Meaningless Stars


- Willow

"Look how the stars shine so beautifully tonight, Willow"?, he asked, while he turned his head to look at me, folding one hand behind his head, "Promise me you will look at the stars every night while I'm gone".

Tonight was the night he packs up his bags and moves out New York, to finally pursue his dreams. Harry had always wanted to be a photographer and thought New York was the best place for that, but he didn't come to realize that he had to leave his hometown. Leaving me, his family, and other friends behind.

But the sad part was, I was the only person who wanted him to go. The only person who didn't cry when he broke the news that he was leaving us, and there might be a big chance he might not come back. I was the only person that wanted him to pursue his dreams, and not give them up.

I wasn't gonna be the person to hold him back from what he really wanted to do with his life. So when the time came, I helped him back his bags to get ready for his flight to New York which would leave in about an hour. So to pass the time, we spent what little time we had left together outside in my backyard, staring intently at the stars that shined above.

Me and Harry always had a thing about stars. Every night when we were kids we would go outside, lie down in the grass and count how many stars we would see. Childish I know - but we didn't care - but as we grew older and more mature, we would come out here and just stare. The silence never really bothered us, but as long as we were in each other's presence - everything was fine.

So we had always promised each other - when we weren't together we would stare at the stars from our bedrooms windows, and wonder what the other was doing. We had always kept that promise, neither one of us had planned on breaking anytime soon. But me being the scarred and worried person I was, thought since Harry was going to be gone for who knows how long, that he would forget soon enough. Mainly forget about me, but I've always pushed those thoughts to the side.

I know he will never forget about me.

Like I will never forget about him.

As I turned towards him, a serious look in my eyes, I told him, "I promise".
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