Don’t Let Me Let You Go

33: I Need You

“This place is nice, Iker” Viola enthused as she set her small suitcase beside the door, her blue eyes studying the large apartment that he had found. It felt a little odd, the idea of spending the night in a place that wasn’t his home in Madrid nor her own apartment, but Viola knew that it was just something that she was going to have to get used to. It was going to take time, with Iker’s deal with Porto having been announced, his move from Spain to Portugal had been completed, and Viola knew it would take a little while to settle down. It wasn’t ever going to be something they just got used to.

“I thought so” Iker noted as he stowed his keys in the bowl on the side “It’s not the biggest place, but for just me, I thought it would do. You can take a look around if you want to” he added, his tone a little deflated. He hadn’t been himself, ever since they’d woken up that morning, he had been quiet and distant, but Viola knew better than to push him on it. He didn’t want to be where he was, if Iker had had his say, he would have finished his career with the club that he loved, and no amount of words from his girlfriend was going to make him feel better, at least not for a little while.

“I might do later” Viola commented “But right now, I could use a hug from my guy, do you think that you can manage that?” she posed, offering him her best smile.

Iker shook his head but took a step towards her, settling his arms around her waist. “I’m glad you’re here, you know” he murmured, resting his chin on top of her head “You’ve been great for the past couple of days and I don’t know that I could have gotten through them without you” he insisted gently.

“You’re a strong guy, Iker” Viola murmured “You’d have been just fine by yourself” she added.

Iker shook his head before he placed a kiss onto hers, taking a step away from her. “You’ve been brilliant, Lala” he insisted gently “And it makes me even gladder that you’re mine” he mused.

Viola smiled gently at the compliment before she took a couple of steps away from him, her blue eyes peeking out of the window which over looked the city below them. “You’re going to be Ok when I go, aren’t you?” she posed gently. It wasn’t something that they had talked a lot about, with Iker’s attention fixed on making it through his last appearance as a Real Madrid player, their attention had been diverted from the fact that Viola wouldn’t be staying with him, but she wanted to make sure that he would be alright. She didn’t want him to be hurt by her departure.

Iker, who’d moved to shift Viola’s bag from beside the door, shook his head. “Do we have to talk about that right now, Lala?” he murmured.

Viola nodded. “I want to be sure that you’re going to be OK, Iker” she countered.

Iker shook his head, a small scoff falling out of his mouth. “What do you think, Lala?” he murmured “I’ve left my home, the place I love, and in a couple of days’ time, you’re going to leave too. How do you think I am going to take that?” he grumbled.

“I thought you were alright with it” Viola noted, her expression softening a little.

Iker shook his head. “I don’t want to start a fight with you, Viola” he murmured “So, please, if we could just drop it” he added.

“You told me that you could handle it” Viola pressed “You said that…”

“I hate that you’re not staying, OK?” Iker snapped, pushing a hand back through his hair “I hate that you couldn’t just come along with me, and I hate that in a few days’ time, you’re going to leave me here and go home. I only agreed to try because it seemed to be the lesser of two evils” he muttered.

Viola looked up at him, her blue eyes a little wide.

“You were going to end things” Iker murmured “If I had insisted that you had to come, you’d have told me that I was moving too quickly for you, so I said what you wanted to hear, but that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily true. I hate that you’re not here to stay, Lala, I hate that after a couple of days, I am going to be alone here, and I am not going to pretend that I am not. I get that you need to take your time, but I can’t pretend that I am not going to hate it the second you get on that plane to go home” he insisted.

He knew it wasn’t what she wanted to hear, she wanted his blessing to leave him behind, but he wasn’t in the frame of mind to offer it. Things were changing, they were changing quickly, and he hated that Viola wasn’t going to stick around and help him through it. He hated that she couldn’t find it in herself to support him when he needed her most.

“Iker, it’s…”

“Been 6 months, I know” Iker insisted “And I hate that this has happened so soon, but I need you, Lala, I need you to support me” he noted.

Viola chewed on her lip for a moment before she ducked her head, a small nervous sigh falling out of her mouth.

“Viola, mi amor” Iker murmured as he stepped towards her, his hand gently cupping her cheeks so that she would look at him “I need you, nena, I need you to help me through this. Please” he murmured, his thumb gently skimming along her cheekbone.

Viola leant into his touch a little, her blue eyes closing.

“Tell me that you’ll give it some thought” Iker bargained gently “At least think about it, Lala” he insisted.

Viola nodded her head. “I can think about it” she murmured.

Iker offered her a gentle smile before he leant down, kissing her gently. He knew it wasn’t a guarantee, Viola clearly still had her doubts, but he needed her to think about it. A lot had already changed for him and he didn’t want to add his relationship with Viola to the list.
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