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You Took My Heart by Surprise

43: That’s What I Want

“You look amazing, Emmy” Sergio smiled as he watched his girlfriend pad down the stairs. It had been a while, since the night of her brother’s engagement party, Sergio doubted he had seen Emilie so dressed up, but he had to admit that it was something he loved, especially since she’d given birth to the twins, Sergio couldn’t resist the sight of her in one of her more formal dresses and heels.

“You’re obliged to say that” Emilie countered, her hand tugging on the hem of her dress, trying to pull it down a little more.

Sergio smiled. “Maybe” he mused “But I’d say it anyway, you’re a beautiful girl, Em” he fussed, helping her down the last few steps. He knew that she was a little reluctant, it’d been a little while since they’d announced their engagement, and the idea of spending an evening with her mother who was bound to fuss didn’t appeal to the ginger girl, but he wasn’t about to cancel. Charlie and Adelina had invited them, along with Oscar and Melissa, to dinner and the defender didn’t want to start irking his future in-laws, he’d built quite a rapport with them and didn’t want to let it go downhill.

Emilie offered the defender a small look before she sighed, moving to collect her jacket. “You’re certain that you want to spend our night away from the twins with my parents?” she posed, wrapping her jacket around her shoulders.

“I can think of a lot of things I’d rather do” Sergio countered with a small smirk “But your mother and father invited us and I think we should go. You’ve not seen your brother since his wedding day” he pointed out.

“I know” Emilie murmured “I just don’t know how much wedding talk I can hack from my mother. I think she’s more excited about it than you, and that’s saying something” she murmured. She knew that her mother meant well, Adelina was merely excited to see that Emilie, who’d not made things easy on herself, was finally starting to settle down, but Emilie merely wanted her to back off a little. They were in no hurry, both she and Sergio had agreed that there was no need to rush through wedding planning or getting married, but it was something that Adelina couldn’t seem to understand.

“She’s excited, Em, most mothers would be if their only daughter was getting married, just try and grin and bear it, OK?” Sergio mused as he reached out for her hands, pulling her a little closer “She’s going to make a fuss, but it doesn’t matter. It’s our day, remember?” he fussed as he placed a kiss on her head.

Emilie’s blue eyes closed a little at the contact before she nodded her head, mumbling a small ‘OK’.

“You look amazing, Emmy” Charlie smiled as he moved to greet his daughter, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek “You really do scrub up well” he teased.

Emilie rolled her eyes. “Always so funny, papa” she mused.

Charlie flashed her a warm grin before he moved to shake Sergio’s hand, allowing Emilie to move to greet her mother. “Hola, madre” she mused.

Adelina smiled. “Emmy, sweetheart, it’s so nice to see you” she fussed.

“And you, mama” Emilie smiled.

Adelina grinned at the compliment before she moved to fuss over Sergio, something which made Emilie smile a little.

“She’s been pre-warned” Charlie mused, nudging his daughter’s ribs “No wedding talk unless you or Sergio bring it up” he smiled.

“Really?” Emilie smiled.

“She’s gone overboard” Charlie noted “And I made her promise not to get at you tonight. This dinner is about celebrating you and Oscar, and I don’t want a fight marring it” he explained.

“You want to celebrate me and Oscar?” Emilie mused as she followed her father towards the table, taking the seat which Sergio had pulled out for her.

Charlie grinned. “I’ve got a son who’s married a lovely girl and a daughter who’s given me two adorable grandchildren and is engaged to a man I adore. I’m a little smug right now” Charlie grinned.

Emilie shook her head, but smiled nevertheless, a little touched by the idea that her father was so proud of her and her brother.

“It wasn’t so bad, was it?” Sergio murmured as he wrapped his jacket around Emilie’s shoulder, trying to keep her from shivering. It had been a pleasant evening, Adelina had been remarkably reserved when it came to the topic of her daughter’s engagement, and Sergio could see that Emilie was relieved. A large part of her had been dreading the notion of spending an evening with her cooing mother.

“It was kind of nice” Emilie mused, a small smile on her face “I enjoyed myself” she added gently.

“Your parents are nice people, Em, if a little overbearing” the defender enthused, kissing her shoulder softly.

Emilie nodded her head in agreement before she turned her head, smiling a little at the sight of her mother and father who stood a little away from them, waiting for their own taxi. They were good together, Emilie had always thought that they were, but watching them in that moment made her smile. They’d been married for 30 years, but still they looked like love-struck teenagers and it made Emilie grin. She adored how in love with one another her parents still seemed to be.

“What are you thinking?” Sergio murmured as he pressed another kiss to Emilie’s shoulder, his arms settled happily around her waist.

“I was just thinking about the idea of marriage” she mumbled, resting her head comfortable on his “And how easy my parents make it look” she added.

“They’ve got something amazing” Sergio mumbled.

“They do” Emilie agreed.

Sergio smiled a little and turned his head, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. “I want something like that, Em” he enthused softly “I want to look at you in 30 years’ time and smile like the first time I kissed you” he enthused.

Emilie smiled and closed her eyes.

She wanted something like the marriage her parents had too.

“Let’s not wait” Sergio murmured “I don’t care how it happens, Em, but I want to do it and I want to do it soon. What do you say?” he muttered. He didn’t want to put pressure on her, it was the sort of thing that prompted Emilie to freak out, but he didn’t want to wait around. He wanted to marry Emilie, regardless of how it happened.

Emilie closed her eyes a little before she nodded. “Alright” she agreed gently.