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You Took My Heart by Surprise

34: I Wish He’d Look At Me Like That

“Are you sure that you want to do this now, Emmy?” Isla posed as she leant against the frame of the nursery door, her blue eyes watching as Emilie dressed Ethan. It had been a little while, after Emilie’s talk with Sergio, almost a month had past, and with Real Madrid’s season due to finish that night, Emilie had made the decision to travel to the Bernabeu with the twins, something she knew that Sergio had been waiting for since the two babies had entered the world.

“I think it would mean a lot to Sergio” Emilie noted as she sat the little boy up, carefully smoothing out his dark hair.

Isla nodded. “It certainly would, but they’re still so little. Why not wait a year?” she posed gently. She could see that Emilie was determined, since she and Sergio had talked, they had appeared better than ever, and Isla could see that Emilie was determined to keep them that way. They’d come close, more than once, it had looked certain that she would let the defender go, but Isla was pleased to see that she hadn’t. Whether Emilie saw it or not, the two of them made perfect sense together and Isla would have hated to watch her lose the one person who seemed to get her just because she was a little frightened.

“It’s something Sergio’s been looking forwards to since we found out their due date” Emilie noted as she moved to settle Ethan into his car seat “I didn’t make any promises, but I’d love to see his face when he sees them” she added, smiling a little at the two infants who wore little white Real Madrid shirts with the number 4 and the word ‘papi’ on the back.

Isla noted the smile on her friend’s face and shook her head, nudging Emilie slightly. “You know, you look happier than ever” she mused gently.

Emilie nodded. “I am” she confirmed “And that has more than a little to do with you and your pep talk. I needed to hear it, Lala, I needed to hear how stupid I was being and I am glad that you told me, even if it did scare the shit out of me. I’m glad you put me right” she explained gently.

Isla shook her head. “You did need it, Em” she mused thoughtfully “But I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I thought it would help. You, Sergio and those two beautiful babies deserve to be together and I am going to help you keep things on track. If you ever have doubts, even for a second, tell me, Em, and I will set you right. I’d hate to watch you lose something as wonderful as what you and Sergio have going on here” she explained.

Emilie smiled softly before she padded towards her friend, pulling her into a warm hug as she thanked her gently. She was very aware of the fact that without Isla, there was simply no way that she and Sergio would have kept working out and she was more than grateful to her friend. Isla, like her parents too, had done a wonderful job of helping her keep a hold of something she as very proud of.

“I cannot get over just how cute these two are” Emma, Gareth’s wife, mused, her eyes marveling at the two babies who sat in Emilie’s arms, their big blue eyes peeking around curiously. It was late in the game, despite falling short on the title a few weeks previous, Real had wanted to end the season on a high, and group of women had made their way down towards the tunnel, awaiting the lap of honor that would be taken shortly after the conclusion of the match.

“Tell me about it” Isla mused, ushering Junior ahead of her “I think they got lucky and inherited their papa’s looks” she teased.

Emilie rolled her eyes slightly, something which made Isla giggle. “What? They’ve both got Sergio’s dark hair and I’d put money on them getting his brown eyes when they change” she insisted.

“Either way, they’re stunning, Emmy. You and Sergio must be so excited” Emma fussed.

Emilie nodded her head gently. “We are” she confirmed gently “I mean, they’re a handful, but we love having them around. Sergio’s a natural” she enthused.

Emma smiled, not missing the way Emilie’s blue eyes lit up whenever she mentioned her boyfriend’s name. She was a marked change from Pilar who’d always seemed a little disinterested when it came to the defender or his friends.


Emilie startled a little at the sound of her name and smiled, her blue eyes peeking towards Sergio who had just wandered off of the pitch. “Hola” she greeted, an impish smile on her face “I’d hug you, but I’ve got my hands full” she added, not missing the way his dark eyes had drifted towards the two babies in her arms.

Sergio blinked a little. “You…the twins?” he spluttered.

“I remember you telling me how much you wanted to do the lap of honor with them, and I figured I could surprise you” Emilie smiled as she stepped towards him, allowing him to take Esmé into his arms.

Sergio merely stared at the baby quietly, not missing the tiny shirt that the little girl wore.

Emilie smiled. “You do want to do this, don’t you?” she posed gently as she stepped a little closer to him, hooking her spare arm around his neck “I figured you’d want to show them off” she added.

Sergio smiled. “You off” he murmured “I’d like to show all 3 of you off” he added.

Emilie’s cheeks warmed a little before she leant up, lightly kissing his lips.

Isla, who stood a little away from them, rolled her eyes, making Emma who stood next to her giggle. “I’d give anything to have Gareth look at me the way he looks at her” she noted gently.

“It’s sickeningly cute, isn’t it?” the blonde mused teasingly, her eyes not missing the smirk that had formed on Emilie’s face.

“We can hear you” the ginger girl noted as she leant back a little from Sergio who moved his arm around her waist.

“We’re just admiring how sweet you are” Isla teased “And all thanks to me” she added.

Emilie rolled her eyes a little, but nodded, knowing that she owed a lot to Isla.
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