Don’t Let Me Let You Go

01: The Last One Standing

“They look made up, don’t they?”

Viola Garcia sighed a little at the sound of her mother’s voice, but nodded her head nevertheless, offering the older woman a slight smile. She knew what was coming, from the moment that her brother had called to gather them all at his home at short notice, she had known what was coming, but she had hoped that her mother would at least wait until the announcement had been made. She had hoped for a few moments of quiet before her mother’s routine started up. “They look very happy, mama” Viola noted gently as she sipped on her glass of wine.

“It could be you one day” Elena replied.

“Perhaps” Viola replied with a small shrug.

“Still no one on the radar?” the older woman posed, her tone intentionally inquisitive.

Viola shook her head. “Not since me and Alex ended things which was almost 2 years ago now” she noted.

Elena nodded her head quietly before she stepped a little closer to her daughter, offering her a slight squeeze before she padded away, affording Viola the chance to roll her eyes quietly. She knew that her parents were only looking out for her, after 2 weddings and one engagement, she was the last of their children left to find someone, but she couldn’t help but feel a little irked.

They meant well, both her mother and her father only wanted the best thing for her, but Viola didn’t need them hovering over her nor did she need their help trying to find someone.

It had been a while, after the disaster that was her last relationship, Viola had wanted to take a small time out from dating, but with two years having past, it had become more of a problem. It hadn’t bothered her at first, after Alex, the last thing she wanted was another bad relationship to mope over, but as a few months had become a couple of years, it had started to concern her slightly. She hadn’t been on a date in a while, more than a few months, and as much as she didn’t quite want to give into her mother’s pestering, a little part of her wanted to get back out there, even if it was just for a night, a little part of her wanted to spend time with someone which wasn’t her dog.

“She started already?”

Viola jumped a little at the sound of her sister’s voice and turned, gratefully taking the plate of food out of the other girl’s hand. “I’m not surprised” she noted, placing a piece of food in her mouth.

“She’s been waiting for Henry to get engaged for a while” Amelia commented, sipping on her glass of water “You’re the last single Garcia standing” she added with a teasing smile.

Viola shook her head. “I just wish her and papa would calm down. I’m happy for you, Henry and Lucas, but I am not going to start forcing it. I’m a firm believer in things happening at the right time” she explained thoughtfully.

“The right time better be soon” Amelia mused “I overheard papa talking to Max. He’s thinking about setting you up with one of the sons of the guys he works with” she added gently.

Viola sighed.

“You could ask that friend of yours to set you up” Amelia added, not missing the slightly exasperated expression that had appeared on her sister’s face. It wasn’t the first time, after watching her and their oldest brother get married and the younger get engaged, a lot of attention had been directed at the fact that Viola was still very much single, and Amelia had to admit she felt for her sister.

She was a little behind, at her age, Amelia had been dating the man she’d gone onto marry, but she knew Viola. She wasn’t as organized her and their brothers, she was more relaxed, and Amelia admired her for it, even if she did feel a little sorry for her for having to handle their parents, Amelia found her sister slightly amazing.

“Pilar?” Viola posed.

Amelia nodded. “She’s always saying she’s got the perfect guy for you” the blonde reasoned with a little shrug “Perhaps you could give her a call and set it up. You could even have someone to bring to Henry and Emma’s wedding” she added, offering her sister a warm and encouraging smile.

Viola shook her head. “I don’t think so. I love Pilar, but I don’t quite think her tastes are the same as mine” she noted. It had been floated before, after things had ended with Alex, Pilar had suggested that Viola let her set her up with a friend of hers, but Viola had always refrained from agreeing.

She loved Pilar, the brunette was easily one of her closest friends, but she doubted that the guy that her friend had found for her was right. Pilar was more outgoing, she was bright and cheerful, and as much as Viola liked that about her, she didn’t want to find herself stuck with a man who was similar to her friend. She much preferred someone who was shy and a little quiet.

“It couldn’t hurt” Amelia mused, stealing a piece of food off of Viola’s plate “And I am sure that it would beat being stuck with one of dad’s friends’ sons. I’ve met a few of them and they are not your type at all, Lala” she added before she skittered off to find her husband.

Viola watched her sister go before she peeked around the room, not missing the notion that she was the odd one out. Her sister had a point, she was the last single one of them left, and as she stood in a room filled with her siblings and their spouses, it had never been more apparent.

Things were working out for her brothers and sister, before long, she was sure she would have a few nieces or nephews bustling around, and it made her stomach turn a little. It had been a long time, after Alex, she hadn’t wanted to find herself stuck in another flawed relationship, but as she watched her older brother with his new fiancée, she knew that something had to be done. She wanted what they had, someone who looked at her like she was the only thing on the planet, and she knew that she needed a hand. Meeting people was not a forte of hers.

Shaking her head slightly, she slipped quietly out of the room and into the kitchen, quietly sending a text to Pilar that gave her consent to be set up on the blind date she had been trying to put off for months.