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41: I Have Faith In You

“Where are my grandbabies?” Paqui fussed as she bustled into Sergio’s home, settling her bags down beside the door. It had been a while, the twins were nearing 7 months old and Paqui was excited to see them. She’d not seen them for a couple of months and wanted to make a fuss of the two babies.

“Emmy’s just put them down for a nap” Sergio noted as he trailed along behind his mother “They’ll be up in an hour or so” he added, carefully knocking the door closed behind him. It had been scheduled, after their discussion about their pending wedding a few days previous, Sergio had opted to call his parents, wanting to let them, as well as Charlie and Adelina, into the news that he and Emilie were engaged. They had taken their time, it’d been almost three weeks since they’d gotten engaged, and Sergio and Emilie had both agreed that it was time to let people in on their little secret, not wanting to wait around for very long.

“She’s been itching to see them since you called” Jose Maria contributed as he followed after his wife.

“They’ll be up shortly” Sergio refuted “And she can fuss over them until her heart is content then, but first, Emmy and I would like to talk you” he noted as he stepped into the living room, his dark eyes peeking at Emilie who sat a little away from him, her teeth carefully chewing on her lip.

He knew she wasn’t looking forwards to it, even despite the truce that she and Paqui had called prior to Esmé and Ethan’s arrival, Sergio could tell that Emilie was still a little nervous around his mother, but he knew it couldn’t be avoided. If Emilie was serious about marrying him, then she was going to have to get used to his mother who was going to want to be as involved as she could be with any wedding planning which was to be done.

“You must be Sergio’s parents” Charlie grinned as he stepped into the room, setting a tray of coffee and biscuits down onto the table. They had met fleetingly, with their children having been in a relationship for almost 2 years, it was impossible for them not to have met, but he wanted to make a point of getting to know them. Chances were that Sergio and Emilie were about to announced their engagement and he didn’t want there to be any trouble between the two families.

“That would be us. I’m Jose and this is my wife, Paqui” he mused, gesturing towards his wife.

Charlie grinned and offered his hand out, shaking Jose Maria’s hand firmly. “I’m Charlie Smith and that beautiful woman over there is my wife, Adelina” he introduced.

“It’s nice to have a proper introduction” Jose Maria mused.

Charlie nodded his head and moved to pour himself a mug of coffee, flicking his attention towards Sergio who had moved towards Emilie, muttering to her secretively. “Are you two going to tell us why you’ve gathered us all here or are you just going to mumble?” he teased.

Sergio, who’d been checking if Emilie was alright, startled a little at the sound of Charlie’s voice. “Uh, yes” he spluttered.

Charlie shook his head, a small laugh falling out of his mouth. “You have no need to be concerned, Sergio” he mused, sipping at his drink “I think the four of us are acutely aware of why we’re here” he added with a grin. He knew what was coming, there were only two reasons that Sergio and Emilie would summon their parents so suddenly, and given that the twins were only 7 months old, Charlie was more than confident that it was to tell them about an engagement rather than a second pregnancy.

Sergio spared his fiancée a slight look before he moved to take her hand, squeezing her smaller extremity softly. “There is something Emmy and I would like to tell you” he murmured gently “A few weeks ago, I made the decision that I wanted to propose to Emmy and, much to my delight, she agreed to marry me” he babbled, his dark eyes peeking down at Emilie who smiled at him gently.

“You’re engaged?” Adelina squeaked, her stare fixed on her daughter.

Emilie nodded her head sheepishly. “We’ve been engaged for about 3 weeks now, but after last time, we wanted to take our time when it came to telling people” she mused as Sergio shifted slightly, wrapping his arms around her “We wanted to be sure before we decided to tell other people” she added.

“You’re sure this time?” Paqui posed.

Sergio nodded his head. “Certain, mama” he mused “We’re done with messing around” he assured her gently.

Paqui offered the pair a slightly dubious look before she moved towards her son, wrapping him in a warm hug. “If this is what you want, then I am happy for you” she mumbled as she hugged him tightly.

Sergio hugged her back before he peeked over her shoulder, smiling a little at the sight of Emilie who was receiving the congratulations of her own mother. She looked made up, for the first time in a long time, she looked completely at ease and content, and Sergio couldn’t help but grin at the idea that it was to do with him and the little family they were forging together.

“Have you got any ideas about the wedding?” Charlie mused, patting the defender’s shoulder affectionately.

“Conflicting ones” Sergio teased “Emmy wants something small and I’d like to make more of a fuss, but I am confident. We’re pretty great at compromising” he grinned enthusiastically.

Charlie shook his head. “You’re going to have a task convincing her, Sergio” he teased as he watched Emilie and Sergio’s father “Once Em gets something in her head…”

“Trust me, I know” Sergio interjected with a small shake of the head “But I think we’re on the same page over this. Neither of us wants to go overboard, but I would hate it if we just got married in the middle of the week in a registry office. I want to give your daughter a day to remember, Charlie” he enthused.

Charlie listened to the warmth in the defender’s voice and patted his hand against her shoulder. “I have faith in that, Sergio” he mused affectionately “And I have faith in the idea of you and Emmy making this work this time around. You’ll look after her for me?” he mused.

Sergio nodded his head, offering the older man a soft grin. “You have my word, Charlie” he assured him
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