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24: I Feel The Same Way

Blinking her tired blue eyes open, Emilie peeked towards the clock which was on the nightstand, groaning a little at the time. It was still early, two in the morning had barely passed, but thanks to a bout of cramps, she doubted that she would be getting anymore sleep. It had been tough, with her due date only a couple of days away, the aches and pains had been getting worse, and it had left Emilie more than a little irritable. She knew that it was to be expected, for months, Sofia had warned her about the effects of the pregnancy in its latter stages, but still it irked Emilie. She couldn’t quite remember the last time she had been comfortable.

Sparing a little yawn, she pushed the comforter away from her and sat up a little, pausing as she felt a warm sensation slip down her legs. Blinking slightly, she moved her hand to her thigh and brushed the skin lightly before she peeked down at her hand, letting out a small curse before she got to her feet. She had been expecting it, she’d always anticipated that the twins would be early as opposed to late, but she had hoped that they would wait until Sergio was with her, something he wasn’t that night. It had been anticipated, the night in the hotel before the team’s match against Rayo Vallecano had been marked on the calendar for weeks, but still it made Emilie nervous. She had pictured going into labour more than once and every time, Sergio was right beside her, supporting her just as he had for the 6 months that he had been aware of her pregnancy.

Reaching out, she flicked on the bedside lamp before she waddled towards her dresser, collecting her phone which sat on top of it. Swallowing, she placed one hand against her bump, rubbing it as a small contraction pushed through her. “Sese” she squeaked.

“Em, it’s two in the morning” Sergio’s voice was tired, his words punctuated by a small yawn “Are you alright?” he added.

“No” Emilie sniffed.

“Em?” Sergio posed “Nena, what’s going on?” he added.

“M…My waters broke” Emilie stammered out.

“You’re sure?” Sergio posed, his voice a little more urgent as the sound of him climbing out of bed trickled down the phone.

Emilie sniffed. “Pretty sure” she noted.

“Alright” he noted “I am on my way. Just find somewhere to sit down and I will be with you in a bit, Em” he explained.

“I’m scared” Emilie murmured, waddling back towards the bed where she sat down, her hand anxiously rubbing over her bump.

“I know you are” Sergio replied gently “I know, Em, and I will be with you as soon as I can. Just…try and stay calm for me” he noted gently, his voice calm and firm.

“You won’t be long?” Emilie posed, wiping her eyes gently.

“I’m not far away” Sergio assured her “I will find the first cab and be there, Em. I promise” he insisted gently.

“Alright” Emilie murmured.

“Emilie” Sergio noted softly “You’re about to be a mama” he added before he hung up the phone.

Emilie held the phone in her hand for a moment before she peeked down at her stomach, her teeth gently gnawing on her lower lip. It’d been coming, the day she gave birth had always been just around the corner, but now it had arrived, it made her more than nervous. By the time the labour was over, there would be two babies in her life, a thought which still terrified her. She had no experience and no amount of reassurance from Sergio and her family could prepare her for the idea of holding two little babies in her arms for the first time.

“You’re doing amazingly, Emilie” Sofia smiled as she checked the ginger girl’s chart. She had been there for a little while, after Sergio had arrived at her home, he had rushed her straight to the hospital, and Sofia was pleased with her progress. She’d been there for nearly 5 hours and was already nearly 8cm dilated, suggesting it would be a quick labour.

Emilie nodded her head, her eyes staring at the wall ahead of her.

“She’s nearly 8cm” Sofia noted, turning her attention to Sergio “I’ll be back in half an hour to check on her” she added before she stepped out of the room.

Sergio watched the midwife out of the room before he shifted Emilie’s body slightly, allowing him to settle down beside her. “You can talk to me, you know” he nudged gently. She had been quiet, even for her, and it bothered him slightly. They were supposed to be excited, that day had been on the calendar for months and he couldn’t have been more excited, but he could tell that there was something on her mind. As was normal for her, she appeared to be overthinking again.

“I know” Emilie replied softly “I just don’t want to screw up today for you” she added.

“You’re going to be the reason today’s so good” Sergio reasoned, kissing the side of her head “Talk to me, Em” he added gently.

“There are going to be babies, Sese” Emilie murmured gently, her head resting tiredly on his shoulder “Two little babies and I am going to be their mother. I just feel so underprepared. I know it’s silly…”

“I feel the same way” Sergio noted gently.

Emilie furrowed her brow, something which made him smile. “You think I feel ready for all of this?” he posed, his voice bright and teasing.

“I figured you were” Emilie noted.

Sergio chuckled. “I am as terrified as you are, Emmy” he noted, his fingers knotting with hers “I can’t imagine what you and me are going to be like with not only one baby, but two, but I knew you needed someone to be strong and I figured, I should be the one to do it. I have no idea what to do with a baby, sure I have spent time with a few, but I’ve never had one to look after” he mumbled.

“What are we going to do?” Emilie squeaked, trying to make it through another contraction.

Sergio smiled and kissed her temple again. “Pick it up as we go” he assured her gently, his hand gently rubbing up and down her arm comfortingly “Em, there are lots of people around who are going to look after us, and we will get used to it. It will just take a little adaptation” he noted gently.

Emilie listened to him before she turned her head, kissing him softly. “I love you” she noted softly.

“You’ve not said that to me in a while” Sergio teased.

“I know” Emilie sighed “And I know I have been a pain, but I do” she added.

Sergio smiled and kissed her temple. “I know” he assured her before he squeezed her hand, comforting her slightly.
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