Don’t Let Me Let You Go

27: The Calm Before The Storm

Peeking down at Viola who slept soundly at his side, Iker let out a little sigh, not able to find the comfort of sleep himself. It had been a few days, whilst Viola was awake, Iker was as bright and as cheerful as he had ever been, but whilst she was asleep, he worried to himself. He couldn’t pretend to be surprised, from what his agent had said, the plan had always been for him to leave when the season was over, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. Madrid was his home, it had been for all of his life, and the idea of leaving it behind in order to play for another club didn’t sit well with him.

Rubbing his eyes a little, he flicked his attention to the ceiling before he swept his feet out from beneath the duvet, padding out into the living room where he sat down on the couch, letting out a small frustrated noise into his hands. He knew that he couldn’t change it, once Perez had his mind made up, there wasn’t really anything that anyone could do to change it, but Iker hated that there was nothing he could do. He merely wanted to stay at Madrid and finish his career.

“Are you going to talk to me now?”

Iker, who had his hands over his face, sat up a little, his dark eyes settling on Viola who leant against the door frame, his larger shirt hanging off of her smaller frame. “What?” he posed.

“Don’t play dumb, Iker” Viola noted, shaking her head “It’s not a good look on you” she added.


“You’ve been acting odd since we got here and I know you think I am oblivious, but I am not. So why don’t we quit dancing around it and you can tell me what is on your mind” Viola interjected. She had noticed it from the moment she had padded into the kitchen days previous, the sudden sadness that was around him, and whilst she had pretended to ignore it, she doubted that she could for much longer. He was pulling back, his desire to have his hands on her or to leave little marks on her skin with his lips had dwindled, and Viola knew that it was a bad sign. In the six months that they had been together he had never tried to be distant with her.

Iker stared at her, trying to come up with a reason to change the topic.

“Iker, amor, there is no need to lie to me” Viola insisted as she padded towards the couch, sitting on the back of it “If you’ve changed your mind about us…”

“Viola, no” Iker interjected “This isn’t about us” he added.

“You’re being distant” Viola murmured “All of a sudden, you stopped putting your arms around me and kissing me when I wasn’t looking. What sort of conclusion was I supposed to jump to?” she posed, her eyes staring at the wall opposite her.

“Viola, I love you” Iker insisted, settling his hand on her wrist in an attempt to get her to look at him “There’s just…there’s something on my mind and I didn’t want to tell you. This fortnight is supposed to be about us, not about that” he insisted.

Viola peeked over her shoulder. “I want you to talk to me” she mumbled.

“And I will, when we get home” Iker murmured “I want the next few days to be good, Lala” he protested gently. He knew that he would have to tell her, eventually there was going to be no getting around it, but he wanted to put it off for as long as he could. He knew the moment he told her that he needed to leave Madrid then there was a chance that she would call it quits, something he wanted to put off for as long as he could.

“Tell me, Iker” Viola murmured, moving to settle into the seat beside him.


“You can tell me anything” Viola interjected, taking his hand in hers “Please” she added.

Iker let out a small sigh before he got to his feet, collecting the newspaper that he had bought days previous and setting it in front of Viola. The blonde offered him an odd look before she picked up, scanning the headlines before she spotted the one she assumed he was talking about it. “You’re believing tabloids?” she posed.

Iker shook his head. “Usually, no, but this time, they’re spot on” he mumbled as he settled back down beside her.

Viola tilted her head.

“The other day, when you found me in the kitchen? I was just off the phone with my agent. Real are interested in De Gea and, as a result, my services are no longer required there. My agent’s in contact with Porto in Portugal and he’s hopeful that a deal can be arranged quickly when we get home” he explained.

Viola blinked a little.

Iker noted the expression on her face and sighed, squeezing her hand gently.

“You said you weren’t going to leave” Viola murmured “One of the first things I asked was…”

“I remember” Iker noted “But the situation has changed. The club want the other guy and I am not going to play second fiddle to anyone. They want me to go and, if they’re so keen on this other guy, then I want to go” he explained, his fingers playing with hers.

“Portugal?” Viola murmured, her blue eyes peeking up at him.

Iker nodded his head quietly.

“You’re going to go to Portugal?” she posed.

Iker nodded. “It would seem so” he mumbled “Viola, I know it’s not been long, but I would like it if you considered coming with me” he murmured.

Viola squeaked a little, her blue eyes widening.

Iker shook his head a little. “It’s late” he murmured “Why don’t we go back to sleep?” he added.


“We can talk about it tomorrow, Lala” he noted gently “You should probably take a little time to digest it anyways. Come on, we should really get back to sleep” he offered as he stood up, offering his hand back to her.

Viola eyed his hand for a moment before she pushed herself to her feet, taking it in her own before she pressed a kiss against his cheek. Iker closed his eyes a little at the contact and placed his arm around her waist, holding her petite frame against his. He knew that they were nowhere done talking, Viola’s surprise would take a little while to subside before they spoke again, but he merely wanted to enjoy the night that they had.

He wanted to enjoy the calm before the storm.