Don’t Let Me Let You Go

12: So, Who Is He?

“How is work going, Lala?”

Viola, who’d been peeking down at her phone which balanced in her lap, perked up at the sound of her name, her blue eyes landing on her father who sat at the head of the table, a curious expression on his face. It had been a while, with Henry and Lucas both having been busy with work, it had been a couple of months since the entire Garcia family had found themselves around one table, but Viola hadn’t particularly noticed. It had been a few days since her last date with Iker and, even despite their agreement to take their relationships slowly, she couldn’t quite will herself away from her phone, something which had left her a little disengaged from the family meal which was slowly unfolding around her.

“Huh?” she spluttered.

“Work” Gerardo noted “How is it going?” he added, a slightly inquisitive look on his features.

“It’s going well” Viola replied simply “I still enjoy what I do” she added.

“Are you working now?” Elena posed.

Viola shook her head. “No” she noted “Why do you ask?” she added, offering her mother a slightly odd look.

Elena smirked. “You’ve not looked away from your phone since you sat down” she quipped “I figured you were either working, or talking to someone you find more interesting than us, something you’ve just confirmed. So, who is he?” she enthused. It’d been a while, Elena couldn’t quite remember the last time she had seen her youngest child so attached to her phone, but it was a refreshing sight, even if it was a little ill-timed given their surroundings, she was merely pleased by the idea that Viola had made the decision to start dating again.

“It’s no one” Viola replied, stowing her phone into her pocket.

“You’ve not stopped talking to them in the last hour, Lala” Elena refuted softly “He must be someone” she added.

“He’s a friend” Viola returned. She knew that it was big news, her dating was something that her mother and father had been pushing for, but she didn’t want to talk about Iker. It was early, too early for him to be introduced to her relatives, and she wanted to keep him under wraps for a little while. She didn’t want to overwhelm him.

Amelia, who was sat beside her younger sister, snorted.

“Lia” Viola grumbled.

“What?” Amelia grinned innocently “You’re the one telling our parents lies” she added.

Elena, who’d been watching her youngest daughter, shook her head. “You don’t have to lie to us, Lala” she insisted softly “We’d just like to know that you’ve got a good thing going on. It’s been a little while since Alex” she added.

“I’m aware of that” Viola replied softly “But I just don’t want to start telling you about something that might not turn out to be what I want it to be. He’s a lovely man, he’s thoughtful and kind, and I do like him, but he doesn’t need to be bombarded by all of this” she explained as tactfully as she could. She didn’t want to hurt her parents or siblings, even if they could be a little over the top, they’d always had her best interests at heart, but she still wanted to keep Iker under wraps for a little while. They were still new together and she wanted to get to know him before she introduced him to her large family.

“Have you been together long?” Gerardo posed, sipping on his drink.

“We’ve only known each other for about a month” Viola reasoned softly “I like him, papa, but I just want to take it carefully for a little while. It’s been more than a little while since I’ve been in a relationship and I want to grow into it. Do you think you could afford me that?” she posed gently.

Gerardo spared a look towards his wife before he looked back at Viola, offering her a soft smile. “Take your time, Viola” he mused “We’re more than happy to wait to meet him, but if you are still together, we’d expect him to be at Henry and Emma’s wedding next month. I don’t want to have to wait too long to meet the man who’s making my daughter smile like that” he added.

Viola nodded. “I’d like to think he’d be there too” she noted.

“How was dinner with your family?” Iker teased as he rested the phone between his ear and shoulder. He knew that she didn’t like it, after more than one phone call and text on the topic of her family, he knew she didn’t like being exposed to her siblings’ happiness for too long, and he wanted to check up on her. It’d become a habit of his, after their second dinner date, he’d taken to calling her at least once a day, and he was pretty sure that it was mostly because he liked hearing her voice. Something about the way she spoke gave him butterflies and it was a sensation he wanted to keep going for a little while.

“It was alright” Viola noted “Though, I almost got you into meeting my parents” she added.

“How?” Iker posed.

“I wasn’t listening to my papa and my madre caught me on the phone texting you. But don’t worry, I got it put back” Viola insisted.

“They wanted to meet me?” the keeper posed “We’ve been dating for 3 weeks” he pointed out.

“I know” Viola assured him “But they’ve always been like this. As soon as the mere idea that me or one of my siblings has started dating, they’re all over it. They’re quite protective” she mused softly.

“I can imagine they are with a beautiful daughter like you” Iker quipped, trying to lighten the mood slightly.

Viola snorted. “You’re not that smooth, Iker” she pointed out.

“I know” he noted “But you sounded as though you could use something to cheer you up. I am sure that your parents will be fine, Lala” he noted.

“Lala?” Viola teased “Since when did you start calling me that?” she added.

Iker closed his eyes, his cheeks flushing a little red. “I…I thought…”

Viola laughed, cutting him off. “You’re remarkably cute, Iker” she fussed softly “Even when I can’t see you, I can picture you blushing and cursing yourself for speaking” she added.

“It bodes well for me that you think that is cute” Iker noted gently “And I am glad to hear you laugh. You sounded a little concerned earlier” he noted as he moved to settle down on the couch, his phone still pressed to his ear.

“I’m a little nervous” Viola noted gently.

“About me?” Iker posed.

“My parents” Viola corrected.

“I’ll meet them whenever you want me to, Lala” Iker noted gently “It doesn’t bother me” he added.

“You don’t have to do that” Viola mumbled.

“If it makes things easier on you, then I’ll do it. Just name a time and place and I will be there. We’re serious about us, aren’t we, Lala?” he posed.

“I’d like to think so” Viola retorted “But that doesn’t mean…”

“I know it doesn’t” Iker agreed, cutting her off “But it couldn’t hurt. Worst case scenario, they don’t like me” he noted simply.

Viola made a small sound on the other end of the line before she sighed, mumbling something about him being lovely that made him grin. He understood her hesitance, 3 weeks was no time at all, but he wanted to show her that they were onto something that he wanted to last. He wanted to show her that he was serious about making the best of them.
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