Don’t Let Me Let You Go

19: You’re A Tease

“You look beautiful, Lala” Iker smiled as he pulled the front door of his home open, his dark eyes marveling at his girlfriend as though it was the first time he had seen her. It had been a little while, after the incident after the Madrid Derby, he and Viola had resorted to taking things a little slower, but he was happy to see her, even if it was just for dinner at his home, he was excited at the prospect of spending some time with her.

Viola, who’d been sending a text, looked up at the sound of his voice, a soft smile pulling at her features. “I doubt that” she mused “I just came from work and I didn’t have a chance to change” she added, her hands lightly straightening the dress she wore.

“You look amazing” Iker enthused “But then again, I like you in everything, even more so in nothing” he teased, offering her a small smirk.

Viola let out a small squeak before she stepped over the threshold, pressing a brief kiss against his lips. “You’re an idiot” she murmured, flashing him an affectionate smile that he knew was just for him.

“Your idiot” he corrected, pecking the end of her nose.

Viola grinned a little at the small amorous action before she stepped past him, settling her overnight bag at the foot of the stairs. Things were good, after their first fight, they’d fallen into something of a rhythm, and for the first time since they’d been set up, Viola felt remarkably positive about them. She had been surprised, a large part of her had anticipated that she and Iker would falter after only a couple of weeks, but she had to admit that she was pleased with the turn of events. Thanks to Sergio and Pilar’s meddling, she had found a man that she could see herself falling for and that, to her at least, was something amazing.

“I’ve ordered dinner in” Iker noted as he helped her out of her coat, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder “I figured we could enjoy a quiet movie night” he added softly.

“I don’t think I can think of anything which sounds better than that” Viola enthused gently, her blue eyes closed “I could use something quiet after work” she added.

“Bad day?” he posed softly, his lips tracing up the side of her neck to press a kiss to the underside of her jaw.

“Long day” Viola replied “And I’ve been looking forwards to see you which made it drag a little more” she added.

“I’m touched” Iker teased.

Viola shook her head a little and moved to step into the living room, Iker following after her. She was looking forwards to having him to herself for a little while.

“You want any more of this or can I put it in the fridge until tomorrow?” Iker posed as he cleared away their plates, placing the leftovers into a container.

“I can’t eat anymore” Viola replied.

Iker nodded his head and moved to stow the leftovers in the fridge before he moved back to her, kissing her shoulder softly. It had been a quiet evening, he and Viola had spent it watching films and snacking on the plethora of Indian food that he had bought for them, but Iker doubted he could up with a better way to spend his time. He enjoyed her company, being around Viola had made him better than he had for a while, and he was pleased. He knew it was a fluke, Viola’s being Pilar’s friend had been a coincidence, but he was pleased that it had worked out as it had. In Viola, he had found something amazing and something he knew he wasn’t going to let slip through his fingers easily.

“You’re very affectionate tonight” Viola noted as she leant against him, her fingers happily playing with his dark hair.

“I’ve missed you” Iker replied simply “It’s been almost a week since I got you to myself” he added.

Viola smiled and turned her head, pressing a kiss against his chin. “You’re adorable” she murmured softly.

“Aren’t you a lucky girl?” he teased.

Viola giggled a little and swiveled around, moving to press against his lips, something he eagerly responded to, his hand reaching for the zipper at the back of her dress.

“Eager” she teased.

“It’s been a while” Iker played along.

Viola offered him a warm smile before she placed her arms around his neck, pulling him back into another kiss. Iker responded eagerly, his hands holding her in place ahead of him before she leant back, her hand tugging at the material of his shirt. “Eager” he joked softly.

Viola offered him a look before she stepped away from him, her hands pushing her dress down a little in order to show off the lace underwear she sported beneath it. “You should catch up, Iker” she teased as she made her way out towards the stairs.

Iker, who’d been watching her keenly, shook his head and followed after her, his long strides catching with her easily. “You’re a tease” he murmured as he backed her against the wall.

“You’re too easy to mess with” Viola countered “It’s been a week, Iker, not years” she added.

Iker offered her a slightly sarcastic smile before he leant towards her, kissing her strongly whilst her hand tugged at the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. “You’re amazing” he murmured between light kisses.

Viola smirked a little and moved to lead him up the stairs, only to pause as the sound of keys in the lock reached her ears.

Iker, who was still trying to follow after her, frowned. “Lala?” he posed.

Viola merely stared a little at the front door opened and closed, her blue eyes fixed on the older woman who had made her way inside.

“Iker, you’re not returning my calls again…oh” she spluttered, her eyes fixed on the couple.

Iker, who’d stilled at the sound of the voice, peeked at Viola apologetically. “Hola, madre” he murmured.