Don’t Let Me Let You Go

21: The Right Moment

“You’re sure that you want to do this, aren’t you?” Viola posed as she turned her head a little, her blue eyes glancing over at Iker who sat in the driver’s seat beside her. It had been a quick turnaround, after Carmen had stumbled in on them, only a few das had past, but all that had done was increase the slight nervousness that she felt. She knew that it was coming, eventually, she would meet Iker’s family like he had already met hers, but the idea of meeting the woman who had walked in on them made her uncomfortable.

“I’m certain, Lala” Iker replied, pulling the car to a stop “But if you’re still not Ok with it, we can go back to mine. I get that this is a little quick after the other day” he noted gently. He could see that she was unsure, since he had picked her up, she had barely uttered two words to him, and he wanted her to know that if she wasn’t certain, they didn’t need to do it. He didn’t want to put her in a situation where she felt awkward or uncomfortable.

“I have to do it eventually, right?” she posed, fiddling with the bottom of her sweater.

“I’d like you to” Iker replied “But, Viola, if you really don’t want to do it today, you don’t have to. After the other day, I get it” he insisted as he reached for her hand, squeezing it softly.

Viola eyed his larger hand for a second before she nodded. “Let’s do it” she insisted softly.

Iker smiled a little and lifted her hand, pressing a soft kiss to the back of it before he moved to climb out of the car, pulling open her door for her. “You know, I am not going to leave your side” he assured her as he held his hand out, helping her up to her feet “I will be with you every step of the way” he added.

“I don’t doubt that” Viola murmured gently “It’s just, if your mother says anything about the other day…”

“If she does, then I will leave with you” Iker interjected, pulling her a little closer to him “Viola, I just want them to see that I am in a relationship that makes me more than happy and if my mother wants to upset you, then I will cut this visit short. I want you to feel welcome here” he enthused, his nose softly nudging against hers whilst his hand felt blindly for the doorbell.

Viola smiled up at him. “I make you happy?” she teased as she carefully pushed herself up onto her toes, pecking his lips lightly.

“You know that you do” Iker replied.

Viola flashed him an impish grin before the door behind them pulled open, causing her to take a step away from him. “Mrs Casillas” she murmured shyly.

Carmen, who stood in the door way, smiled a little. “You really don’t have to look so worried, Viola” she noted “Iker called and made me promise to be on my best behavior” she added.

Viola nodded. “I’m sorry” she murmured “It’s just, after the other day…”

“It’s forgotten” Carmen smiled softly “I won’t mention it if you don’t want to. I am merely interested in getting to know the woman that has the ability to make my eldest babble like he did when he was a toddler” she enthused.

“Mama” Iker complained.

Carmen merely flashed him an innocent smile before she extended her hand out towards Viola. “You should come inside” she noted “My husband and other son are very excited to meet you” she enthused kindly.

Viola eyed the older woman’s hand for a moment before she took it, offering Iker a small smile that made him smile back at her in return. He knew that she still wasn’t sure, there was a nervousness in her smile that he had picked up on easily, but he was pleased that she had agreed to give it a go. It meant a lot to him that she was willing to do it for him.

“This one was taken on his 3rd birthday” Carmen enthused as she placed another photograph in Viola’s hand, something which made Iker roll his eyes.

“You promised me no baby pictures, mama” the keeper complained.

“They’re adorable” Carmen fussed, offer him a glance “And Viola seems to be enjoying them, aren’t you?” she posed.

“They’re certainly cute, Iker” Viola agreed “And I know that my mother has my baby album lined up for dinner when we next go to see them” she added, her nosed wrinkled a little.

“I will look forwards to it” Iker replied, sticking his tongue out a little.

“Iker” Carmen chided.

“It’s fine” Viola smiled.

Carmen offered her a small look before she pushed herself to her feet. “I will go and fetch my husband and Unai and we will sit down to dinner. You two are planning on staying, aren’t you?” she posed.

“We’d love to, Mama” Iker insisted gently.

Carmen nodded her head and skittered out of the room, allowing Iker to take the seat that she had vacated beside Viola. “I told you it would be OK” he teased, playfully nudging her shoulder.

“You did” Viola agreed “And, you were right” she added.

“I can be right from time to time” Iker teased as he placed a hand onto her head, pulling her close so that he could kiss her temple “And I am glad that you came today. It means a lot to me” he mumbled.

Viola smiled and wrapped her arms around his torso, holding onto him as a comfortable silence lapsed over them.

Iker peeked down at her, watching her contently for a moment before he tilted her head up, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “I love you, Viola” he murmured gently. It was the first time he’d said it, after only 3 months together, he had been trying to hold off for a little while, not wanting to scare her off, but that moment seemed right. He’d fallen for her hard and wanted her to know it.

Viola leant back a little, her blue eyes wide. “Huh?” she spluttered.

Iker quirked a lopsided smile. “I am in love with you” he repeated gently “And I get that it might take you some time to say it to me, but I kind of wanted you to know. I’ve fallen hard, Lala” he insisted, his expression warm and kind.

Viola allowed her blue eyes to walk over his face, not missing the sincerity that was etched into his features. He looked so earnest, so happy, and it had Viola’s stomach in knots.

“Could you at least say something, Viola?” Iker murmured as he ducked down, kissing her hand gently “Your silence is kind of concerning” he added.


“Dinner” Carmen grinned as she stepped back into the room.

Viola blinked a little at the sound of her voice and nodded, fixing the best smile she could muster before she followed the older woman towards the dining room, leaving Iker behind her, a sigh falling out of his mouth.

He had thought that he had timed it right.
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