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08: For A Moment

Fiddling with a loose strand of her ginger hair, Emilie peeked around the reception area of the maternity ward, her blue eyes peeking at the series of pregnant women who sat around her. She felt out of place, out of all of the women who sat around, she was by far the least pregnant, and it made her stick out, that, and the lack of the father from her side. She knew he was on his way, Sergio had texted when he’d left training, insisting that he was going to be with her soon, but if anything, Emilie was a little grateful that he was running behind. The last thing she wanted was to sit around in an awkward silence, pretending that things were good between them.

Fishing her phone out of her pocket, she briefly read the latest message that Sergio had sent to her before she flicked to one that Isla had sent, wishing her good luck for the scan.


Emilie jumped a little at the sound of her name and looked up, offering a slightly curt smile to Sergio who stood ahead of her, his face hidden for the most part by a pair of aviator sunglasses and a backwards hat. “I’m sorry I am cutting it so fine” he apologized gently “Benitez wanted to go over some stuff after last weekend’s game, I’ve not missed it, have I?” he posed, falling into the seat beside her.

“No” Emilie replied “I think I am the next one in” she added.

Sergio nodded his head. “How are you feeling?” he posed, gently nudging her knee with his.

“As wonderful as I have felt for the last 12 weeks” Emilie murmured “I tend to get sick, mostly mornings but some afternoons too. Parts of me ache, everything’s starting to feel swollen and I am starting to get more and more emotional” she rambled.

“Is there anything I can do?” Sergio posed. He didn’t like it, the idea that Emilie was suffering, and he wanted to help her out. If she was 12 weeks pregnant, they still had a little over 6 months until their baby made their first appearance and he wanted to help her as much as he could.

Emilie shook her head. “There’s not really a lot you can do right now” she noted.

Sergio nodded his head quietly, his dark eyes peeking over at the small bump she carried. “You look good” he complimented softly.

Emilie nodded in acknowledgement, but didn’t say anything, something which made him spare a small muted sigh. “Are we not even going to attempt to talk now?” he mumbled.

“What do you want to say?” Emilie posed, her hands fiddling with her phone which still sat in her hand “You’ve got what you wanted, a girlfriend who’s in the same place as you are, and all I want is for you to take care of our baby. What else is there to say?” she added, still not even attempting to make eye contact with him.


“Emilie” She corrected gently.

“You told me to call you Emmy” Sergio refuted, his voice a rushed whisper.

“When we were friends and when we were dating” she noted gently “Did you not notice that I call you Sergio now?” she added, her teeth gently biting her lip.

Sergio slumped a little. He had noticed that she preferred to call him Sergio since the breakup and he had to admit that it stuck on his throat. He more than missed being her Sese. “I thought you preferred Emmy” he noted.

“I did, before” Emilie noted softly “But now, I’d rather you called me Emilie. It’s my name, Sergio” she added.

Sergio opened his mouth to argue, but was stopped as a woman appeared of them, smiling at Emilie. “Emmy” the nurse greeted “Are you ready for your scan?” she added.

Emilie nodded her head and stood up, following the midwife towards her cubicle.

“This must be the expectant papa” the nurse noted as she helped Emilie up onto the bed.

“He is” Emilie noted gently “Sergio, this is Sofia, my midwife. Fia, this is Sergio” she introduced.

Sergio flashed a small smile towards Sofia before he sat down at Emilie’s side, his hand finding hers even despite her attempts to evade the contact.

“Your test results all look good, Emmy” Sofia smiled as she checked through Emilie’s notes “You’re 12 weeks now and we’re in September so we’re looking at a due date in March” she added.

Emilie smiled softly. She was more than a little relieved that everything seemed to be going well.

“We’re going to do a scan, just to make sure that everything’s going alright, and then you should speak to the receptionist about getting another appointment in two weeks’ time” Sofia added before she helped Emilie lay down “This is the first scan you’ve been to, Sergio?” she posed.

“It is” he confirmed gently.

Sofia smiled. “You two sure do make a cute couple” she fussed before she turned back to the ultrasound, moving to run the wand over Emilie’s pale stomach.

Sergio didn’t miss the way that Emilie flinched at the reference to them as a couple, but he didn’t comment it. It was just another thing he would talk to her about when they were alone. Shaking his head a little, he focused his stare on the screen ahead of him, a small lump forming in his throat as the small and defined sound of the baby’s heart filled the air.

“They’ve got strong heartbeats” Sofia cooed.

“Heartbeats?” Emilie squeaked, tearing her eyes away from the screen.

“Your doctor didn’t tell you?” Sofia posed.

“Tell us what?” Sergio contributed.

Sofia shook her head. “You’re having twins” she noted gently.

“Twins?” Emilie squeaked.

“Yes” Sofia confirmed “I assumed you knew. It’s written in your notes” she added, gesturing to the note that Emilie’s doctor had made in the file about multiple births.

Emilie blinked a little before she turned to Sergio, who wore an equally slack expression on his features. “Twins” she murmured.

“I’ll go and get you both a copy of the scan” Sofia noted, excusing herself.

“Sergio?” Emilie posed.

Sergio blinked a little before he turned to her, offering her a wide grin. “Two of them” he murmured.

“Twins” Emilie repeated softly.

Sergio noted the slightly nervous expression on her face and squeezed her hand. “It’s going to be Ok, you know” he assured her as he moved a little closer to her. Emilie offered him a slight look, suggesting that she doubted him, before Sergio ducked his head, pressing the lightest of kisses to her lips. “It’s going to be fine” he assured her gently.


“Don’t ruin this moment, Emmy, please” he mumbled. He knew what she was going to say, as soon as his lips had touched hers, he knew she was going to fight it, but he just wanted a second. One moment where they weren’t exes, but the expecting parents.
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