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05: Like Old Times

“You’re going to be ok doing this without me, aren’t you?”

Sergio, who held his phone to his ear, smiled, not missing the tone of worry in Emilie’s voice. It had been a couple of weeks, after telling her parents, they’d wanted to take a little time before they told his, but Sergio had taken the decision to do it by himself, not wanting to put Emilie in the same room as his mother and girlfriend. He knew that they weren’t going to take it well, both Pilar and Paqui had been glad to see the back of Emilie, but he knew he couldn’t keep them in the dark forever. There were only so many lies he could tell his girlfriend before he was found out. “You’d not be no help here” Sergio noted.

“I know” Emilie replied “But you were here when I told my parents. Should I not be there when you tell yours?” she posed.

“You want to come to dinner with me, Pilar and my mother?” he posed, his eyebrow lifted in amusement as he fixed his shirt.

“Not even slightly” Emilie replied “But if you wanted me to…”

“Emmy” Sergio cut in, a laugh falling out of his mouth “There’s no way I am going to put you through it. Put your feet up for the night and get some sleep” he noted softly.

“If you sure” Emilie protested half-heartedly.

“I’m sure” Sergio insisted, moving to pull on his jacket “Relax for the night, Emmy, I don’t want you getting worked up. It’s not good for bump” he noted fondly, a little smile appearing on his face at the thought of the slight bump that Emilie carried. It was only small, but Sergio had already developed a habit of putting his hand on it, even if Emilie did try and avoid contact with him at all costs. Sergio couldn’t resist a chance to get his hand on the small bump that they’d made together.

“There’s hardly a bump, Sergio” Emilie replied.

Sergio rolled his eyes. “Go and get comfortable. You’ve got nowhere to be tonight. I’ll speak to you later, Emmy” he noted.

“Buenos noches, Sergio” Emilie mused before the line went dead, affording Sergio the chance to slip his phone into his pocket before he moved to collect his car keys, a sigh slipping out of his mouth. He knew that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant night, his mother and Pilar were bound to get upset, but he didn’t want to hide it. Whether they liked it or not, he had gotten Emilie pregnant and he wasn’t going to hide it.

“You look so good together” Paqui smiled as she embraced her son, offering a smile towards the other woman who trailed along beside him.

“Gracias, mama” Sergio noted “How was the trip in from Seville?” he posed, helping Pilar into her seat.

“Fine” his father replied “Though, we were a little surprised by the sudden invitation. You must have something you want to tell us” he teased.

Sergio’s cheeks warmed a little as he opened his mouth, only to be cut off by Pilar who giggled. “Not yet” she noted, offering a look to Sergio who tried his best to smile. It wasn’t a secret, Pilar was angling for him to propose, but it was the furthest thing from his mind. They’d barely been back together for a month and, with Emilie still stuck on his mind and in his life, he had little intention of getting down on one knee for her, especially after the last time.

“I do actually have something I need to discuss with you” he noted as he carefully sat down.

“You do?” Paqui pressed.

Sergio nodded his head slowly. “I know you’re not going to like it” he noted softly “But I remind you that we’re in public and I wouldn’t want you to make a scene” he added.

“You’re concerning me, Sese” Pilar mused.

Sergio sighed. “I got Emilie pregnant” he revealed quickly, not wanting to beat around the bush.

“What?” Jose Maria posed, his expression soft.

“Emmy came to see me a couple of weeks ago” Sergio explained gently “She had a sonogram pictures in her hand, papa. She’s pregnant” he added.

“You’re sure it’s yours?” Pilar snorted.

“Of course I am” he replied simply, not wanting to get annoyed “Emilie’s not a cheat” he added.

“No, she just hurt you” Paqui noted, shaking her head slightly “I trust you set her right” she added.

“If by right, you mean agreed to be with her throughout the pregnancy, then yes, I did” Sergio noted strongly “Mama, this isn’t just something I can ignore because Emmy and I are over. It’s my baby and I want to be there for them” he insisted.

“Or for her” Pilar muttered.

“We’re done with” Sergio noted “Emmy and me…we showed that we couldn’t make it work and I don’t want to try to fix it now. My intentions are towards my child, not towards Emilie” he noted.

Pilar rolled her eyes slightly before she excused herself from the table, mumbling something about needing air.

Sergio watched her go for a second before he turned towards his parents. “I am going to stick by her” he insisted gently “And you’re not going to change my mind. It’s my child and I want to be there for them” he noted.

Jose Maria smiled. “I’m proud of you” he noted.

Sergio spared him a smile before he flicked his stare to his mother, not missing the slight shake of her head which let him know that she wasn’t happy.

Grumbling beneath her breath, Emilie padded through her apartment, pulling the door back. It was late, she’d just gotten comfortable in bed, and she was more than a little irked to be disturbed. It’d been a rough day, morning sickness had lasted for most of the afternoon, and she had been looking forwards to a quiet night. “Whoever you are…”

“I bought take out” Sergio interjected, offering her a boyish smile.

Emilie blinked, more than a little surprised to see him there. “I thought you were going to dinner with your parents?” she noted.

“I did” Sergio noted “And I told them about bump. Pilar stormed off, my madre said nothing, and I didn’t even get a starter in me before she and my papa excused themselves back to a hotel for the night” he explained with a small shrug.

“And you came here?” Emilie posed, tugging the sides of her robe a little more around her.

“It beat going home” Sergio noted “I bought food” he added.

“I can see that” Emilie noted with a small look towards the bag of food he grasped in his hand “Why?” she posed.

“Because I didn’t want to go home alone” Sergio admitted, his spare hand rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly “And because the only place I could think of coming, was here. We could talk, like old times” he offered softly. He didn’t know why he’d thought of it, perhaps because he’d always felt comfortable around Emilie, even when she hadn’t been comfortable around him, but he’d decided that that was where he wanted to go, even ensuring that he stopped at her favourite restaurant to pick up her familiar takeout order.

Emilie looked him up and down, her teeth gently gnawing on her lip.

“We don’t have to talk about us” Sergio noted “Or even the baby, we could talk about anything. Please, Emmy?” he pleaded gently.

Emilie chewed her lip for a second longer before she scooted out of the door way, allowing him to step inside, something Sergio greeted with a soft smile.

He had more than missed the dinners that they’d shared in the early part of their relationship.
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