Don’t Let Me Let You Go

41: The Best Part

“So, how are things with you and that handsome boyfriend of yours, Viola?” Elena smiled as she placed a plate of food down ahead of her youngest. It had been a while, even before Viola’s departure to Porto, Elena couldn’t quite recall the last time that she had had her little girl around, and she wanted to make the most of it. She doubted that she could get to see Viola as much as she would have liked.

Viola, who’d been sipping on a glass of wine, smiled. “They’re good, mama” she enthused “It was a little weird at first when I moved in, but we’ve struck up a good routine. I’m very happy” she enthused.

“And Iker?” Gerardo posed “How’s he settling in at Porto?” he added.

“It’s still odd for him” Viola noted “He still misses it here, but I think he’s getting better. He’s seemed more himself since the season got underway” she explained with a warm smile on her face.

“I’m glad” Gerardo noted, sipping at his drink “You two have been together a while no?” he added, his eyes peeking at his youngest who had moved to fiddle with the plate of food ahead of. It was rare, since Viola had started to see Iker, Gerardo and Elena had hardly had a second alone with her, and he wanted to make the most of it. Viola wasn’t open, unlike her siblings, Gerardo had always had a hard time reading his youngest daughter, and he wanted to make sure that things were good for her. He wanted her to find the happiness that each of her siblings had found.

“10 months” Viola noted “It will be a year midway through January” she added.

“A year” Gerardo whistled “I am amazed you two got through ten minutes” he added, offering her a teasing smile.

Viola shook her head. “You’re not the only one” she admitted “But it’s nice. I feel good with him, papa” she added, knowing what the older man was fishing for.

Gerardo smiled. “I’m not subtle, am I?” he teased.

“As subtle as a slap in the face, Gerardo” Elena commented.

“I know what you’re both doing” Viola noted “But I assure you, if Iker and I were having some sort of issue, I would come to you. We’re good, remarkably so, and I mean that” she insisted, a warm smile on her face.

“We just wanted to check” Gerardo noted “You’re not exactly round the corner anymore and our chances to see you are limited now. Can you blame an old man for wanting to make sure that his little girl is OK?” he posed.

Viola shook her head. “Not at all” she mused “But right now, things really are good. I’ve got a nice job, my home is lovely, and Iker…Iker’s talking about a future” she admitted softly. She hadn’t wanted to fixate on it, Iker’s offer the night before had caught her a little off guard, and she wanted to talk it over with someone who wasn’t her sister or Pilar who would start planning a baby shower as soon as the words were off of her tongue.

“A future?” Gerardo posed “Viola, I know it’s old fashioned, but if Iker wants to marry you…”

“I am sure he will come to you first, papa” Viola interjected with a small smile.

Gerardo nodded. “So, if he’s not proposing…”

“He’s talking about a baby” Elena finished for him “Viola, are you…?”

“No” Viola squeaked, shaking her head “No, I’m not” she repeated.

“But Iker wants to start trying” Gerardo noted.

Viola nodded her head softly. “It’s something we’ve talked about in passing” she murmured “On a couple of occasions, we’ve talked about the idea of having a baby in the future, but then last night, after I called him to talk about Mollie, he suggested that we start trying” she mused.

“And what did you say?” Elena posed.

“I said that I wanted to think” Viola shrugged “I told him that I need a little time, but you should have heard him. He’s settled, Mama, he’s content with us, and he’s thinking ahead and I…I am not as sure as him” she admitted gently. She knew that she loved him, for a long time, she had been completely smitten with him, and she did want a future with him, but she wasn’t entirely certain that she wanted it to start so suddenly. They were still new, their relationship was only 10 months old, and they had plenty of time to move forwards without it needing to start then and there.

Elena nodded. “You’ve not been together long” she noted.

“I know that” Viola noted softly.

“Do you want that with him?” Gerardo posed.

“I know I do eventually” Viola mused, fiddling with the napkin in her lap “I know that he’s the guy I want to end up with, but 10 months seems…it seems quick. I know what I want, I want him, but the idea of being a mama right now? It sort of scares me” she admitted.

“Then you need to tell him that” Elena mused as she reached out, squeezing her daughter’s hand gently “You can’t just go along with him because it’s what he wants. Having a baby, that’s a huge deal, and you can’t do it on a whim. You need to be certain, mi hija, one hundred percent, and you need to translate that point to your boyfriend. You both need to be in the same place before you commit to something as huge as becoming parents” she insisted softly.

Viola nodded her head softly. “You’re right” she mused.

“I am” Elena insisted “And whilst I would dearly love another grandbaby, I want one that will be born into a relationship that’s happy and strong. Take your time, mi hija, enjoy the honeymoon phase, and make sure that you’re happy with him before you do anything major. I want you to be happy, both of you, and that will only become more apparent the more time you take. Enjoy yourself, Lala, the part of a relationship you’re in now is the best” she enthused with a warm smile.

Viola smiled a little at her mother’s advice and nodded her head, knowing that she was probably right.
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