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27: I Can

“You ready?” Sergio posed as he stepped back into Emilie’s hospital room, his eyes peeking at the ginger girl who sat on her bed, cooing softly to the two sleeping babies which sat ahead of her. It had been a hectic few hours, with Isla and Cristiano’s visit as well as arranging the visits of everyone else who were desperate to meet the twins, Sergio felt slightly overwhelmed, but as he looked at Emilie and the twins, he knew that it was worth it. People were going to fuss, the two infants were Emilie’s parents’ first grandchildren and his parents’ first grandchildren from him and he knew that people wanted to meet them, he himself had been on tenterhooks from the moment Emilie had announced that she was in labour.

“Almost” Emilie replied “I just need to find my shoes” she added, scanning the room for her shoes.

Sergio shook his head and padded towards the side of the bed, collecting the pair of shoes from the ground, handing them over to her. “You need me to find anything else?” he teased gently as he helped her sit down.

“I think I have everything else” Emilie replied “Someone’s going to need to stop by my apartment to get me some clean clothes though” she added, pulling her shoes onto her feet.

“I am sure that can be arranged” Sergio noted as he moved towards the twins, collecting the two car seats from the bed “But right now, I’d like to get my little family home. Do you think we can do that?” he posed gently.

Emilie smiled. She had grown to love him addressing her and the twins as his little family. “I think we can handle that” she mused as she padded towards him, taking Ethan’s car seat out of his hand “Though, I’d rather we were going to be alone when we get there” she added.

“Your parents won’t be there long” Sergio assured her softly.

Emilie snorted. “You clearly don’t know my mother” she mused as she stepped towards the door “She’s been waiting for grandbabies since I turned 16” she added.

“Let me get a look at them” Adelina squeaked as she rushed into the hall, her eyes immediately darting down to the two infants who were quietly sitting in their seats, their blue eyes peeking up at the cooing grandmother. She’d been waiting for a while, ever since Sergio had called to say that Emilie had given birth, she had been counting down the minutes, but the twins were worth the wait. They were far cuter than she had ever imagined they would be. “Dios mio, Emmy” she cooed, her hand covering her mouth.

Emilie smiled. “They’re beautiful, right?” she cooed softly, her feet shuffling a little closer to the living room.

“Stunning” Adelina fussed “They look like the pair of you” she added with a little smile towards Sergio.

The defender shook his head. “They take after their beautiful madre” he cooed gently as he stretched his arm out, pulling Emilie into his side.

Adelina offered the couple a smile before she reached out, taking Esmé’s car seat from Sergio’s hand, carrying it quickly into the living room. “She’s going to be here forever” Emilie mumbled as she followed after the older woman, Ethan’s car seat clutched in her hand.

“She won’t be” Sergio smiled, his hand rubbing her side reassuringly “As soon as you, or the twins, show any sign of needing them out, I will get them out. I promise” he mused gently. He knew that people wanted to fuss, he had only just got the majority of his desire to coo over the two babies out of his system, but he knew that Emilie and the twins needed to rest, something he wanted to ensure. He was going to do as much as he could to make sure that things were easier for Emilie.

Emilie smiled gently and kissed his cheek briefly before she followed her mother into the living room, grinning at the sight of her father and brother who were more than ready to fuss over the new arrivals.

Running a hand back through his hair, Sergio carefully made his way into the nursery, Esmé’s tiny frame cuddled against him. It had been a long day, Emilie’s parents and brother had taken more than a little persuading when it came to leaving, but he was pleased by it. Ethan and Esmé had been more than a hit with their grandparents and uncle and he was fully expecting that it would be the same when his family arrived the following day. The twins were adorable and it was hard to resist cooing over them.

Yawning a little, he carried the little girl over towards her crib, settling her down before he pressed a little kiss to her forehead, mumbling about sweet dreams before he pulled away, his dark eyes landing on Emilie who stood in the doorway. “I thought you were asleep” he noted.

“Not yet” Emilie replied “I was sort of waiting on you” she added.

“You don’t have to do that” Sergio replied “You know what Sofia said, if they’re asleep, so should you be” he pointed out.

“And I will be” Emilie insisted, taking a couple of steps towards him “But I wanted you to come with me. You’ve been on your feet since I got to the hospital and I want to make sure you’re sleeping too” she noted.

“Em, I’m fine” Sergio smiled.

“You’re not” Emilie replied “And I know it too. You’ve been amazing these last couple of days, Sese, but you can stop now. Ethan and Esmé are asleep, they will be for a little while yet, and I’d like you to come with me” she noted, offering her hand out to him “I could use a hug with my guy” she added.

“You’re guy eh?” Sergio teased, stepping towards her.

Emilie nodded and stepped towards him, her arms softly wrapping around his waist. “I know I’ve not made the last few months easy on you, heck, I’ve made no part of our relationship easy on you, but I am glad to have you. You made this thing seem so much easier, so much less scary, and I can’t come up with a way to thank you enough” she explained thoughtfully.

“I can” Sergio noted, content in their hug.

Emilie tilted her head, wordlessly asking him to go on.

“You can let go of the apartment and stay here with me, Em” Sergio noted “I want you here all of the time, I want to be around you and the twins as much as I can and that’s not going to happen if you have that place” he added.


“You don’t have to say anything right now” Sergio interjected, not missing the hesitation on her face “I just thought you should know that that’s what I want” he added before he kissed her cheek, making his way towards their room.

Emilie swallowed and followed after him, not quite sure what to say to him.
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