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32: The One Who Loves You Right

“Are you sure that you don’t want anything to eat before we go?” Sergio posed as he perused the room service menu, his dark eyes peeking over at Emilie who had just stepped out of her bathroom, a towel wrapped precariously around her slim frame. It had been a little tenser than he was hoping for, after their talk the night before, Emilie had been a little quiet, but he didn’t want to dwell on it. What he had said, he meant and he wasn’t going to change his mind about it. He wanted her, he had done for a long time, and he wanted her to think about whether she wanted him too. He wanted her to be sure.

“I’ll eat when we get back” Emilie replied, fishing her fresh underwear from the overnight bag that Sergio had thoughtfully packed for her “We’re not too far away” she added.

“I know” the defender replied “But I thought, maybe, that you’d like to not have to cook this morning. They’ve got a great selection of stuff here” he offered, waving the menu at her.

“I’ll be fine” Emilie insisted before she moved to pad into the bathroom, something Sergio was quick to stop, gripping onto her wrist and pulling her a little closer to him.

“You know, I’ve seen everything that’s under that towel before” he murmured, his hand flirting with the edge of the fluffy white towel which she had wrapped around herself.

Emilie nodded. “I know you have. We have two beautiful babies because of it” she returned with a slightly teasing smile.

Sergio smirked. “We don’t have to check out for another couple of hours” he murmured, his fingertips toying with the small fold she had made in the towel to keep it up “I think we could use them” he added, his dark eyes peeking up at her.

Emilie’s cheeks warmed slightly, something which made Sergio chuckle. “Still so shy” he teased gently, his fingers still toying with the towel.

Emilie watched his hand for a second before she carefully pulled it away, ensuring that the towel was still in place. “You know you have to wait another couple of weeks, don’t you?” she mused as she padded back towards the bathroom, throwing him a smirk over her shoulder.

Sergio chuckled at the sight of it before he let out a small sigh, not quite sure how long he would be able to skirt around the issue for. He knew better than to push her, Emilie had a habit of being stubborn and he didn’t want to cause another problem for them, but he needed to know. He wanted to be with her, for the foreseeable future at least, and he needed to know what it was that went on in her head. She tended to flit, one second, she was in it for the long haul, the next she didn’t know, and Sergio didn’t know how many more times he could go around with her.

It had been easier before, when it was just the two of them, he could get his head around it a little more, but with the twins to think about, he just want to know what it was she wanted. He wanted to know whether or not she could see a life with him like he could with her.

“They were wonderfully behaved, Em” Isla smiled as she watched the ginger girl fuss over the twins.

“They were?” Emilie posed.

Isla nodded. “Apart from when Ethan threw up on Cristiano’s shirt, they were lovely. They only woke up once in the night. You’ve got two wonderfully behaved little cuties” the blonde mused.

Emilie flashed her a polite smile before she moved to pick up Ethan, pressing a kiss to the top of his dark hair.

“How was the romantic night with Sergio?” Isla posed, sipping on a glass of water.

“It was lovely” Emilie replied gently, her blue eyes fixed on Ethan who cooed softly in her arms “It felt like it did before” she added.

“Before?” Isla posed.

Emilie shrugged. “You know” she mused “Before I messed everything up for us. He made me feel like he did the first time I slept in his bed” she explained. It had been a nice night, even despite Sergio’s strong statement about his desires for their future together, and for first time in a little while, Emilie had felt perfectly at ease around him, something she had missed.

Isla nodded. “It was that nice, was it?” she posed.

“He was thoughtful, romantic, kind…He’s what he’s always been, Lala” the ginger girl murmured.

“Then why do I get the sense that there is something up?” Isla posed. She could sense it, even for her, Emilie had been a little quieter and more sheepish than normal, and Isla could only hope that she hadn’t done anything stupid. There were only so many chances that Sergio could offer to her before he got sick and tired to trying.

“It’s nothing” Emilie replied, carefully placing Ethan back down into his seat.

“You’re lying, Em” Isla countered “And don’t say you’re not, because I know you” she added as Emilie opened her mouth.

The ginger girl sighed a little.

“Emmy, please, tell me that you’ve not done something stupid” Isla noted, her voice a little panicked.

“I haven’t” Emilie murmured “It’s just…he sees this huge future, Lala, I can see it all over his face, and I don’t quite know if the future I see is the same as his” she explained thoughtfully.

Isla furrowed her forehead. “What do you mean?” she posed gently.

Emilie shrugged. “I don’t know what I want, Lala” she murmured.

“Emmy” Isla murmured “You two are so perfect together” she insisted.

“Are we? Lala, we both know that if it wasn’t for the fact that I was pregnant, he and I wouldn’t have gotten back together after France and we both know that without you and Cristiano, we’d not have gotten back together after I freaked out on him at Christmas. I know that he’s not going anywhere, he’d never leave the twins, but I just…I just don’t know if I see him and me” she admitted softly.

Isla shook her head. “You two are perfect, Em” she insisted gently “You can ask anyone and they’d tell you the same thing, that you and Sergio make so much sense together. This can’t be about him, Em” she added.

Emilie shook her head. “It’s not” she murmured “Like it has been for the last 2 years, I’m the problem” she insisted.

Isla sighed.

“He wants to know if I see a future, Lala” Emilie noted, peeing up at her friend “He wants to know if I am in this for the long haul or whether I am just going along with him for the sake of it and if I am honest, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want and I don’t want to drag it out again, it’s not fair” she insisted gently.

“And if you let him go, what happens, Em?” Isla snapped “He gets back with Pilar again? They get married and have a bunch of little babies? Come on, Emmy, this is ridiculous” she spat.

Emilie startled a little, amazed by the venom in Isla’s voice.

“You’re fucking up, Em, again” Isla spat, moving away from the ginger girl “You’re trying to push away the only person you’ve let in and I am not just going sit back and watch it. Emilie, the man’s perfect for you, he’s given you everything he has and still, you sit there and tell me that you don’t know what you want? If you push him back, he’s not going to keep coming around and then you’re going to end up alone” she added.

Emilie dropped her head.

“You deserve him, Emilie” the blonde insisted “You deserve a guy like him, one who loves you right, and if you keep tossing it back in his face, you’re going to be a single madre with two babies and no one to hold your hand. It’s up to you, Em” she muttered before she moved to collect her bag, leaving Emilie with the twins.

The ginger girl watched her go and shook her head, her ears ringing with Isla’s words.
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