Don’t Let Me Let You Go

15: We’ve Got A Good Thing Going On

“So, you’re the man dating our little sister” Henry grinned as he sat himself down beside Iker, his arm wrapping around the keeper’s shoulders. It had been a nice reception, after meeting Elena, Iker had spent a lot of time with Viola and with her various relatives, and he had to admit that he had enjoyed himself, even if it had been a little awkward, he had enjoyed getting to know his girlfriend’s family.

“That would be me” Iker mused, sipping at the glass of champagne he’d been given “You’re Henry and Lucas, her two big brothers” he added, offering the pair a slightly boyish smile. They’d been there for a while, it had been almost 5 hours since the party had gotten underway, and with the amount of wine Iker had enjoyed, he found himself slightly tipsy, something which had made meeting all of Viola’s relatives slightly more pleasant.

Lucas, who stood behind his younger brother, nodded. “That’s us” he noted “Do you know why we are here?” he added.

Iker nodded his head. “You’re here to tell me to look after her” he noted “Just like your mother did, and your father, and Amelia, and Emma and Aurelia. You’re the latest in a long line of people who want to make sure that I don’t intend to hurt your sister” he rambled. He knew what was coming, after meeting Elena, he’d met Gerardo and then the women in Viola’s family, and they’d all said the same thing: Viola deserved something good and they wanted him to be it.

“You got the speech?” Henry teased.

“I could repeat it back to you, word perfect” Iker mused “But I know that you all mean well, and I will tell you the same thing I told them all. I care for your sister, she’s an amazing woman, and I hope that I get the chance to be around her for a while. I think we’ve got a good thing going on” he insisted earnestly. He knew what they wanted to hear, they wanted to be reassured that he had good intentions towards their sister, and he wanted to do it. Lucas and Henry, like the rest of Viola’s family, were important to her and he wanted to make sure that he had them onside. He had a good feeling about Viola and didn’t want to let go of her yet.

“She’s a great girl, Iker” Lucas noted as he slipped into the seat on Iker’s other side “And her last boyfriend…he left her pretty messed up. I don’t want that to happen again” he insisted gently.

Iker offered him an earnest smile. “I will try my hardest to keep it from happening, Lucas” he noted.

“Luke” Lucas corrected gently “Only my mother calls me Lucas, and Henry, he tends to go by Harry when our madre isn’t around” he teased.

Iker smiled brightly at the two men for a moment before he felt a tap on his shoulder, causing him to turn his head, his dark eyes smiling up at Viola who’d appeared behind him. “Lala” he grinned brightly.

“You promised me a dance” Viola mused, her blue eyes flicking between her two brothers who merely grinned up at her innocently.

“I did” Iker mused as he pushed himself up “It was nice to meet you both” he added with a look towards Henry and Lucas. The other two men flashed him warm smiles before they moved away, allowing Iker to lead Viola towards the dancefloor, his arms carefully wrapping her around as he started to move her in time to the song which was being played.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself” Viola noted softly, her arms wrapping carefully around his neck.

“It’s been a good day” Iker noted, his hands carefully resting on her lower back “I’ve liked meeting your family” he added.

Viola snorted. “You’re the first one. Emma almost fainted when Henry bought her home” she teased.

Iker smiled. “I was nervous” he admitted gently “I mean, what guy isn’t when he has to meet his girlfriend’s padre in particular? But your family have made me feel welcome, Lala, and I like that. I feel good about it” he insisted gently.

“Good enough that you’d want to spend more time with them again?” Viola posed gently. She didn’t want to push it, Iker’s attending the wedding with her had been a large step forwards that they had taken very quickly, but she liked the idea that he felt comfortable with her family. There were a lot of them and it had taken her last boyfriend a long time to get used to it.

“Not right away” Iker noted “But I’d not be against it in the future. I think they like me too” he insisted softly.

Viola smiled and carefully pushed herself up onto her toes, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. “They’re not the only ones” she teased gently.

Iker smiled gently and ducked down, stealing another kiss, one which Viola was eager to respond to. “Do you have anywhere that you need to be tomorrow morning?” she murmured as she carefully pulled away from him, her cheeks slightly warm. She knew that it was a little quick, they’d only been dating for a month or so, but she couldn’t resist. The sight of Iker in his suit twinned with the way he kissed her had left her wanting nothing more than to take him home with her.

Iker thought for a moment before he caught on, a slight smirk appearing at the corner of his mouth. “What are you suggesting, Viola?” he teased a little tipsily.

“I was thinking, you could come home with me” Viola replied, a flirtatious grin on her face “How does that sound to you?” she added.

Iker feigned thought for a moment before he ducked down, kissing her warmly.

Viola grinned and held onto him for a moment before the sound of hooting reached her ears, causing her to duck back, her blue eyes peeking at Henry and Lucas who were smirking at her, something which turned her cheeks a little pink.

“Ignore them” Iker mumbled as he carefully unwound himself from their dance, his hand moving to find hers “Are we getting out of here?” he added, offering her another sly smirk.

Viola studied the expression on his face and nodded, carefully leading him towards the exit. It was fast, she knew it too, but she had a good feeling about them. He was a hit with all of her family, something very few people were, and she knew that that was a good sign for them, even if it was still early days.

She was confident that they were onto a good thing.
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