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26: I Want To Be Around You

Staring down at the tiny little boy who stirred in her arms, Emilie smiled a little, unable to pull her eyes away from Ethan, or his sister for very long. It felt unfamiliar, the twins were nearly 5 hours old, but still Emilie couldn’t quite wrap her head around their presence, something which had led to her staring at them whilst Sergio tried to sleep in the uncomfortable looking chair at her bedside. He’d been wonderful, from the second he’d stepped into her apartment the night before, he’d been attentive and thoughtful, and Emilie doubted that she would have been able to have done it without him. He’d made it seem not so scary and she was grateful for it.

“Have you had any sleep?”

Emilie startled a little at the sound of Sergio’s voice, her blue eyes darting towards him. “I did, briefly” she noted gently “But then he started to stir and the last thing I wanted was him waking up Esmé too” she explained, her fingertips carefully adjusting the little hat that the midwife had given to Ethan.

Sergio smiled fondly and leant a little forwards, cursing slightly as he stretched. “I’m up now” he noted softly “Why don’t you give him here and I will watch them for a while whilst you get some rest? It must have taken a lot out of you” he reasoned as he carefully reached over, lifting Ethan against him. The little boy whimpered a little but settled quickly, something which made Sergio smile. Like Emilie, he still couldn’t believe that the twins had arrived, but now that they had, he struggled to imagine not having them. The two babies were beautiful and he doubted he would get tired of seeing them or holding them.

“You’ll be Ok?” Emilie posed, a small yawn falling out of her mouth.

“Fine” Sergio assured her “Sleep, Emmy” he added.

Emilie nodded her head hesitantly before she shifted in her bed, getting herself comfortable.

Sergio smiled and carefully leant over, pressing a kiss to the side of her head as he mumbled about just how well she had done that day.

“They’re yours?”

Emilie, who’d been soundly sleeping, stirred a little, her blue eyes blinking open at the sound of Isla’s not-so quiet whispers. She could tell she’d been out for a while, she felt far more refreshed than she had before, but she wanted to be awake. She wanted to see the looks on people’s faces when they saw the two beautiful infants that she had brought into the world.

“They are” Sergio noted, offering the blonde a small smile “Ethan and Esmé” he added.

Isla squeaked, something which made Emilie smile as she carefully sat up. “You can use words, Lala” she teased gently.

Isla grinned at the sound of her best friend’s voice and skittered towards the bed, pulling Emilie into a tight hug. “I cannot believe you have two babies, Em” she noted.

“Neither can I” Emilie replied gently “It still feels a little odd” she added.

“They’re adorable” Isla insisted, sitting down beside her friend “They look like their papa” she added.

Emilie nodded. She already had no doubts that the twins would grow to look more like their father than her. They already had his dark hair as opposed to her ginger hair and she wouldn’t have been surprised if they developed his dark eyes as opposed to her blues. “They do” she confirmed “But I like it that way” she added.

Isla smiled and offered Emilie another hug before she bounced back over towards Sergio who had Esmé in his arms. “Can I hold one of my godchildren?” she posed.

“Who said you were godmother?” Sergio teased.

“I’ve had dibs since the day I met Emmy” Isla replied, poking her tongue out.

Sergio rolled his eyes and carefully stood up, lowering Esmé into Isla’s arms. “Mind her head” he noted softly.

Isla smiled at him gently before she padded over to Cristiano who sat at the foot of the bed, cooing gently to Ethan.

“You should keep an eye on her” Emilie teased as she reached out for Sergio’s hand, carefully pulling him into the available spot beside her “I’d like to take them both home” she added.

“I think we’ll be Ok” Sergio returned “Cristiano might not be though. Isla’s so going to want one” he added.

Emilie nodded, her head moving to rest tiredly on his shoulder whilst his arm moved to settle around her waist. “Your madre called whilst you were asleep” he mumbled, his spare hand tracing over the tattoo on her thigh “Her, your padre and Oscar are going to come over to mine when we get out of here. My family are on their way too. I figure, for the first night at least, you could stay with me” he explained carefully. He had given it a little thought, where he wanted to spend his first night with Emilie and the twins, and he had reached the conclusion that they ought to be together. Emilie looked comfortable, since Ethan and Esmé had been born, she had seemed awfully in control, but he just wanted to make sure. She had a habit of getting overwhelmed and two crying newborns was going to leave her rather flustered, something he wanted to prevent.

“You want us to stay?” Emilie posed.

“If I had it my way, you’d not leave” Sergio replied gently “But I know you need to take your time and I don’t mind that. I just want to be around as much as I can now that they are here” he added.

Emilie nodded. “I understand” she murmured.

“Sofia is going to come around in a little while” Sergio noted “She wants to check you and the twins over once more and then we can go” he explained.

Emilie smiled. “I can’t wait to get out of here” she noted.

Sergio nodded his head and squeezed her waist slightly. “I love you, Em” he murmured softly.

Emilie smiled gently at the words and turned her head, kissing him gently for a moment before she rested her head against his shoulder. “I love you too” she admitted gently “And I want to thank you for the last few months, you’ve been amazing” she enthused.

Sergio shook his head and pressed another kiss to her temple. She had nothing to thank him for.
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