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45: I Never Thought You’d Say That

“You’re getting married now?” Adelina squeaked as she looked up at her daughter, her eyes a little wide in surprise. It was a sudden call, as far as Adelina had been aware, Sergio and Emilie had intended to wait a while before they got married, and she was more than a little shocked by the call to move it forwards, let alone to do it in such a low-key fashion.

Emilie, who stood beside Sergio, nodded her head. “That’s the plan” she noted gently “No fuss, no planning, we just want to do it” she added, smiling slightly up at Sergio who flexed his arm around her, his lips pressing a kiss to her temple.

Adelina shook her head. “You’re only going to get one wedding day, Emmy” she pointed out “Do you not want something more…wedding-like?” she posed. She was a little disappointed, when Emilie had announced that she and Sergio were engaged, Adelina had been sure that her daughter and the footballer would have a bigger wedding, and she was little upset that they weren’t. Oscar had already married Melissa in a smaller intimate ceremony and she was upset that Emilie seemed to be set on following suit. She had her heart set on making a fuss.

“We don’t think that that is very us” Sergio noted “And we don’t want to wait around anymore. We’re excited about this, Adelina, and Emmy and I would like to do things our way and this…this is what we want” he explained, his voice strong and determined.

“You’re sure?” Charlie pressed as he stepped ahead of his wife, cutting her off as she attempted to speak again.

“I’m sure, papi” Emilie replied gently “We’ve messed around for long enough and this, doing it this way, it seems right to me and Sergio. I want to be his wife, papa, and I want to be that as soon as I can” she insisted, her blue eyes peeking up at Sergio who smiled down at her, wordlessly reassuring her. She knew why her mother appeared upset, for a long time, Adelina had been looking forwards to being the mother of the bride, but she didn’t want to change her mind. It made sense to them, getting married without a fuss seemed right to her and Sergio, and Emilie wasn’t going to just change her mind. They had messed around a lot before and she didn’t want to do it again that day.

Charlie studied Emilie’s expression for a moment before he nodded his head. “Alright then. We’ll need an hour to get ready, and then we’ll be with you” he enthused, a small smile on his face.

“Charlie” Adelina protested.

“She’s a grown woman, Addie” Charlie replied, flashing a wink towards his daughter “And if this is the way she and Sergio want to do this, then so be it, we can’t make the call for them. Emmy seems sure and that is all that matters to me” he explained.

Emilie flashed him a small thankful smile before Sergio clapped his hands together. “We have an appointment at the registry office in 90 minutes” he noted “I think we ought to get moving” he added.

“You know, you can always change your mind before you go in there” Isla mused as she sat down beside Emilie, placing Esmé into the ginger girl’s arms. It had been a little tense, Adelina was still a little upset by Emilie and Sergio’s decision, but the ginger girl seemed to have taken it in her stride. For once, her decision had been definitive and Isla doubted that anything anyone said could change her mind. Emilie wanted to marry Sergio, she wanted to do it then, and she wasn’t going to be easily swayed.

Emilie, who’d moved to fuss over her daughter, shook her head. “Not this time” she noted gently “I’ve had my fill of running away from this” she added.

Isla smiled. “I never thought you’d say that” she noted “Then again, after France, I never thought you’d get back with Sergio” she added.

“You’re not the only one” Emilie agreed, her fingertips pushing the dark hair out of Esmé’s eyes.

Isla smiled gently before Sergio padded over to them, his dark eyes fixed on Emilie. “We’re about ready to go” he noted gently “You’re still sure, aren’t you?” he posed, his dark eyes wandering over her frame. She looked beautiful, the white dress she had picked hugged all of the little curves that he had fallen in love with, and he couldn’t quite wrap his head around the notion that they were going do it. He had been sure that something else would get in their way again.

Emilie smiled up at him and nodded her head. “I’m certain, Sese” she enthused.

Sergio nodded his head and offered his hand out to her. “Then let’s go and get married” he enthused, offering her a warm smile.

Emilie returned it brightly before she placed her hand in his, more than certain that they were doing the right thing.

“My wife” Sergio murmured as he followed Emilie into their home, his hands eager to touch her body. It had been a beautiful ceremony, even despite Adelina’s reservations, she had cried when Emilie and Sergio had kissed to seal the deal, and Sergio doubted that he could have been happier. It had been all that he had wanted.

“You’ve said that” Emilie teased as she stowed her coat on the hook beside the door “In fact, in the hour and a half that we’ve been married, you’ve said it a good 20 times” she added, a warm grin on her face.

“It’s new” Sergio protested gently “And I am going to keep saying it until it stops making me smile” he added.

Emilie shook her head, something which made Sergio chuckle. “You can’t pretend that you aren’t the least bit excited, Em” he teased as he stepped towards her, his arms wrapping happily around her waist. “You’re now Mrs Sergio Ramos” he teased as he pressed a kiss to the side of her neck.

Emilie smiled a little at the contact and leant into him a little, her blue eyes closed. “Who said I was taking your name?” she mumbled, enjoying the feel of his lips against her skin.

“We both know you are” Sergio mused against her skin.

Emilie giggled a little before she peeled herself away from him, her blue eyes levelling with his brown ones. “We’re good now, aren’t we?” she posed gently.

Sergio tilted his head, wordlessly asking her to explain.

“We’re not going to mess this up again, are we Sese?” Emilie rephrased.

Sergio quirked a little grin and stepped towards her, his hand capping her cheek warmly. “Emilie, mi amor, we’re for keeps” he insisted gently “You and me, we’re done with messing around and breaking up, this is it. You have me” he insisted warmly.

Emilie chewed on her lip briefly before she quirked a wide smile, knowing that he was right.
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