Don’t Let Me Let You Go

03: Just Relax

“Can you give me any hints about the guy you’ve set me up with?” Viola posed gently as she ran a brush through her blonde hair, her blue eyes peeking at Pilar via the mirror ahead of her. She didn’t like it, the idea of going into the date blind, but Pilar was reluctant to share any details. Other than the fact that he was a friend of Sergio’s, Viola knew remarkably little about the man she was going to spend the evening with and it irked her slightly. She had never been famed for her patience.

“There’s no fun in that, Lala” Pilar commented, her eyes fixed on the two pairs of shoes which sat on the blonde’s bed, trying to choose the pair which best matched the outfit she wore “Besides, you could just trust my judgement. I’ve not set you up with anyone horrible” she added, flashing Viola a small smile. She could see that the blonde was nervous, for the 20 minutes that Pilar had been in her room, Viola hadn’t stopped fiddling with her hair, a telltale sign of her nervousness, but she wanted to reassure her. The man that Sergio had picked for her was lovely, Iker was thoughtful and clever, and Pilar was sure that it would go to plan. She couldn’t think of a better person for Viola than the keeper and she couldn’t think of a better match for Iker than the blonde girl.

“I don’t doubt that, but I would like to know what I am walking into” Viola countered “Can’t you at least give me a name?” she added.

“No” Pilar replied “It’d spoil the fun, but rest assured, I’ve got a good feeling about the pair of you. He’s very much your type” she added.

Viola shook her head slightly. “And what do you know about my type?” she mumbled, moving to take the pair of shoes that Pilar was offering to her. She knew that it was the point, the idea of a blind date that she didn’t know anything about the man that she was going to meet, but she couldn’t help but ask questions. As much as she trusted Pilar, a large part of her was concerned that she was being set up for a disaster, something she doubted she could handle.

Pilar smiled. “You need to relax, Lala” she mused as she moved to pull on her own jacket “I promise you, I’ve set you up with a nice guy and even if it does turn out badly, at least me and Sergio will be there with you. You’re going to be fine, Lala, just take a breath and calm down” she insisted, offering her friend a slight smile.

Viola took a breath in before she nodded her head, something which made Pilar smile. She was sure that things would be fine if Viola just kept herself calm.

“You can still run if you want to” Pilar teased as she followed Viola into the restaurant where she’d agreed to meet Sergio and Iker.

“I thought you wanted me to go out with this guy?” Viola countered.

“I do” Pilar agreed “But if you’re going to be this nervous, we can easily turn around and go. You’re going on a date, Viola, not attending a funeral. You could at least try and look less terrified” she teased, her eyes peeking around the restaurant for any sign of her boyfriend.

“It’s been a while” Viola noted, her hands squeezing her bag nervously.

“And whose fault is that?” Pilar quipped “I’d have set you up ages ago if you’d just asked” she added.

Viola shook her head slightly before she carefully brushed her hand down the front of the dress, straightening it out slightly. It had been a while, other than a few less than spectacular dates with men she’d met at work, Viola hadn’t been out on a proper date for a couple of years, and it scared her slightly. The last thing she wanted to do was make a fool of herself.

“It will be alright, Lala” Pilar noted gently, her elbow nudging Viola’s “It’s just dinner” she added.

“I know” the blonde murmured “I…I just don’t want to make a fool of myself. I’ve never been particularly outgoing” she added.

Pilar smiled. “You’re a lovely girl, Lala” she assured her gently “You’re sweet, funny, clever, and I am sure that the man we’ve set you up with will see that” she added, squeezing her hand gently.

Viola offered her a slightly dubious look before she spotted Sergio over Pilar’s shoulder, a sight that made her stomach drop slightly.

Pilar noticed the slight grimace on Viola’s face and turned, offering Sergio a soft smile.

“You two going to join us?” the defender posed, his welcoming grin on his face.

“We are” Pilar confirmed, offering Viola another reassuring smile.

The blonde offered her a slightly dubious look before she nodded, following Sergio back towards a table which was a little away from the others. Viola followed him quietly before he came to a stop, something which made her look up, her blue eyes peeking down at the man who sat down at the table, his phone held in his hand. “Iker” Sergio called.

Iker jumped a little at the sound of his name and looked up, offering Sergio a slightly sharp look before he shifted his gaze, setting it on the blonde woman who stood beside him, her blue eyes a little wide.

“Aren’t you going to introduce yourself, Iker?” Sergio teased, not missing the way Iker stared at the blonde girl.

Iker nodded. “Of course” he spluttered out “I…I’m Iker, a friend of Sergio’s, and you must be Violet” he added.

“Viola” the blonde woman corrected him gently.

“Viola” Iker repeated, his cheeks slightly pink in embarrassment “I knew that. I don’t know why I said Violet” he added.

“It’s alright” Viola mused, her voice a little shy “My brothers still get it wrong and I’m their sister” she joked.

Iker spared a slightly breathy laugh before he carefully pushed himself to his feet, pulling out the seat beside him, offering it to Viola who shyly moved to sit down, flashing him a thankful smile.

Sergio, who stood watching them, nudged Pilar, offering her a confident grin. He had a good feeling about Iker and Viola.
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