open to his parents who wandered inside quickly.

“I’m glad you could make it” he noted gently “I was worried you might not” he added.

“You asked us to” Jose Maria noted, nudging his wife who stared at her feet “And we want to try to make this right. You can’t have much more time before the babies come along” he noted.

“13 weeks” Sergio replied with a grin “Emmy’s marking the days on the calendar” he smiled.

“That’s not long at all” Jose replied, trying to spark some sort of conversation.

Sergio offered his father a thankful look before he stepped towards his mother, drawing her attention to him. “It’s a boy and a girl, mama” he revealed gently.

Paqui nodded. “I heard” she murmured.

Sergio sighed. “Madre” he complained gently.

“What do you want me to say, Sergio?” Paqui murmured “I don’t like the girl” she added.

“Why?” Sergio posed, tilting his head “She’s been nothing but good for me, she makes me happy. Isn’t that something you want? I know you liked Pilar, mama” he added, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice. It baffled him, the reason for his mother not liking Emilie, and he just wanted it to be clearer. Emilie was good for him, even despite their ups and downs, and he didn’t see how his mother could be so against her. As far as he was concerned, there was no reason to dislike Emilie.

Paqui sighed. “I do want you to be happy” she murmured.

“And I am with Emmy” Sergio countered “Ma, she’s the girl I love, she’s going to have my children, couldn’t you at least try and make some sort of effort with her? She’s shy, she’s not easy to get to know, but if you put in the effort and do get to know her, you’ll see what sort of girl she is. She’s spectacular, mama” he insisted, a slight smile pulling at his features.

Paqui admired his face, not missing the affection which was written across it at the mention of his girlfriend.

“She’s not a bad person, ma” Sergio added “She’s had things happen in her life which have made her guarded, but if you just tried with her, I am sure that the two of you would get along” he insisted.

“You’re serious about her? About staying with her for more than just the twins?” she posed.

“Absolutely” he replied firmly.

“Then we should go to Madrid with you” Paqui noted “If you’re so sure, I would like to meet her again” she added.

Sergio looked at her, his expression slightly hesitant, before he nodded his head. “If that’s what it will take, then fine. I’ll call Emmy and let her know and we’ll go as soon as we can” he noted. He knew that it was going to put Emilie on the spot, she had little desire to spend time with his relatives, but he knew that it had to be done if he wanted his mother to like her, something he desperately wanted before the birth of the twins which was only a few short weeks away.
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