Don’t Let Me Let You Go

26: Our Two Weeks

Glancing at the back of the newspaper that he had purchased from the airport, Iker shook his head, trying to ignore the headline which was hidden slightly in the top corner. It wasn’t the first one, since Jose Mourinho had dropped him, murmurs had been circulating that he was looking for a way out of Real Madrid, but the murmurs seemed worse than ever, something which got at Iker. He knew that the club were looking at other options, the name of David De Gea had been circulating since rumours of the other Spanish goalkeeper’s unhappiness at Manchester United had arisen, and Iker couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about his chances. The other Spaniard was top class, he was young and talented and, no matter how many years of service Iker had dedicated to Real, he was still 34 years old and nearing the end of his career.

“Are you really going to sit in here all day?”

Iker’s head snapped up at the sound of Viola’s voice, his dark eyes peeking at the blonde who stood ahead of him, her body covered by her swimsuit and a wrap that left little to the keeper’s imagination. “You changed quickly” he mumbled, clearing his throat a little.

“I spent hours on that plane” Viola mused “And all I want is to relax in the sun for a little while. Care to join me mi novio guapo?” she teased.

Iker spared another glance towards the newspaper which he had settled on the table before he nodded his head. “I would love nothing more, nena” he enthused “Give me a second to change and I will be right with you” he enthused.

Viola flashed him a wink before she stepped out of the villa that he had rented for them, a sight that made Iker shake his head.

He was still in awe of her.

“You sure that you don’t want to just take a nap, nena?” Iker teased from his spot on the edge of the pool, his dark eyes watching as Viola carefully floated through the water, her own eyes squeezed shut. He was a little amazed by her, the flight from Madrid to the Caribbean had been a long one, yet still she showed no signs of slowing down, something which made him shake his head. Nothing was more appealing to him than the idea of taking a nap with her curled up at his side but Viola seemed to have other ideas.

“I’m certain” Viola mused “It’s been a while since I have been on a vacation” she added.

“Really?” Iker mused, kicking his feet in the water.

“I don’t exactly have girlfriends to go away with and you’re my first boyfriend in two years. There’s something sad about going alone” Viola replied.

Iker nodded his head in agreement. “You do have two weeks to enjoy yourself, there is really no need to do it all now” he insisted.

Viola shifted a little before she stood up. “I suppose you’re right” she noted as she paddled back towards him “Can I have a towel?” she posed.

Iker nodded his head and turned away, reaching for the towel only for Viola to place her hand on his wrist, pulling him into the pool with a splash.

Iker spluttered, trying to get the water out of his nose and mouth, before he flicked his attention to Viola, not missing the spate of giggles falling out of her mouth. Sparing a small laugh to himself, he swam towards her and wrapped his arms around her with ease, lifting her up slightly. Viola squeaked and wrapped her legs around his waist, her face forming a teasing glare. “What are you doing?” she posed.

“Can’t a guy just want to hold his beautiful girlfriend?” Iker teased.

“Not after she just pulled him into the pool, no” Viola countered knowingly.

Iker chuckled a little and loosened his grip, causing her to slip a little.

“Iker” she warned.

“It’s only fair, hermosa” Iker teased, chuckling a little as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

Viola offered him a glare. “Do it and you will find yourself sleeping on the couch” she noted, her tone firm.

Iker quirked a little grin. “You don’t play fair” he teased.

Viola merely smirked at him and wiggled a little, lowering herself down into the warm water “It’s not that” she teased “You just want me too much” she added, swimming away from him.

Iker watched after her for a moment before he swam to her side, pulling her back into his arms so that he could press a kiss against her lips. “You’re not wrong” he mumbled with a grin.

Rubbing his eyes a little, Iker padded into the kitchen of the villa, his ears alerted by the buzzing of his phone on the counter. It had been a few hours, he and Viola had set about making the most of their time alone, but with the blonde safely asleep in the bedroom, the last thing he wanted was for her to be disturbed. She was tired, even if she wouldn’t admit it, and he wanted her to sleep. They had two weeks alone together and he had every intention of enjoying them. Spotting the phone, he collected it quickly and pulled it to his ear, mumbling out a brisk hello.

“Iker?” his agent’s voice was unwelcome as it snipped into his ears.

“I told you, I am on vacation for the next two weeks” the goalkeeper complained “I told you to leave me be unless it was an emergency” he added, pushing a hand back through his hair.

“It is, in a way” the agent replied.

Iker frowned.

“I was speaking to the club this morning” the agent explained, taking Iker’s silence as an indication to keep talking “I wanted to check up on the schedule for pre-season, and they told me…”

“They told you what exactly?” Iker grumbled, his dark eyes watching the kitchen door. The last thing he wanted was for Viola to walk in. they were on vacation and he wanted it to stay that way, something he knew wouldn’t happen if she overheard the conversation he was having. He knew what was coming, he’d felt that it was inevitable for a while, and he wanted to keep to himself, at least until they were back in Madrid. He wanted to give Viola 2 weeks to remember.

“They’re going for De Gea” the agent noted “And that means…”

“I need to find a place elsewhere” Iker sighed.

“Porto are interested” the agent replied “I’m in touch with them and we should discuss the offer when you get back. I’m sorry Iker” he noted.

The keeper mumbled a small thank you before he hung up the phone, setting it back down on the counter beside him. “Mierda” he mumbled.


Iker jumped a little at the sound of Viola’s voice. “What are you doing up?” he posed.

“You were gone and I wanted to know where you got to. You Ok?” Viola posed as she padded up to him, her blue eyes studying his features.

Iker contemplated tell her, she would have to know eventually, but he opted against it.

A talk about a future that could see them go their separate ways could wait until they were back in Madrid.
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