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38: The Better Half Of Me

Sparing a look around the living room, Sergio took a little breath, ensuring that everything was in order. It had been a few days, after his conversation with Adelina, the defender had wanted to take a little time for formulate a plan for his proposal to Emilie, but at last he felt ready to pop the question. It wasn’t the most romantic plan, with Adelina’s advice ringing in his ears, he’d opted to stay away from over the top romantic gestures, but he was confident in it. He knew Emilie, after just over 2 years together, he knew that she wouldn’t enjoy something which was over the top or flashy, and he had a good feeling about what he had planned, even if he was a little nervous of her answer, he was sure it was the sort of thing that Emilie would like.

Checking that everything was in place, the defender nodded to himself before he turned to look at the twins who slept soundly in their chairs, a small smile creeping onto his face. It wasn’t the first time, since the twins had been born almost 5 months previous, Sergio and Isla had ensured that Emilie had at least one afternoon a week to herself, but it was something he was growing used to. It was rare, with the season having started up again for Madrid, Sergio found himself spending more and more time away from the two babies, but he enjoyed the moments he had with Esmé and Ethan. They were growing fast and he doubted that it would be very long before they were walking and talking.

Smiling slightly, he moved to press a kiss to the top of Esmé’s head before the sound of the door opening and closing caught his ears, causing him to stand up, his dark eyes watching as Emilie stepped into the room. “You’re back” he enthused softly.

Emilie, who’d been removing her jacket, nodded. “I am” she mused “Are you Ok?” she added.

“We’re good” Sergio replied, trying to keep the nerves out of his voice “How was lunch with Isla?” he added. He knew that he wanted to do it, for a while, he’d been contemplating the idea of asking Emilie to marry him, but with her standing ahead of him, he couldn’t help but be slightly nervous, even if he was sure that it was what she wanted, he couldn’t help but worry she could turn him down.

Emilie, who’d noted the slight twitch in his voice, cocked an eyebrow. “It was alright” she noted gently “I mean, Lala spent most of the day complaining that she and Cristiano aren’t moving forwards, but it was nice. Are you alright?” she added, her blue eyes narrowed slightly on him.

Sergio swallowed before he opened his mouth to speak, only to be cut off by Ethan who let out a small sound which stole Emilie’s attention.

“Have they had a feed?” Emilie posed as she moved towards the twins, collecting the little boy.

Sergio shook his head. “Not yet” he noted.

Emilie offered him a slightly odd look before she turned her attention to her son, her blue eyes widening a little at the message which was printed on the front of Ethan’s shirt. It was short, only 2 words, but it still managed to take Emilie’s breath away for a moment, her blue eyes stuck on the ‘marry me?’ message which was on both Esmé and Ethan’s shirts. “Sese?” she squeaked.

Sergio smiled a little. He was slightly impressed that he had left her speechless. “I figured you’d want something personal” he mused as he carefully moved away from the spot behind her to collect the ring box which had been stowed on the mantel piece “And I didn’t think anything came more personal to us than our two beautiful children” he added.

Emilie blinked. “You…you’re…” she spluttered.

“I’m trying to ask you something very important, Emmy” Sergio mused as he stepped back towards her “I could stand here and tell you all of the things that I love about you, but I’d like to think that you knew them already. You’re the most amazing person I’ve met I a very long time” he enthused as he carefully moved to take Ethan out of her arms, settling him back down beside his sister.

Emilie merely stared at him, a slight lump in her throat.

“You know how I feel about you, Emmy” Sergio rambled softly “You know I think you’re the strongest, most stubborn individual I’ve ever met, but you also know that I wouldn’t have you any other way. We’ve been through a lot, but these last 2 years, they’ve been pretty special to me and I can only think that that is mostly down to you. You’re the girl I love, the better half of me, and I can’t think of a better person to ask to spend the rest of their life with me. Emilie, you’re what I want, all I want, and I was sort of hoping that you’d do me the honor of agreeing to become my wife” he babbled as he carefully offered the ring box out to her.

Emilie eyed the small box for a moment before she sniffled, alerting Sergio to the fact that he’d made her cry. “Emmy, querida, please don’t cry” he whispered softly “I didn’t mean to make you cry” he added.

“It’s a good thing” Emilie murmured, shaking her head slightly “Your words made me cry, Sese, they’re wonderful” she added.

Sergio shook his head. “I spent a while coming up with them, but I meant every one of them. I love you, Emmy, and I want to take this step with you” he insisted softly.

Emilie smiled. “You sure?” she posed softly.

“I’ve never been surer. You’re it, Em, I’m all yours” Sergio insisted without hesitation.

Emilie swallowed a little before she took half a step towards him, her arms carefully curving around his neck. “I think I would like that” she murmured softly, a little smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

“You would?” Sergio pressed “I don’t want you thinking that you have to do anything, Em” he added. He didn’t want her to feel pressured, after the breakdown of their first relationship, he wanted to ensure that she was ready, but he couldn’t help but be a little hopeful. He knew that marriage was on her mind and he was sure that the timing was right.

“I want to” Emilie murmured softly. “I’d love to marry you” she added.

Sergio spared her a warm smile before he tossed his arms around her waist, hugging her as tightly as he could. It had been a long time coming, after the birth of the twins, it was the next logical step for them, but Sergio doubted he had been happier for a while. Emilie’s yes was what he wanted and, for a little while at least, he wanted to bask in the idea that she wanted to marry him.
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