Don’t Let Me Let You Go

04: You’re Nervous?

“So, Viola, why don’t you tell Iker about you?” Pilar coaxed as she offered the blonde a slight look. It had been quiet, after their first, slightly awkward exchange, Iker and Viola had barely made a sound between them, and Pilar wanted to encourage them slightly. It was clear that they were both at least attracted to one another and Pilar wanted to make the most of the night. She had no idea how long it would take to convince Viola to go out with Iker again.

Viola, who’d been thoughtfully sipping on her glass of red wine, blinked slightly. “I…I wouldn’t know quite what to say” she spluttered, her blue eyes peeking briefly at the man at her side who, as he had for most of the night, stared back at her, his expression unreadable.

“How about what you do for a living?” Pilar suggested “Iker would love to hear about it, wouldn’t you, Iker?” she pressed, carefully kicking the goalkeeper under the table.

Iker jumped a little at the impact and nodded. “I’d love to hear about it, Viola” he mused, his voice soft and earnest.

Viola smiled a little timidly. “I’m a stylist” she admitted shyly “I’ve worked with Pilar before, that’s how we met, but I am looking to branch out a little. I’d love to run a little clothes store somewhere or to get into design” she enthused.

Iker merely watched her, amazed by the way her blue eyes lit up when she spoke about something she clearly loved. He knew that he wasn’t being the best date, they’d been sat together for almost half an hour and he’d barely mumbled a word, but he didn’t quite know what to say. He was still a little in awe of her and couldn’t quite find his voice, especially after the bumbling introduction he had made.

Sergio, who’d been watching Iker, shook his head and climbed to his feet, tugging on Iker’s shirt sleeve. “Can I speak to you for a second?” he posed.

Iker offered his friend a slightly odd look, but nodded, politely excusing himself to follow the defender towards the bar.

“Iker” Sergio muttered once he was sure that they were out of the girls’ ear shot “You need to say words. You’ve been staring at her for like half an hour and it’s starting to get weird” the defender added low enough for only the keeper to hear.

“I know” Iker mumbled “I just…I don’t know what to say” he spluttered as he spared another look towards Viola, watching as she laughed at something Pilar had said.

Sergio chuckled. “You’re nervous?” he teased.

“Sergio” Iker warned.

The defender waved his hand. “It’s just a change of pace is all. You’re San Iker, I thought you didn’t get nervous?” he teased impishly.

“I don’t tend to” Iker replied “I just…she’s really quite beautiful” he spluttered, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

Sergio grinned. He doubted that he ever seen Iker so unsure of himself and he found it slightly amusing.

“Sergio” Iker complained.

“It’s cute” Sergio grinned “But you’re going to have to actually talk to her. This is supposed to be your date, not Pilar’s” he added softly.

Iker let out a sigh before he nodded his head, following Sergio back towards their table.

“You two alright?” Pilar posed as she watched the two men sit down once more.

“Fine” Sergio mused “Just needed a word about something” he added with a grin towards Iker who nodded his head, his dark eyes peeking shyly at Viola who had fallen quiet once more. He knew he needed to do a little more, it was supposed to be their date after all, but he doubted that it was going to come easily. Dating wasn’t something he’d done in a while, and he doubted that talking to Viola, who’d left him a little speechless, would come easily. It was going to take him some time to grow into it.

“We’ll be right back” Sergio noted as he helped Pilar up from her seat “We’re just going to call the sitter and say goodnight to Junior” he added before he escorted his girlfriend away from the table, leaving Viola and Iker alone for the first time. It had been tough, with Iker having been struck by a bout of nerves, a lot of the conversation had been driven by Pilar or Sergio, but the other couple were hopeful that if they were left to their own devices, Iker and Viola would hit it off. The attraction was there, from the second that Viola had appeared ahead of the keeper, they’d exchanged a series of flirtatious looks, but the conversation was lacking. Other than to exchange the odd pleasantry, they’d barely said two words to one another.

Viola nodded her head slightly and tilted her head, peeking at the man who sat at her side. “I am sorry that they put you out like this” she murmured gently, her hands fiddling with the napkin which sat in her lap.

Iker sat up. “Put me out?” he spluttered.

“Yes” Viola noted “When Pilar said she had the perfect guy for me, I thought it would be one that actually wanted to be on a date with me, not one of Sergio’s friends who would clearly rather be anywhere but here” she explained softly. She could see it, his desire to be anywhere but there with her, and it embarrassed her slightly. She had thought that Pilar would set her up with someone who actually had an interest in a date.

Iker blinked. “I…I…”

“You don’t have to lie” Viola noted, her cheeks growing pinker by the second “It’s perfectly Ok. I just feel a little embarrassed” she added.


“I should just sneak off” Viola noted as she carefully pulled the napkin off of her lap, settling it on the table.

“You don’t have to go” Iker spluttered.

“You’re clearly not interested” Viola reasoned as she moved to her feet.

“That’s not true” Iker refuted.

“You’ve not said a word in the last 3 hours to me” Viola noted as she shrugged on her coat “It’s Ok” she added.

Iker shook his head and moved to reach out towards her, his hand inadvertently knocking the glass of red wine which stood on the edge table onto the front of her dress, staining the light material. “Shit” he cursed “I…I am so sorry” he added as he moved to reach for a napkin, trying his hardest to dab away some of the stain.

Viola shook her head and took a step back. “It’s fine” she noted gently “I’m sorry that they put you up to this, Iker” she added before she collected her bag, making her way towards the exit.

Iker watched her go and slunk back into his seat, closing his eyes in frustration.

He was going to have to make it up to her.
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