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29: Don’t Push Him Away

“I cannot get over how cute they are, Emmy” Adelina smiled as she cuddled Ethan close, mumbling gently to the little boy. It had been a couple of weeks, Ethan and Esmé were quickly approaching 3 weeks old, but still Adelina couldn’t get over just how beautiful her two grandchildren were, or how at home Emilie looked when she was with them. She had to admit that she was surprised, from the second that Emilie had admitted that she was pregnant, Adelina had been a little concerned, more so when it had become apparent that she was expecting twins, but Adelina had been pleasantly surprised by how well Emilie, and Sergio, had coped with the two babies. They already looked more than at home with them and Adelina couldn’t help but hope that that was a good sign. She wanted her daughter to be happy and with Sergio and the twins, she appeared to be.

Emilie, who had been wiping Esmé’s mouth, smiled. “Neither can I” she noted gently “They’re starting to look more like Sergio, but I don’t mind that for a second. He’s a good looking guy” she fussed, carefully adjusting the hat which sat on the little girl’s head.

Adelina shook her head. “There are definitely flecks of you in there, Emmy” she smiled.

Emilie merely offered a small shrug, her blue eyes fixed on her daughter.

Adelina smiled. “You know that you’re good at this, don’t you?” she posed, carefully setting Ethan down into his seat.

“I like to think I am doing Ok” Emilie noted with a small smile “Sergio’s been great though, he’s amazing with them” she smiled.

“I’m not surprised” Adelina smiled, peeking over her shoulder towards the defender who was helping Oscar and Charlie carry boxes into his home. It hadn’t been a surprise, from the moment that Emilie had announced she was pregnant, Adelina and Charlie had expected that she would find herself living with the defender sooner rather than later, and Adelina was pleased. He was good for her, he had been from the second that he’d walked into her life, and Adelina had the upmost confidence that they would make it work.

Emilie shook her head. “He’s been unbelievable” she noted softly.

Adelina noted the slightly uncertain tone in her daughter’s voice and tilted her head. “Em?” she posed.

“It’s nothing, madre” Emilie replied “Just me being silly again” she added.

Adelina sighed and shifted a little closer to her, carefully laying Esmé beside her brother. “Charlie, can you watch the twins for a second? I need to speak to Emmy” she noted with a look towards her husband.

Charlie, who’d just set a box of Emilie’s stuff down, smiled. “Of course I can” he grinned.

Adelina flashed him a small smile before she took Emilie’s hand, carefully leading her into the kitchen. “Emilie” she murmured.

“I can’t fuck up again, mama” Emilie murmured “I can’t do it to him, the twins…I just can’t” she stammered.

“What makes you think you will?” Adelina posed as she stepped towards her daughter, brushing the red hair out of her face.

Emilie shrugged. “It seems to be a theme” she muttered “I get to somewhere good with someone and then I stick my foot in it” she added.


“What if I screw up?” Emilie protested “What if I mess up again?” she added.

Adelina sighed. “You’re not going to screw up, Em” she assured her softly “You and Sergio, you two make perfect sense and that boy loves you. I know it, Emmy, heck, even your papa does. He’s never trusted a man with you like he does Sergio” she insisted gently. Charlie didn’t trust easily, even before Jeremy, he had hated the idea of men near his little girl, but from the second he had met Sergio, he had been rooting for him, something which Adelina hoped reassured Emilie slightly. It had almost been inevitable, after the twins had come along, Emilie was bound to fret, but Adelina wasn’t going to let her ruin things again. She belonged with Sergio and Adelina was going to ensure it.


“Emilie, you’re not some mistake” Adelina noted firmly “You’re not some cheap fuck for him, you’re his girlfriend and you’re the girl he loves. He’s not just going to up and run away, he’s not that kind of man, and the only way he’s going to go anywhere is if you push him by doubting him. Emilie, Sergio loves you” she stressed.

Emilie stared at her mother, her blue eyes a little wide.

“Don’t push him away, Emmy” Adelina mused as she tucked the ginger hair behind her daughter’s ear “Because I don’t think there is another chance here. You two are good, the twins are amazing, and if you could just focus on that rather than being nervous, you’d realize that there is nothing to worry about” she added gently.

Emilie sighed. “You like him?” she posed.

“He’s been nothing but good for you” Adelina smiled “And that’s all me and your papa want, someone who wants to look after you and now Ethan and Esmé. He’s a lovely man” she grinned.

“Who is?” Sergio’s voice caught Emilie off guard, causing her to jump a little.

“You are” Adelina smiled before she pressed a kiss to Emilie’s cheek, stepping out of the room.

“What was that about?” Sergio posed as he moved to pour himself a glass of water, his dark eyes fixed on his girlfriend.

Emilie shook her head. “It’s not important” she noted gently “My madre just wanted to talk to me alone for a second, but I promise, it’s nothing bad” she added.

Sergio cocked an eyebrow. “You sure?” he posed.

Emilie smiled. “Certain” she noted “How’s the moving in coming?” she added.

“Your brother’s amazed that you own so much stuff” Sergio noted as he placed his glass down, freeing up his arms to wrap around her waist “And your papa’s given up helping so that he could coo over the twins, but it’s getting there. You’re almost my live-in girlfriend again” he teased, pressing an affectionate kiss to the side of her neck.

Emilie squirmed a little at the contact, a small laugh falling out of her mouth. She knew that it wasn’t as easy as her mother made it out to be, her nerves weren’t just going to dissipate, but Adelina did have a point. Pushing at Sergio was only going to increase the risk of their relationship ending again and that was the last thing Emilie wanted. Whether she always showed it or not, she did love him and she didn’t want to lose him.
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