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36: On The Right Track

“You’re really going to do this for a second time?” Isla noted as she led Sergio through her home, offering him a spot on her couch. It had been a few weeks, after their small holiday, Sergio had been enjoying spending time with Emilie and the twins, but with the ginger girl having gone to visit her parents for the afternoon, Sergio had taken the chance to visit her friend, wanting to ask her opinion on his plan to propose to Emilie for a second time. He wanted to wait a little, even if the signs that Emilie was giving to him were that she wanted it, he merely wanted to be a little surer. It had taken them a long time to get back to where they were and he didn’t want to mess it up by rushing head first into an engagement again, not when it had so overtly been the beginning of the end the first time around.

“I am” Sergio confirmed “But I figured it was best to talk to you first. The last proposal I did was rushed, I proposed to her in the changing room after Real had won the title and I wanted to ask for a few pointers. I’m kind of hoping this one sticks” he teased gently.

“You think she’s ready for this?” Isla posed as she moved to pour them both a glass of lemonade.

“I do” Sergio confirmed gently “She’s been talking about it more, the idea of us getting married, and I think now is the right time. I’m still going to wait a little while, I want her to be certain, but I think we’re finally on the right track, Isla” he insisted softly. He knew that she was concerned, as soon as the word ‘proposal’ had slipped out of his mouth, Isla’s expression had become unsure and nervous, but he wanted to assure her. He knew where Emilie was, the ginger girl had made her position more and more obvious since their vacation, but he wanted Isla to see that he wasn’t rushing her. The blonde girl was awfully protective of his girlfriend and he didn’t want her thinking he was attempting to put a lot of pressure on Emilie.

Isla nodded her head thoughtfully. “I’m glad that you are” she noted gently.

“You are?” Sergio posed.

Isla smiled. “Of course I am, Sergio. You two have taken the long way round, but I know that you’re the best thing for her and for the twins and that’s all I want. I’m glad she’s got you and I am glad that you’re making her happy” she insisted.

Sergio let out a bashful laugh. “So you don’t think I’ve messed up her life since I walked into it?” he teased.

“Not even slightly” Isla mused “And if you think Emmy’s ready, I’d be more than happy to help you propose to her” she enthused.

Sergio spared her a small smile, glad that he had her seal of approval.

“How was your day with your mama and papa?” Sergio posed as he set a plate of food in front of Emilie, pressing an affectionate kiss to the side of her face.

Emilie smiled at the small kiss. It was a habit of his, one that had in particular developed since they’d had the twins, but she had to admit that she liked it. The small smattering of kisses he insisted on giving to her when they were in the same room still made her blush and she dreaded the day that they stopped. “It was alright” she mused “My padre was very disappointed that you hadn’t tagged along. I swear, he loves you more than he loves me at times” she added.

“He’s clearly got good tastes” Sergio shrugged, offering her a slightly boyish smile.

Emilie shook her head. “Where were you today?” she posed, turning her eyes down to the meal he’d cooked.

“Running a few errands” Sergio replied with a small shrug “I had a few things I needed to get in order before training starts again next week” he added.

Emilie offered him a slightly dubious look before she shook her head, quickly dispelling the slight doubt that crept into her mind. “My brother’s getting married” she noted gently.

“Oscar?” Sergio, who’d turned to his own food, spluttered.

“He’s the only brother I have” Emilie smiled “And he and Melissa have been together for a little while now. They’re going to do it small, possibly in September” she added.

“We’re invited?” Sergio posed, stressing the word ‘we’re’.

“You’re my boyfriend, Sergio” Emilie replied.

“You said it would be small” Sergio countered.

“As in, there wouldn’t be loads of cousins that I haven’t seen since I was 3. I think you’ll probably make the cut” Emilie teased gently “He wants it to be his direct family and, like it or not, mi amor, that’s you” she added, flashing him a teasing smile.

Sergio marveled at the smile on her face. He couldn’t quite believe that he had come so close to letting her go.

“Sergio?” Emilie prodded, noticing that he had been quiet for a while.

Sergio startled a little at the sound of her voice and smiled. “Oscar sees me as family?” he posed.

“My entire family does, Sese, you know that” Emilie countered, sipping on her water.

“I know” Sergio smiled “I just like hearing it” he chuckled.

Emilie shook her head slightly. “My mother won’t stop going on about weddings. She’s already got 2 hats ready” she mused before she moved to clear away from her plate.

Sergio watched after her for a moment before he smiled to himself, more and more encouraged that they were on the right track. He still wanted to wait, he didn’t want Emilie feeling as though things were getting on top of her again, but the more she spoke, the more convinced her go that they were finally heading in the right direction, something he was sure he had wanted since the night they’d met.
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