Don’t Let Me Let You Go

13: Puppy Love

Staring at the door which stood ahead of him, Iker spared a nervous sigh, his hand carefully pushing back through his dark hair. He didn’t quite know why he was nervous, after 3 dates and countless calls and texts with Viola, he had envisaged that he would feel slightly more comfortable with the idea of spending time with her, but the idea of being inside her home disconcerted him slightly. He knew that nothing had to happen, both he and Viola had agreed that they wanted to take things steadily, but still it worried him a little. A tiny part of him worried that once he was inside, he would find it hard to leave.

Adjusting the bouquet of pink roses he’d bought in his hand, he took a deep breath in before he stepped towards the door, tapping his hand against it quickly. It had been a little while, almost 2 weeks had passed since he had seen Viola in person, and he had to admit he was a little excited, even if he was nervous, a little part of him couldn’t wait to wrap her up in a hug or steal a kiss.

“Iker” Viola’s voice was soft as it reached the keeper, something which made him smile slightly. He’d heard it a lot, he and Viola tended to speak at least once a day, but hearing it over the phone bore little comparison to hearing it in person. “Are you going to come inside or just stand out here?” the blonde teased.

Iker smiled a little at her joke before he stretched his hand out. “I got you these. I know roses is a bit cliché, but I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t love them” he mused.

“You got me flowers?” Viola posed.

“I didn’t want to show up empty handed” Iker retorted “Are you allergic to them or something?” he added, his tone a little worried.

Viola shook her head. “No” she noted “I am just a little bowled over. I can’t remember the last person who bought me flowers” she enthused.

“I wanted to get you something” Iker insisted with a little shrug “You like them?” he added.

Viola admired the bouquet of flowers in her hand before she spared a small smile, nodding her head slightly. “They’re beautiful, Iker” she fussed softly “But you didn’t have to get me anything. I’ve only cooked dinner” she added.

Iker smiled and took a step towards her, ducking down to steal a quick kiss. “I wanted to” he murmured “It’s been a little while since I saw you and I wanted to remind you of how amazing a boyfriend you’ve got” he added with a dumb grin.

Viola scoffed. “And just when I thought you were being romantic” she teased as she stepped away from him.

Iker moved to follow her, but stopped at the sound of yapping at his feet, something which drew his attention to the ground, his dark eyes settling on the small dog which looked up at him. “You’ve got a dog?” he posed.

“That’s the most important man in my life” Viola teased as she made her way towards the kitchen, checking on the dinner she’d had cooking for a while. She’d gone to a lot of effort, cooking wasn’t usually something she did a lot of, but she wanted to impress Iker slightly. They were still in the puppy love phase and she wanted to keep him interested.

Iker frowned. “He is?” he pouted.

Viola noted the look on his face and giggled. “He’s Casper, my Jack Russell. My brothers bought him for me a few months after I split up with Alex” she explained.

Iker nodded his head and crouched down, smiling a little as Casper began to calm down. “I think he likes me” he enthused brightly.

Viola nodded. “He does, and that’s rare” she noted “The last guy I had here, he bit” she added.

Iker, who’d flicked his attention to the small dog, grinned, rubbing Casper behind the ears. “It’s a good sign then?” he teased.

Viola smiled.

Casper liking Iker was a very good sign.

“Do you want anything else to eat or drink?” Viola posed as she moved to clear away their plates. It had been a nice night, she had enjoyed having Iker around, even if he had been a little distracted by Casper who’d grown increasingly attached to the keeper, but she doubted she would have wanted it any other way. It had felt comfortable, talking and laughing with Iker felt warm and familiar, and she hoped that they would get the chance to do it again. Even if it had been only a few weeks, she could see them spending a lot of time together.

Iker, who’d made his way towards the couch, shook his head. “I’m more than full, Lala. Why don’t you stop fussing for a second and come and sit with me?” he posed.

“I’ve got to clean up” Viola retorted.

“And I can help you with that later, but right now, I was sort of hoping for a second to relax with my girlfriend. What do you say?” he posed, his hand patting the spot beside him.

Viola offered him a slight look before she conceded, making her way towards the couch.

“You made a lovely meal tonight, Lala” Iker enthused as he wrapped an arm around her, cuddling her close “I can safely see me coming back again” he teased, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

“You don’t know that I am going to invite you” Viola pointed out.

Iker snorted. “We both know that you are” he quipped knowingly.

Viola shook her head, something which made Iker smile. “You really did do a great job tonight, Lala. I’ve enjoyed myself” he enthused.

“I’m glad” Viola noted “Cooking’s not one of my strengths, but I kind of wanted to show off” she added.

“You don’t have to show off for me” Iker insisted “I like the nervous and slightly irrational girl who tried to storm out on me when I took her to dinner” he grinned.

Viola shook her head, grumbling something about him being strange before Iker placed his hand beneath her chin, tilting her head back so that he could press a kiss against her lips. “I like you, Lala” he enthused softly “Stop trying so hard” he added.

Viola shifted a little and rested her head against his shoulder, her hand playing with his which was hung over her shoulder. “My brother’s getting married in a couple of weeks” she murmured gently “And I know we’ve not known each other very long, but I would like it if you’d come with me. I’ve been to two weddings by myself and that is not fun, I’d like to not make it a hat trick” she babbled.

Iker smiled and kissed the top of her head. “I’d love to go” he enthused softly.
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